Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Episode # 455 - January 17th, 2017

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Anonymous said...

...Nick & Ed are making up NOW after that lil' tiff?! when WAS that, 1989?! : )

...SO, Eduardo wants to break it off with Jake; s'too Bad, I was hoping this relationship would 'mature' Ed a little, being with someone ACTUALLY mature, if you will...which still doesn't mean anything, 'cause I've seen some 50 / 60 something's that STILL don't have it together, ha-HAAA!

Jake seems to be a little fragile about relationships & his 'elder' status now; He may fall into a depression about not finding THE ONE and thinking he may not have much time; It'll be nice to see him again though (as is Nick)... The Bears need some L-O-V-E in the B&B, too, ya'know... (LOL)

...AND, just when I thought Eduardo was finally at a Maturing age, he's wearing colored tighty's & a CROP TOP to Bed? I guess it must be 1985, then, not '89...my mistake, ha-HAA!!

Ed ONLY looks good in Black Spandex Bikini Briefs...remember that, Greg, ha-HA! CHOW!! : )

Iclabon72 said...

This was cute, but I need to stop hoping I'll be blown away every update! *shakes fist* This was necessary to tie up a loose thread, but I honestly forgot these 2 were feuding. Just a bit random.

And it was a nice idea, but relationships like Jake and Eduardo's always fall way to reality. And then it's just hard to sympathize with the guys like Jake who think they have the right to take offense to younger hotter guys not giving them a chance, while at the same time not wanting to give other more age and looks appropriate men the same consideration.

I am loving Richard though, so very much. He's gotten so much better at being a help, and it's a great role for him. But who doesn't pee in the shower? Like seriously. We all do, and no one should deny it.
If Price, or any of these other B&B men for that matter, can't see what makes Richard worthwhile, then it's all of their loss. But just please give him some kind of love story and personal happiness, Greg. Please. It's the thing I need the most. Aside from Kyle and Breyer getting married finally. A B&B wedding has been long overdue. Or Lance giving Drew a sexy birthday surprise.
LOL I have so many ideas and wishes!

F.Z. said...

I thought this reconciliation was long overdue. Nick instigated what happened and Eduardo said terrible things to spite him. I'm surprised Dave himself didn't urge Nick to talk to Eduardo again. For the record, I think Eduardo is dressed very sexy,he looks good in red briefs and the crop top-the look suits him-it wouldn't work on other characters. Richard looked hot in his pink briefs too! I really like Richard as a character now. When do we get to see Jake in a jockstrap? or a nearly nude Nick? I'd also like to see Jake and Eduardo have a successful relationship, and the same goes for Rudy and the real Terrence, younger-older relationships can and do work out-it would be great to see that despite some initial troubles, age difference and body difference doesn't necessarily separate gay men when they are actually in love.

Ardenwolfe said...

I had to scroll back over a year to help recall this plotline. I think it's been that long since we last saw Jake much less Nick or Eduardo. And where the heck is Breyer?

Bud Morries said...

I'm not quite sure I like the way this is written. I don't understand why Eduardo and Nick have to be friends. Jake started all of this but opening up his big fat mouth and therefore this is the result. I did not like the fact that Richard was being nosy as usual. This is a storyline that I thought was dead a long time ago. But it seems as if everyone gets a shot at Edward out in the bedroom that's for certain.