Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Episode # 352 - February 5th, 2013

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Anonymous said...

Rudy was basically not really much in the way of storyline. Too bad he is being written out and being put in an old gay guys home. I like seeing more mature men in the strip. Would like to see some romance with more mature guests at the B&B

Michelle said...

I have a feeling something shady is about to be discovered at the assisted living place.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that rudy going to have a heart attack if drew doesn't put some clothes on

Anonymous said...

This truly troubles me. From what Rudy says the place he is headed to is a "rest home" plain and simple. Rest homes start out "nice" but eventually you see what is "hidden". The "feeder section" residents too out of it to feed themselves, people in wheelchairs slowly rolling up and down the halls mumbling to themselves...rest homes are "the end of the line" Rudy isn't ready for that.

Peter said...

The way Drew acts I think Rudy is in for a surprise, and a good one. he'll stay at the B&B where nice Southern boys help you with your laundry or go on a little adventure with you.

Carlos said...

I also must admit disappointment in taking Rudy away.

When he was first introduced, I thought he was going to be someone who would mentor the young gay guys at the B&B. With Pride season coming up in a few months, he could be the character who could tell the young guys what being gay was like when he was young...possibly have some flashbacks of a young Rudy and his own adventures.

I also was hoping to see a romance between him and one of the guys from the B&B. Yes, there are young guys who like older men!! Would be nice to see that.

Why bother introducing him if you are not going to do anything worthwhile with him?

Psychodahlia said...

LOL at all y'all thinking Rudy is leaving. He's not.

Greg, you do like your mostly-naked Southern boys, don't you? S'okay, so do I.

Douglas Knapp said...

Yes I don't see why the old guy can't move into kyles and live there!