Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Episode # 464 - May 23rd, 2017

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Anonymous said...

....and, as Ardie said a couple of weeks ago....cue the DRAH-MA! : )

We all saw this coming; a Jeopardization of Drew & Lance's relationship. First off, seeing that it happened in 2004 (!), makes Max PEEEH-TAY!! Get OVER IT, Boo!

But, this a Comic Strip; probably happened in the not-so-faraway past.

If Drew is comfortable with his relationship, as with his Body
(RAWR! to Panel Four, by the by), then he should not be fazed by a past lover's revelation. Everyone evolves to an extent, so we should believe that Lance is NOT the manipulative, cold, cutthroat Businessman he was /is.

He more or less SAID so, to Drew, when he finally opened up about why he seems to be distant; He didn't want to get hurt, so he sought to hurt others FIRST.

SO, this although this should make for some tense-y Drama, it would be nice to see a 'hurt' side of Drew; He's SO Gosh-Darn-Dagnamit-Easy-Going, we don't see another layer that fleshes out his Character....so DRAMA CUED! ha-HAAA!! : )

Oh....and, my prayers to the Ariana Grande Concert victims; I'm not part of her Music demographic, but I'm sure there was some Young Gay Pups there...and, NO ONE deserves that. NO- ONE.

Chow. :-(

Unknown said...

I'm surprised that Drew would just accept what this photographer has to say without first speaking to Lance. Hopefully he will calm down, and let Lance explain what happened. Lance has changed since he's been with Drew.

Ardenwolfe said...

Looks likes them chickens done come home to roost . . . again. But I seriously doubt Drew is that bent up about it. Even so, it seems Drew and Lance's has been nothing but misunderstandings and drama since the Dixie Peach "You're a hooker?" episode.

And yes, prayers out to the people involved in that terrorist attack at the Grande concert. :(

Unknown said...

This is an underwear advertisement, right? I mean, this is a job that inadvertently hired someone Lance knew intimately then dumped. It's technically not Lance's fault, yeah? I do understand where the photographer might see it as false pretenses when finding out that the model happens to also be the boyfriend to the guy that basically used you for his own gain. Personally, I'd be infuriated.
This is a series of unfortunate events, or worst case scenario... Maybe an outlier? One wrong thing after another in Lance's world happening in succession, and it's all out of his control which he is used to; I wonder what else could go wrong.

Mark said...

Well, this clearly isn't going the way I'd hoped (not likely Max is going to force Drew into anything kinky to get revenge on Lance), but oh well. Have to say, my unlikely expectations aside, this seems a little "been there, done that" for these two. Why do Lance and Drew seem constantly shocked to find out that they each have a past? This isn't generally the kind of thing a real-life gay couple would consider a major stumbling block...and certainly not without even discussing it, first. If you're trying to make the point that both Lance and Drew are prone to jumping to conclusions, Greg, there could probably be a subtler way to do it, then to have them fall for the most outlandish thing a stranger says to them, without giving a sliver of the benefit of the doubt to their boyfriends. If Lance and Drew don't trust each other, okay, but there has to be a more realistic way of demonstrating that. It also seems a little out of character for Drew, who should know Lance well enough by now to either automatically disbelieve Max...or to have made his peace with the kind of man Lance was, who WOULD do those things. Either way, the Drew that we've been presented with up to now would have wanted to discuss it before flouncing off in a huff.

Hope this is resolved quickly, so we can move on to something else.

Ex-Restaurant Manager said...

OH, Puh-leeeze. Wrong way to advance this story line.

Unknown said...

Well, we all will have to wait another two weeks to see if Drew does something. He might just be trying to save Lance's photo-shoot for all we know when he leaves immediately after Max. Drew is a social worker, so why can't he use his profession to mediate between the two exes?
I know, my optimism is can be saccharine, but maybe both Max and Drew could bond over coffee and talk about embarrassing things that Lance does to lighten the mood.

Ivan said...

If a guy from my partner's past showed up and provided some story on how their relationship ended, I wouldn't just take their word as truth.

Anonymous said...

Hey-HAY-Hey, all, I'm BACK!

...got a little Red Wine buzz going late tonight, so I thought I'd reply to some of your posts...

I do agree with you that anytime Drew / Lance comes to a contretemps of sorts, it comes to matters of trust, mostly on Lance's part. BUT it is a Comic Strip that relies on some POW!-ZAP!- BANG! on an emotional level, and adds to the 'thrill' of the storyline. and, Drew being jealous somewhat doesn't ring true to Drew's character (to Me); 'flouncing off in a huff' about Lance's past discretions, does not compute...and, although I luv 'em both, this does scream, 'Deja Vu'.
I'd say, bring back Sergei, but I don't want YOU to flounce off in a huff! ha-HAA!! : )

Yren-Yren -
...Our little optimist...it's lovely that you think Max & Drew should bond over coffee; but given Max's 'hardened' looks & style (..that HAIRCUT!),I mostly believe Max WANTS to hold chips on his shoulders, and would reject the offer...ya can't be a Diva Photographer without some FLAIR, ya know!? : )

By the by, how's the tanlines a-comin? ; )

Ivannano -
...HEY, YOU! : ) So nice to see longtime posters posting again! WHEW!
I agree wit you, and 'Ivanna' see more posts from you, alrighty?! ha-HAA! : )

AND, I sorta hope we get a quickie wrap up of this storyline; The Brad / Price thing was EXTRA juicy (So to speak; Price's 'facial' by way of Brad, was the hottest thing the strip had in YEARS)and, I do miss the others; Kyle should have an interesting storyline sometime soon; I LOVE that Dave has been involved with this current story (although off in the sidelines); and, I'm worrying that I'm starting to look like a stalker wondering....WHEEEEERE'S BREYER WATKINS!!!!?!
>= (

...can't wait til next week! CHOW-CHOW! : )

Unknown said...

Tan lines are unfortunately fading... still can see a thong line though!
I hope a beach weekend will be happening soon for me; though, there are some pride events happening this month, so I might head to those too, and collect all the free stuff I can get my hands on. Not to mention a pool party too!
Maybe my hubby will let me out in our fenced in backyard with a thong on... so I can get a tan while I tend to the plants. Hehehe