Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Episode # 463 - May 9th, 2017

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Anonymous said...

...Oh, Richard...If it was ME, I'd 'dispose' of his gum, alright....in one of his NOSTRILS! >=(

...Looks like the calm seas of Lance & Drew may get a lil' choppy now; I think Drew is gonna get a reaming from Max the Photog on set, put him in his place, and Max'll spill the beans, causing Drew to be hurt (or maybe disgusted, with Lance's 'proclivities' of getting ahead...or HEAD!) ; )

Anyhoo, Drew's gonna KNOW; if anyone who says to me, 'pretend we don't know each other at all', it SCREEEEAMS 'PAST LOVER'!!

...hmmm, storyline's turning a lil' juicy now...although I'm missing the other B&B'ers; I'm missing my neurotic Price - Is he gonna kill Rich for that Clown suggestion?! Is Rudy still afraid to interact with everybody after 'The Fall'? Is Eduardo gonna want Jake back, and fistfight Sergei for him??...and, WHERE oh WH-EEEERE is BREYER!!? :,(

...Greg, you know I love ya, but I love Price's Big Ass more!!

CHOW! : )

Ardenwolfe said...

Wow. He's rather bitchy for a one night stand from over three years ago. Talk about holding a grudge.

haranoe synechism said...

I can't get over how immensely attractive and adorable Dave is...


WranglerMan said...

Max is a self-important butt wipe who needs a comeuppance. And I hope that Drew delivers it to him!

Unknown said...

Drew is not going to let Max change the way that he sees Lance. Drew is more mature and grounded than that. He knows that Lance has a past.

Yren Czenoxyga said...


Maybe life wasn't as successful for Max as we are to believe since his first appearance? Maybe after that deal fell through, he struggled a bit financially?
I have no idea where this will go... maybe Max will try to sex Drew too before he finds out that Lance and Drew are in a relationship.
As a person that tries to keep some neutrality, I'd understand where Max is coming from, with the hope of commissioned work, then getting immediately dumped. A basket of muffins doesn't really cut it for an apology. Grrr

It would be ironic(?) if Lance was the one sabotaging the photo shoot out of paranoia, while Max - though really capricious and probably petty, still does his job professionally.

Barak Torvan said...

THey are both asses in my opinion, both imperious, both jerks.

But unfortunately enough, not uncommon.

Anthony said...

I believe that Max isn't as tough as he seems. I also believe that he actually was hurt by his interactions with Lance. Some men wear their emotions on their sleeves and are prone to be used and taken advantage of. I just hope that he actually won't plot some kind of revenge on Lance and Drew's relationship--some people are not able to just move on without some form of retaliation. Drew might be able to help Max sort out his feelings towards Lance since he is a therapist.

At any rate, I have not posted any comments in quite some time since too many problems existed here before.


Anonymous said...

.....Hey Barack, tell us how you REALLY feel!? ha-HAA! : )

Well, Max is from the world of Fashion, as I stated before, so 'Jerk'-y behavior, and the fact that Lance used someone, who seemed genuinely interested in him for occupational gain, can lead to a 'sticky' situation...get it? Gum? Sticky? ha- HAAA!

...aaaalright, I got work to do...Oh, hey Anthony...you got nothin' to worry about here, with the 'Cat' and our Trusty 'Buns' tanner on the scene, eh, buddy?!? ; )


Yren Czenoxyga said...

Hehehe! Naked pool party tomorrow! Woohoo!