Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Episode # 450 - November 8th, 2016

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Ardenwolfe said...
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Anonymous said...

....Oh, my post may be long, everyone, because I am ENRAGED at Brad's 'Pollyanna' routine!!

I was reading older K's B&B strips this past weekend, to try to follow Brad / Price's evolving Friendship, and, first off, was surprised to see Price has been at the B&B for close to 6 YEARS now!!

So, by NOW, Brad should KNOW about Price's 'Fast' inclinations. BUT, Brad ALWAYS keeps getting scared off, and now he feels 'dirty & cheap'!!? HE'S the one that decided to push the Friendship to the next level, with someone who indicated He likes to be 'Tied Up'...TWICE!!

Brad frustrates me with his mixed signals; 'Maybe we don't gotta go inside....just yet'; 'Sleep with Me, but'cha can't SLEEP-sleep with Me'; 'Do ya wanna go out sometime, while I'm checkin' ya Ass out in those shorty-shorts?'

BUT, I knew this would happen.

Guys like these, polar opposites, RARELY find equal footing, because they see their relationship from THEIR perspectives. they need to share, listen, and understand one another, as to why the other is taking their stance.

Brad is now a Gay Man (mid-30's?!) that NEEDS a partner; Kyle / Breyer are SOMEWHERE around here, in Bliss; Lance / Drew have the most ADULT relationship in the B&B now, and HOPEFULLY something can come of Eduardo / Jake, so, WHAT IS IT with Brad-Punzel!!?

And, I LOVE Price...He's a Neurotic HOOT! 'I see, You don't want My friendship anymore'; 'I see, I overstepped my boundaries, You don't like me anymore'; 'I thought we were Friends, My Mistake'...can this Boy go OFF on a tangent, or WHAT?!

I really want these two to get together....YAH YAH, the 'Ken Doll Great Looks', The Bodies, the penchant for House Nudity...but, in a weird way...they just....FIT.

They CLEARLY could be the 'stars' of the B&B...A LOT to work with, with these two...SUGGESTED PLOT LINE - Jeff Olsen comes back, 'thinking' about Brad lately, Brad discombobulates, Price BLOWS, and sabotages Jeff's Job standing, only to have a misunderstanding...hmmmm, I'd tune in to READ that!

...Oh, and speaking of READING, not LANCE,of all people, bein' SHADY in that last panel! HA-HAAAAA!!

Anonymous said...

I've come to the opinion Brad wasn't sexually coerced - rather both had really bad mixed signals. He didn't want Brad (who was being forward) to continue - yes his words encouraged the action once it started. Maybe it's an automatic response - like a rape victim who orgasms - but Brad certainly could have stopped or slowed the action physically, if not mentally. Price also has mixed signals - he thinks Brad was okay with the activity, and feels Brad used him in a sense by not reciprocating. Then again, Price frequently misreads how to behave - like buying a new wardrobe as a thank you for kindness.

Lesson - communication is vital when people become intimate. It's challenging to do this without interrupting the passion, which explains people not discussing whether or not to use protection, status or even consent. Antioch College was derided in the early '90s for it's very forward thinking policy regarding sexual consent (every action required an ask-answer on consent). Now we see it was a very smart policy, witnessed by California's proposed Yes means Yes legislation and national discussion regarding rape and consent on campuses.

I do hope these two can come to an understanding and move forward - maybe Drew or Kyle will mediate. I was also hoping to read Price crossed party lines to vote for Hillary.

Jack said...

234273de-48ba-11e4-9a43-4b9e3e1e4998: Finally, SOME intellect on this board. Now that I have seen this strip: I've come to some conclusions: (1) Brad was not raped. (2) He was not sexually coerced either. I initially thought that he was sexually coerced but due to the AFTERMATH of his behavior, that is not the case. A person who feels as if he or she is raped or touched unwelcomely would head straight down to the police....I don't think that these two should be together at all. They are on completely different wavelengths.

You make some really strong points and it CLEARLY shows intellect in terms of research. It's such a thin line. That being said: All parties should move forward but I'm not buying this act of "innocence" from Brad and it's about time for him to grow up. This is why he is the least favorite character in this strip to me. Too emotionally stunted.


Ivan said...

Brad could use a little more 'cheap and dirty' in his life.

Ardenwolfe said...
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Jack said...

RBS7079: Alright, Another intellectual post but with a twist: this one has some emotion to it. I am thoroughly shocked in a good way. I didn't know that Price has been there for 6 years...(!) You make some valid arguments with regards to Brad's ambivalent thought processes and actions. The whole "come here but stay there" act is OLD and DATED and it's been this way since the strip began.

However, I don't know that Brad needs a romantic relationship based on monogamy at this point because he is so confused with himself. Price and Brad are so typical of gay men. They send out these signals that they "want it" but then get all Virgin Mary when the time comes. I could really care less for cartoons' nudity or the implication of it.

You suggestion is a good one for the SORELY missed Jeff Olsen and that would be fun and relevant to watch it play out. I don't think that they can replace Lance/Drew as the premier couple but I do think that they could represent a more modernized version of what gay men who are so mixed up in the head could represent.

Great post. Intellect. Shocking to find some here but refreshing to a degree...


CQA said...

It's just a f. Lacoste shirt, for f.'s sake: you don't need to be loaded to just buy a new one, or five more or, better, buy any other brand, except Fred Perry, RL, TH, La Martina, and anything sporting any sort of stupid logo.

BTW, never get seriously involved with people who say things like "you made me/they made me..."


Anonymous said...

Some things seem a bit odd. At the strip before last we have Price getting Brad off (probably happy about it) and Brad angry enough to punch Price. It seems a conversation about the disconnect would happen then - Price wondering what's wrong, and Brad setting Price straight on why he's mad despite the pleasure. I was just wondering why that didn't happen.

It also seems weird when Richard makes the comment about Price not being stupid if Brad didn't come in his mouth. Why is that stupid? It's commonly done, and low risk. Nothing suggests these characters are HIV+ or have STDs - given the inclusion of HIV+ characters in the past it would likely not be hidden. I'm all for safer sex (as well as unprotected sex when status is known and everyone is informed and consenting). To me it seemed Brad coming on Price rather than in his mouth was less about unsafe sex and more about the plot device (Richard's comments, the Lacoste shirt stains, illustrating how pent up / excited Brad is from being closeted).

Jack said...

234273de-48ba-11e4-9a43-4b9e3e1e4998: Now THIS is an interesting theory. Brad should be HIV+. It would add for a more in depth character with more insight. The whole "doe eyed" act is getting old. If ever there was a time to which Greg should add depth to a character with a plot twist, this would be it....But I thought the same thing when brad shot on the shirt and not in the mouth given the position that Price was in.


Ridor said...

I give up on Brad. Greg, kill him. I'm so sick of him whining left and right.



Ardenwolfe said...

(laugh) I've been feeling the same way about certain posters.