Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Episode # 467 - July 4th, 2017

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Anonymous said...

...PRI-IIIICE! The Smartmouth from Dartmouth is BACK! ha-HAA!!

and, I remember EXACTLY why I missed him...Smart Ass Mouth up FRONT, and Hot Ass at BACK (Panel 4)!! HA! : )

O-KAY, speaking of 'Offensive Wardrobes', Price....I find it a wee bit unbelievable (and a whole lot immature) to be playing 'Underwear Lacrosse' in the Living Room of Kyle's B&B...there may be SOME customers that may have a problem with the (obvious) nudity, recklessness & possible noise? take Rudy for example....how's HE!?

AND, there may be Family heirlooms of Kyle's, that may not be 'paid' for if broken...Think Clear, Price-ie! : )

But, also, this is why I like Brad & Price together; Price WOULD come up with a hare-brained idea that has a little titillation (and a LOT of stupidity) that would get Him & Brad in a lot of trouble.

Brad's simple, but levelheaded, and Price is Bullish, but needs guidance. but together, they create a Hot lil' Comedy Team...like a Gay-Upstate Starsky & Hutch!! ha-HAA!

...BY the by, anybody else thought Paul Michael Glaser(Starsky) was STEEEAMING HOT? my VERY first Gay crush...Oooh, la LA!! :p

...anyhoo, cute little respite story-line from the controversial Sergei, and where he seems to be leading Jake. (P.S., didn't Price get a new haircut back in January, when he was dressed in the Psycho-Sexual Clown getup? I remember a cropped-cut bangs thingie...)

Oh well...Hey, All, who was YOUR favorite TV/Movie first crush that YOU'D 'give a bang' for the 4th Of July?! ...I'll Wait....ha-HAA!


Ardenwolfe said...

Pretty obvious Richard and Price should be a couple.

Mark said...

THANK you, Greg, for following through on the underwear lacrosse game! Nothing hotter than two jocks competing in their underwear. Though I agree with Richard...they should be playing outside (we've seen Brad outside in his undies before...seems hard to believe that Price would be the shy one).

If you're indeed inching toward a Price/Richard match, that could be pretty interesting. I can't see them lasting as a couple; their individual insecurities would seem to doom them from the start. But they're both fairly unscrupulous in their own ways, and it would be fun to see what kind of schemes they concoct, individually and together.

Hope we don't get too far from the Jake/Sergei storyline, though...I'm finally warming up to the Russian, and he'd have to be a good influence on Jake, who has done little but whine about his love life since he was introduced.

Yren Czenoxyga said...

I'm open to the idea of Price and Richard having a relationship, but I can't help but see them as a kind of amalgamation of the four main characters from Will & Grace. Lol. I need to rewatch that show...

As for relationships in general, everyone has their own experience, but does one have to actively seek a partner out, or is it a better success to let it find you?

A warning to Jake if he by some chance finds Sergei's attitude... endearing; it will lead only to heartache. Basically, what was once a quality you thought to be attractive could eventually become a quality you come to despise (unless change occurs).
Anyone have personal experience with that? Falling for the "bad boy" or equivalent to it?

Anonymous said...

....hmmm, Mark & Yren-Yren's got me warming up to a Rich / Price thing with their comments...I KNEW I like waiting for their posts! ha-HA! : )

To Mark - YES, you hit it dead ON, with Rich / Price blowing up because of the insecurities; I said so myself, awhile ago (the red Wine probably made my comment indecipherable). I also came up with a 'drunken tryst' storyline that COULD be more realistic for these two....and, a lil' sexy, to boot...ha-HAA! ; )

To Yren-Yren - I NEVER EVER saw an episode of "Will & Grace" (I used to call it, "Jack N' Karen (with a Special appearance from Their Friends)", but maybe I'll give it a go (if ONLY for the Janet Jackson episode)...ha-HAA!

BUT!! I loved your comment about letting your 'partner' find You...here I was, doing my own thing, and a Stocky / Built 30-something Italian guy I've known at my Gym for 2 YEARS, tells me he had a serious crush on me, and takes me back to his pad one night last year, and WRECKS me!

We took it slow, and, had some VERY fun times. But, as of today, we broke it off. : (

But...I'm fine. because, 'success' found ME. AND, as long as I stay ME, s'all good...ha-HAA! : )

..GOTTA stop fallin' for those 'Starsky'- types, tho...HA!


Mike said...

I agree with Ardenwolfe, it really feels to me like the "zingers" between Richard and Price is the kind of thing that could really be hiding an attraction (as opposed to the kind of opposites Sergei and Jake are).

I agree having Richard and Price in a LONG-TERM relationship would be uncertain, but they'd probably be fireworks as a couple in the early stages. (And I really think it's time for Richard to have at least a LITTLE success in dating!)

Yren, all of my bad boy experiences were, in retrospect, decidedly Not Worth It. Overlooking serious attitude problems because you find someone attractive, in my experience, always creates more drama and heartache than it does turn into something lasting and honest and worthwhile. (And I found out the hard way that if someone can so easily be a jerk to other people, they will eventually find a way to justify being a jerk to you).

The only thing you can do then is hope you wake up fast enough to end it quickly, or else linger in a terrible relationship where you are always making excuses for why your partner treats you badly, and treats others badly.

As for your other question, I think (obviously) that you can find love both ways, by letting a partner find you and by actively seeking it out -- but you have to be OPEN to the possibility of finding love, or it won't matter if Mr. Perfect drops in your lap.

Lots of people give up, or say they'd rather just "let love find them" -- but then they dismiss all the possibilities that come their way. ("That guy is too young/too old/too cute/not cute enough/is the wrong race/is too effeminate", etc, etc.)

I do think you increase your odds if you are somewhat active in looking, though. Put yourself out there. Go on dates. Flirt. Sure, lots of them won't work out, but that'll be just as true if you wait for love to find you -- because there's no guarantee that "the one that finds you" will work out any better either!

I thought of it like a numbers game. If I could have a successful relationship with one out of every hundred guys, then I'd go out and flirt and date and meet as many as possible to find that one.

And when I did find that one, it made all the bad dates and boring dates and weird dates worth it! :-D

Yren Czenoxyga said...

Oh my! I guess I'm an outlier. Lol
My experience was nothing like anyone elses...
I actually had three suitors at the same time once. This was even before I officially came out to my parents back in... 2012? I came out a year later, but I digress.
Two were from when I used to work at an Orlando theme park and one at a clothing optional yoga class.
One guy from work eventually moved to California without notice, (he had a bit of an Asian fetish, lol) which I left a box of sexy underwear at his place, so I don't know what happened to those...
Yoga man, I unfortunately have to admit I'm the bad guy. He has really sweet, introducing me to RuPaul and game of thrones; only got to see him once a week because he was working two jobs. I had to have my hubby break up with him over text because I was so ashamed to do it in person because he would be my first... Over the Christmas holiday too!
If I could have my cake and eat it, I'd be in a polyamorous relationship.
The last suitor is my hubby! His autoimmune disease hasn't scared me off (and I've seen him at his worst), and he puts up with my shenanigans.

I never understood why people limit themselves in the quest for a partner, what makes a person not attractive? Personality and politics, I understand, but looks? How vain.

The character, Jake, I wonder to what lengths will he go in the search for love.