Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Episode # 466 - June 20th, 2017

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Anonymous said...


Well, Time for the Jake / Sergei storyline to move along...aaa-ndd...

I know we are in the beginning stages of seeing a 'mature' relationship blossoming in the likes of Sergei / Jake, but I also would like to see (or, read) a little more...'mature' dialogue (...don't hit me, Greg! ha-HAA!)

The 'I'm, like, SO Chris Rock' /'Twinks' talk / Jake's Nervous Nelly (..I say that with LOVE!)forearm holding in Panel 4, indicates
(to me) a 'Gilmore Girls'-esque 'meet cute' thing, and these two should NOT have that kind of meetup.

These are BEARS, M-E-N, and Sergei seems to be taking the lead (with a little arrogance, yet) with the 'charge' of Masculinity. I'd like to see THAT in Jake, too...We know he's trying to find his footing as a Middle-aged Gay Man, but he needs a little more....GRRROWL!! ..ha-HAA!

BUT, I do miss him with Ed...Yren-Yren woke me up that, and I still hope for a reconciliation..Oh, Well. : (

Anyhoo, Happy Gay Pride everyone; RE-MEM-BER, not all of us can lust after protruding-nippled Russian Bears in the Supermarket freely, so let's celebrate that we can do it here with Greg at the B&B!

SMOOCHES!(..yikes, and I just finished talking about 'masculine' dialogue...haHAA!!) : )


Mike said...

Nope, not buying it, Sergei's still a contemptuous jackass and I think it's actually pretty bigoted to suggest younger or thinner or more flamboyant gay men aren't "real men". Touch of internalized homophobia there.

I also still HATE the idea that "bears should only date bears". Nonsense.

Since we clearly aren't going to be able to avoid this, I hope they date, it goes badly, it ends quickly, and we never see Sergei again. And maybe Jake learns to appreciate differences a little bit more and is less insecure about dating whomever he wants, not just older beary guys.

Ardenwolfe said...

Panel #6 made me laugh aloud. Good stuff.

whiskers65 said...

Not to disagree but bears usually arent into young thin
men with little to no body hair. These chasers are few and far between in the bear culture. If you are a chaser into hairy men ,best to find someone outside the bear scene ,lots of regular non scene guys who are hairy that have a wider attraction range.

Luca said...

"ready to date a real man" is such a turn-off! bye Felicia

Ardenwolfe said...

LOL Luca

Sean Martin said...

So much macho bravado. I wonder if theyll wrestle for top.


Yren Czenoxyga said...

I have to agree with Mike on this one. Not to get too hung up with the subculture and representation that a certain exiled ne'er-do-well would insist on talking about 24/7, but it is divisive the way Sergei sees other people not fitting his favored demographic...
ESPECIALLY when they decide to not wear underwear in the juice aisle at the store! What is he wearing? Spandex? Lycra?

Sean Martin said...

@Yren: Paint. :-)

Anonymous said...

...WHEW! I thought the minor Drew / Lance storyline arc would keep the vitirol for Sergei at bay....I see NOT! ha-HAA!!

aalllright...I see that Sergei is shaping up to be (probably) The Most Hated Character ever at the B&B....but, maybe, we will see a warming up coming?

Price was disliked when he showed up, but wound up not only reasonably accepted by readers, but, with Brad, one of most desired couples at the B&B with invested storyarc interest (especially with his exquisite BJ skills, getting Brad to blow like the Hindenburg in 4 minutes! ha-HAA!!)

And, yes, @Mike, I know you previously stated that First Impressions reveal the True character of someone, but I as longtime reader, know Greg LOVES the 'I hate that Guy / Why do I keep thinking Of That Guy / I just ran into That Guy, and he's not such a Bad Guy / I LOVE That Guy!' thing...ha-HAA!!

So maybe, Greg is setting up the 'reveal'?! We'll see.

And, I hope that my previous comments weren't misconstrued as Masculine = Bear / Fem = Twink; 'cause these days (even since 2000!) those lines have been VERY blurred, so much so that I can't even decipher who is Gay / Straight at my Gym in QUEENS! (not that I'm looking...ha HAA!) : )

I just mean, lets give Sergei a chance...Jake is still trying to see who is a "fit" for him, and we ALL know Love comes from the most Unexpected Places...and Guys! I personally think Jake's weary Sensitivity will balance out Sergei's Gruff Directness...so, no Pitchforks, OK, Mike? ha-HAA! (luv ya, Kid!)

Oh, and Yren-Yren, why you lookin' at Serg's (lack of) pantyline? don't let the Hubby see that post!

P.S.@ Sean...gave me a good chuckle at work I had to do another post....Thanks! : )


Yren Czenoxyga said...

