Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Episode # 449 - October 25th. 2016

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Greg Fox said...


My general policy about the comments field on this site is that it's a forum for the readers to have their say, without my input. I usually say what I need to in the comic strip itself, (or on the Kyle's B&B Facebook page, which you really need to "like" if you haven't yet! But I digress...). In recent weeks, as has happened periodically in the past, one or two commenters here have upset a lot of other readers of the strip with their disparaging, troll-like comments. Again, I try to avoid policing the comments section, (though I do read all of them, trust me). But when readers start e-mailing me privately about how their feelings are getting hurt by certain other commenters, well... enough is enough. I'm not saying you can't post negative comments here... if you have critiques about the strip, the storyline, various characters, etc... fine. Go ahead. But direct your comments at the strip, not at the other READERS of the strip. You can disagree, even have comments back & forth, but... keep it civil. Be kind. This isn't the place to work out your anger issues with society. Nor is it the place to keep regurgitating your same commentary, over & over. Once is enough. We get it. Trust me. From now on, once the hateful comments start, or you're just becoming redundant, your comments will be deleted. I hope it doesn't come to that, because I do appreciate your interest in Kyle's B&B. But again... be kind. Thank you.

Bud Morries said...

Greg: I took your comments to mean that a lot of other individuals are "offended." To that I say: oh well. Let me say that my name is not "girl" as some have decided to call me. They say that I sought "respect as a man of color" and other moronic notions. Then they have the nerve to "personally email" you in an ill attempt to say that their feelings are hurt. I say this: don't dish it out it you can't take it! But if these individuals are ill equipped to have intellectual debates as it relates to the strip then that's not my problem....The only thing that they care about is seeing some guy in their jockstrap. You're strip has attempted to address: hustlers, ageism, that little boy (Fernando) being murdered by his mother and her boyfriend and gay interracial relationships(complete with majority of gay people being racist in nature) and all that these guys can focus on is: whether or not someone swallowed nut. Well it's really quite simple: I will not allow my voice to be silent when I am attacked. However, I will say this: if you want me to leave and never come back to this strip or comment again, then I will do so. I don't need any validation and it's nothing for me to leave and allow you all to admire underwear but I will never allow a bunch of cantankerous gay men get the better of me simply because I have a difference of opinion. This is not a warped version of Mean Girls....

Anonymous said...

I think Brad is really conflicted. Several commenters and I were unsure whether he was consenting to sex or not. It seems Brad himself may be unsure. It seems Brad is more than simply closeted in public, he may be struggling with his sexuality. He also seems a bit conservative and old fashioned (the reaction to Delia seeing him nude) while comfortable with the nudity at the B&B. It seems he would benefit from the good counsel of Kyle or Drew (given his profession) or perhaps Rudy who grew up during our much more repressive society. This brings us to Richard ~

It would have been nice to see the panels having Kyle and Brad exploring Brad's inner conflict and feelings towards Price - beyond the sexual act or in spite of it. Richard's interruption into the personal conversation spoiled this. I can see he's meant to be comic relief, yet the dynamic is broken, perhaps at a very important stage in Brad's development. It's analogous to the introduction of Gilbert Gottfried to Law and Order SVU. The levity fell flat because it happens at inappropriate times. As despicable as Terrance's threats to Rudy were, his death and the assault on Rudy was a serious moment; it was annoying to see Richard interfering with a police investigation to try to hook up (and doesn't make gay people look good).

I get this is meant to be an entertaining and sexy comic serial and I really appreciate and enjoy it. I commend Greg for addressing so many of the issues gay people face with a really diverse and realistic cast of characters. I just feel less Richard (or at least not intruding into serious moments). Alternately, considering Richard is so well connected to the local gay community (like the ones he set up with Jake) let's see him in those interactions which brings opportunity to visit upon gay people beyond the B&B.

Hkevyn29 said...

Gotta love Richard. He knows how to keep it light and fun. Brad likes Price on some level or he wouldn't feel the way that he does, hot and bothered.

Ardenwolfe said...

Thank you, Greg. You're awesome. Now to the strip! I have to say, after all this time, Brad's naivety still surprises me. But he has only been with one guy if I recall correctly. Still, I'm interested in where this goes. Can't wait for the next graphic novels.

Hope it goes on sale soon so I can add to the collection. :)

ethan2chris said...

Richard represents a common gay type. The story wouldn't be complete without him. He thinks of himself as witty and playful, but in fact he needles everyone, constantly probing for their vulnerabilities so he can exploit them.

Apparently this soothes his unstable ego system: he's happy when he makes others unhappy. I've known many gay men like this; they always think they're the Auntie Mame of their social loop, but still there's that need to get on everyone's nerves. They get away with it because no one wants the hassle of standing up to them, because their defense is to turn every challenge to their behavior into a crisis.

