Friday, December 30, 2016

Drew Danvers - Kyle's B&B Man of the Year for 2016!!!

It's official.... our man from
Alabama has once again
stolen readers hearts,
and seized the crown!!!
Not without competition,
though.... Rudy, Brad, and
Price (!) were not all that
far behind in the polls. A
number of readers voiced
their opinions that Rudy
deserved to win after his
stunning, death-defying
storyline this year....and
Price, also, for creating
what may have been the
"watercooler moment" of
the year in the strip. But
you can't ever count out
Drew Danvers when it
comes to capturing readers attention, and this year, (after losing last year
to Rudy), he has re-taken his position as the Man of Year..Thank you to
everyone who voted... and I wish you a very happy & healthy
New Year!!! 😉 💛 (Below are the final results of the poll).


Anonymous said...

...I gave my vote to Rudy, but...YAY Drew!! but, why aren't you smilin', Drew!? Oh Well, his chest is apparently VERY excited about the win, ha-HAAA! : )

....and YOU, Mister have been on FIRE as of late; innovative panel drawing, extended storylines, more 'fleshed out' characters (with Drew showing more 'flesh' than Price & Rudy), better color shading...WOW! a LOT has happened since 1998, dinn'it!? ; )

We REEALLY do appreciate here in the comments section what you do for us; the Real World is in for a challenging 2017, but it's always nice to know we can come for a stay at "The B&B" for a while, and have some nice convo, warm pancakes, and, maybe a half naked Hunk (...or Three)!!

THANK YOU (from me) from the bottom of my heart, for the 'stay'!!

...NOW, where the DEV-ILLLL is BREYER?!!! The MANLIEST Man at the B&B (and my first crush), and....POOF! GONE! :(

The last I remember, he was growing a's that comin'?! I wanna see how he feels about Price; I'm SURE he doesn't feel warm about him trying to snatch the B&B from his Kyle!!

...aaaaaright, my coffee is kickin' in now, I'll stop....

HAPPY 2017, all,CHOW!! : )

Greg Fox said...

Thank you so much for those kind words, RBS7079! It really warms my heart when someone acknowledges the work I put into this... it's truly a labor of love, and I feel very, very grateful to be able to bring these stories to you. Wishing you a very happy New Year, and many blessings for you all throughout 2017! Thank you again!!!

Anonymous said...

....AWWW, Thanks, Bubby...but, don't you got some storyboards to get to?!...Those jockstraps don't draw themselves! ha-HAA!!

Waiting on the next post; Thanks, CHOW! : )