Ha ha! If Sergei were a bit nicer I'd joke that he was wearing edible underwear...

My hubby is comfortable with me looking at other guys groins. We do it together in public and talk about which way their "Richard" was pointing/swinging in their shorts or pants. We even go so far as to assume if they're circumcised. Lol

Wildcat said...

Yren, following up on that thought, what would your guess be on whether or not Sergei is circumcised? I have not asked Greg about this but I am going to guess he is uncircumcised. I believe Russia is a country where the majority of men are not circumcised. But I could be wrong.

Yren Czenoxyga said...

Wildcat I also think he's uncircumcised. Based on a little glimpsing on the Russian Orthodox church, circumcision is not a necessity. When hubby and I guess whether someone is cut or uncut, we base it on how prominent we can see their corona outline coming through their loose fitting shorts/pants. Extra points if they are commando. lol

Richard C. Lambert said...
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Mike said...

Second impression is same as the first though -- Sergei is a jerk. He's a guy with some ugly internalized homophobia about what "a real man" is, and some really ugly arrogance that is completely unappealing.

First impression was of a guy with some internalized homophobia who didn't have a problem hitting on a guy who had a boyfriend.

Neither impression is of someone who is a particularly good guy, and if "the real Sergei" is shown to be completely different, it still begs the question why he's such an ass in the first two meetings, and frankly I don't care what your "real story is", if you behave like that in real life, you aren't going to stay in my orbit, because I don't like to date (or be friends with) jerks.

And bollocks to the notion that "bears mostly aren't into twinks" - you just need to look around and you'll see that's not true. Heck, it's not even true in my own marriage!

I remain really really disappointed in the story choices here and the message they are sending. I don't think it's a particularly good or positive message and really hope Sergei crashes and burns and is never heard from again. I want Jake to be smarter than this. And, frankly, Sergei's smugness is completely unappealing and he needs to be taken down. Just the disrespect Sergei has shown Eduardo alone should make him persona non grata for Jake.

Yren Czenoxyga said...

Woah! Woah! Woah!
Don't get upsetti, have some spaghetti!

Before things get too heated with the LGBTQIA subculture, let most of us agree that Sergei does not represent the entire (but not necessarily gay) hairy men community. He's a butthole! That doesn't mean he can't change after some introspection or acceptance; though, that's going to take some more story-telling.

I understand how you feel, Mike, but I feel that Greg isn't making these comics to have only positive life lessons and empowering messages at the end of each arc. The fictional mortal coil that is Kyle's Bed & Breakfast deals in all things, from international protestation to personal vendettas. It is life - in 2-D! To elaborate, it is the lives of people in our around the tenants of the bed and breakfast. Their experiences all vary and so are not a deliberate representation of anyone who reads the comic.

And therefore, yes. Because of the America of the U.S.
Thank you. Goodnight

Luca said...

I really don't understand the point of "bad story choices". This is a comic strip, not a morality play made to educate.
I say welcome to controversial stories and politically incorrect characters... that's life, that's the gay community which is made not only by perfectly decent and good people but also by prejudiced and mean jerks.
I actually find Kyle's B&B already too Manichean as it is, with the bad characters usually in the dust or changed for the better at the end of a storyline and the good moral character winning.

Mike said...

Sure, I suppose this could be a story in which Jake falls for a jerk and get traumatized for it. And if so, then okay, I can go with that, I'd even be thrilled!

My concern is that the story is leading to a "Sergei is a jerk, Jake falls for him, and it turns out great". Because trying to whitewash Sergei's bad qualities would "make it okay".

I'm perfectly okay with "bad characters" as long as we don't magically pretend they aren't bad, or don't have some totally undeserved and unearned redemption to make them "okay".

Yes, absolutely, there are prejudiced and mean jerks in the gay community. And sometimes people date them. And it doesn't turn out well (unless they are also prejudiced jerks, I suppose). If Jake were a good friend of mine I would be advising him to stay as far away from Sergei as possible, because he deserves better.

But the thing that would bug me is anything that somehow sends the message that it's perfectly acceptable to act like Sergei does, because you'll get what you want in the end. That somehow it's okay to be a complete jerk because as long as you are forceful enough, you'll get the guy you want.

And that's a terrible message to send to anyone, no matter what their age or experience.

It's all fiction. Greg can do what he wants. But I'd certainly lose a ton of respect for Jake as a character if he goes down this route, and I'd be annoyed as f*** if Sergei was "redeemed" without really earning it. Because his behavior in his first two appearances really has been appalling.

Douglas Knapp said...

what's Price been up to? How about a side story?