In other words: he's bad enough as it is. If you try to rein him in, he makes it even worse. The only time anyone stood up to him that I remember is when Kyle evicted him, and that was because he crossed a line regarding someone else's relationship, not because of his aggressive verbal style.

Mark said...
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Mark said...

Kind of annoying to see Brad acting like a virginal 13-year-old who got fingered at her junior prom. He's a grown man with a sexual history - albeit, a brief one (so far as we know). Is a blow-job (that he enjoyed!) really worth this much drama?

I get that this is really about the different ways that Brad and Price approach sexual boundaries, but a simple "Hey man, I'm not cool with things going that fast...don't just grab my dick and go to town whenever you feel like it" would seem a far better way to handle this than Brad wringing his hands and feeling like someone plucked his special flower.

What really alarms me is Brad's attempt to deny his own part in the incident. Does ANY blow-job happen "too fast to stop?" Again, this is NOT a situation where Brad was forced into a sexual act against his will; he was a willing participant in the act, however ambivalent he may have felt afterwards (or during!). Putting the entire situation on Price is cowardly and childish. I expect better from a man who wears his tighty-whities with such forthrightness.

ethan2chris said...

Yes, Brad is forthright about his appearance--open and happy and prideful. He knows he looks good and he's secure with that.

But when matters move past that into sex, he's conflicted. He may in some obscure manner understand that he and Price make a good match (at least physically), that there's a logic in these two getting close sexually. But when Price makes a move on him, suddenly Brad is...what? He wants it but he doesn't want it. He could have stopped it but he didn't stop it. Then he's angry. Now, the next morning, he's rationalizing his part in it.

What's Brad's problem? He clearly doesn't know, so he can't tell us.
Yet. But I would guess that we'll find out in how he treats Price. They could become an item, or go back to being two people who happen to live in the same building.

ivannano said...

The problems that happen when two people with vastly different levels of sexual experience hook up. As my friend calls it the 'you want to put what, in where?' syndrome.

whiskers65 said...

Brad wants to have his cake and eat it too. his kind are far too common in gay life. the closet case who denies it yet loves it, random sex etc. frowns on others apetites and feels guilty but at the same time yearns for it. their own worst enemy ,the closeted hypocrite

Anonymous said...

HMMMMMMMM...to Me, Brad seems to be awakening to his 'inner lust', but doesn't know how to navigate it.

Brad hasn't really BEEN been in a relationship - I believe Vincenzo was his only Bed Partner / Lover - and he doesn't want his Heart broken again. He thinks that he needs to find 'THE ONE' - and doesn't think about 'THE ONE - REACHING FOR HIS BASKET'!

Price, on the other hand, has BEEN ARR-O-UNNN-D...He knows what he wants FAST, and how it benefits him Sexually, and in regards to Power. BUT, He's still new to the 'Friends turned Lovers' thing; He thinks Brad is on the same page of WANTIN' IT, but doesn't realize that He can push it too far, turning off the Friend / Lover (in this case, Brad), when it needs to be nurtured slowly.

I have been REALLY liking this coupling; I looked back at some older posts, and Price / Brad REALLY do balance each other out. Together, they are Funny, Sexy,Caring, HOT... Brad FINALLY (to me) seems interesting, because we are seeing him now from a realistic relationship stance; He is NOW seems to be coming out of the 'Hot Ken Doll Who Walks Around In His Tighty Whiteys' thing.

He's now gaining some 'color', so to speak, with Lusty Feelings, apprehension,confusion of the forward-ness of Price, etc. Price is a EVIL NEUROTIC MESS, but, with Brad, it makes him adorable,& the Hot Clark Kent looks ain't bad either;)

I'm only hoping this won't become a "Was Brad Raped" topic, because I do like the Characters together; I don't want THEM to have a 'Fallout'. I'm hoping they will morph into a more Comedic / Competitive / Neurotic / Smokin' Hot SEX 'Archie & Reggie' for the strip...It will make BOTH Guys worth the wait for Greg's next Strip Post!!

...OOH, I did run on - Sorry all, my Red Wine always makes my fingers go POW!! :)

Yren Czenoxyga said...

I totally agree with your analysis (maybe not on Price being evil and neurotic).

To put it bluntly, Brad has that certain naivete that contrasts with Price's... experience. Could we say this scenario is basically like a well seasoned pornstar dating someone pretty vanilla/tame or even virginal?

In the end, I feel Brad needs to communicate his concerns openly with Price in order to keep their relationship from deteriorating. Price too needs to learn to empathize with how Brad may have felt at the time.

If they can get through that, I think it'll turn into something wonderful.

Rip said...

I don't think that Richard is so evil. Remember that he helps Rudy to get free for his fake and psycopath boyfriend.