Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Episode # 454 - January 3rd, 2017

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Anonymous said...

....Hmmmphff...Price, you clown...

How is he gonna make a fool of himself, when only Brad is gonna see it?! ha-HAAA!! : )

SO, Brad forgives, and they become friends again...maybe it's best they cool it for awhile. they both OB-VI-OUS-LY have issues that they don't need to put on each other at this present time...s'nice though, that they had this little talk.

...BUT, Brad-ie Babe, make up your mind; 'part of me didn't want you to stop', then, 'that doesn't mean I wanna date you'...you're doing it again....what IS it, then?!

Oh WELL..by the by I was noticing Eduardo's surprising popularity in the MoY polls, and wondering what's up with him?!

SUGGESTED PLOT LINE FOR EDUARDO: He FINALLY graduates from College, and gets into social work; Drew sets him up to tutor a wayward Kid who misses a close Family member, only to realize it's a cousin from his estranged Family!

Ed faces his fears, and tries to sustain a relationship with his Dad & Mom again, and becomes a Proud Gay MAN who his 'Familia' is now proud of, as a College Grad and accepts him back! may not be so easy but it would be nice to see some growth and maturity on Ed's character by now; he looks like he's 30! (lol)

...anyway, on to the next storyline, Greg; can't wait to read what delicious treats you whip up, at the B&B next!

CHOW! : )

WranglerMan said...

Thank Heavens that Price has hair on his body, and he is not one of those preening, shaved, and waxed gym bunnies!

Reuben Lewy said...

Hmmm, can't wait to see where this goes. Will a relationship slowly start between Price and Brad. I agree with WranglerMan about Price and being hairy, woof.
Wonder if you'll do anything with RBF7079s suggestions, sounded interesting.

Ardenwolfe said...

Can't say I'm really feeling this. Seems so out of character. And rather unbelievable. Sorry, Greg.

Bud Morries said...

I was not going to chime in on this particular issue but I have to. Price is going way above and beyond to apologize to Brad. This is to the point to where I would expect this behavior from another character and not Price. Dressing up as a clown with a sign? Really?. This storyline started out with great promise about crossing unforeseen lines but it's ended anticlimactic to say the least. Brad is showing signs of arrogance that rivals Lance (who I wish was with Matt but is more suited with Drew UGH) but we all know why he'll get a free pass...I think that this storyline has ended and thankfully so. I never saw a relationship with Brad and Price to be honest and not a lot of people here did. But this latest episode is not good and it only highlights what's wrong with one of the main characters, namely Brad (by the way, when will he leave the minor leagues and do something productive with himself?).


whiskers65 said...

how can I describe this weeks strip.
abysmal, stupid. come on , anything would be better, so unbelievably ridiculous.

Mark said...

Not especially gracious of Brad to continue to try and maintain the moral high ground. "It wasn't all your fault" indeed. How about, "It was as much my fault as it was yours?" Or even better, "Sorry...you caught me by surprise, and I over-reacted." It doesn't appear that Brad learned much from the experience. I still think he needs a spanking.

I DO think this is exactly the sort of attempt to make peace that Richard would come up with, though, and I can buy that Price really likes Brad enough to agree to it, even though it's way over the (big) top. I wonder if being friends again is REALLY all Price is asking for? Price is a fascinating character study, and it will be fun watching him learn what it means to be friends with someone, and to love someone, and just what the difference is.

But I'll be happy to see Price and Brad on the back burner for awhile, in favor of some of the more neglected members of the house. The results of the poll have poor Dave coming in last again, which is nothing new for him. The boy needs a story line. Weren't he and Nick going to be married. like, a billion years ago? They'd better hurry up and get it in done soon, while they still have a legal right to! Lot of changes coming to this country, and most of them are not going to be good for gay people. I know this isn't a political strip, but the reality is that gay couples have to think about these things now. Strap in, fellas...it's gonna be a bumpy four years.

With that said, Happy New Year, Greg, and to all! We have our work cut out for us, but it doesn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves along the way.

Mike said...

Here's the thing... I'm starting to wonder if this is really the beginning of a Price and Richard romance. I mean, look at how out-of-character Price was willing to act **on Richards advice**. So far talks with other residents don't seem to have had such a dramatic effect on Price, it seems only Richard can really get through to him in such a dramatic way.

Price's friendship and feelings for Brad may have started him on a road to start to become a better person, but it seems to me Richard is the one really getting through to him. And I have to wonder if that means there's more of a connection developing between them.

Bud Morries said...

I agree with Mike. For some reason, Richard is able to get to Price in ways that Brad can't or won't. He willingly and blindly took Richard's advice (eventhough, Richard set him up!)As much as I can't stand RIchard (UGGGHHH) I have to say that he and Price are much better suited to each other!!!! UGH!!!! And they may turn out to be the best couple there because they have all of this explosiveness between them. Oh God, just think of what the children will look like!


diana green said...

The commenters are ignoring the obvious. Nobody should shop at Wal-Mart.

Douglas Knapp said...

I hoped they'd fall into each others arms. O well I'm a romantic.

Unknown said...

I'm disappointed Brad and Price's budding relationship has ended so quickly -- I think they're made for each other, especially because Brad can be just as aloof as Price, as mentioned in comments above. They have a lot to learn from each other, as well as some things to learn together.

I'm hoping this is just a pause in a larger story line that sees them happily figuring out how to navigate a relationship with each other. The strip is usually entertaining, but it's rarely as incisive as it has been with the Brad/Price pairing. I'd love to see more in the same vein.

Anonymous said...

Hey all, I was reading some your comments (..at my work desk, not working..ssshhhh...), and while I didn't agree with seeing a Richard / Price pairing, I am seeing SOME signs of ...a 'drive-by', perhaps?!

When Rich first met Price, he instinctively didn't like him, but said(along the lines; I can't remember the exact words, since I'm not near my B&B books)that he despised him, but 'strangely' still wanted to sleep with him, even when he's being cold, aloof and devious.

But NOW, Price is becoming more warmer (due to his burgeoning friendship with Brad), but him & Rich are starting to see that they are cut from the same cloth, when it comes to their lack of social abilities.

They get along with an unspoken 'border'; because Price knows that if he crosses a line, Rich's claws (and receipts) will come OUT!!

..and, Rich may still have hidden feelings for Price, but won't 'make that move', because he sees that Brad is 'The One' for Price, hence, that clown outfit (you DO notice that it's VERY revealing ensemble, right?! ha-HAA!!)

SUGGESTED PLOT LINE FOR PRICE: Kyle throws a Dave / Nick Marriage ceremony at the B&B, which gets Price feeling SOME type of way, not being able to 'have' Brad. Rich sees Price acting weird, goes to console him privately, letting him know that he's 'not so bad', and.....Drew goes to get Nick's cufflinks from another room....and find Richard & price in BED together!!

...THEN, you get the Nick/Dave wedding, the Price/ Rich pairing, Brad having to decide if he should REALLY get together with Price, AND, LOTS o' juicy DRAAAA-MAAA for us to read!! : )

...oop, Bossman back...NEW strip next week; what's comin' Greg?

see you all soon, CHOW! : )

Bud Morries said...

To be honest. I hope Greg let's this story die. This only highlights what an airhead Brad is. But I didn't know he was this pompous guy he is. This is not a good couple. Richard and price is far more interesting. I can't stashes neither one of them. I'd like to see a wedding next. It's time lane and free got married. Even if I want Lance with Matt