Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Episode # 470 - August 15th, 2017

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Anonymous said...

Well, well, well....KRISTIAN....WHAT'CHA SAY!!

...aaaaand, Neurotic Price is BAAA-CK!! ha-HAA! : )

To those who are saying, "Kristian?"; Price hired Kristian for $25,000 to seduce Richard for making him look the fool for trying to steal Kyle's B&B. Krist left to go to Jamaica (a while ago), to set up something with the money Price let him keep, even after the jig was up.

I thought he was sent off to Comic-Land, but if this means Price is gonna haywire with Jealousy over Rich getting some again, and Krist / Brad staying in the same room.... it should be ent-ta-taining!!

Also, maybe it could also give Sergei some downtime; I really am amazed that he's getting such vitriol...all ARE entitled to one's opinion, so I respect others' opinions that he's not gonna 'turn the tide'...Oh well, I always liked 'em Thick n' Rough, Sue me! ha-HAAA!

ALSO, I am a little stumped about previous characters coming back to the B&B like this...Matthias & Njord were VERY popular, and them...GONE! what about Richard's Brother? Morgan? DELIA?! a-nnnd..

...THE LONG-MISSED.....B-R-E-Y-E-R W-A-T-K-I-N-S!! : (

I'll send out a A.P.B. (All Points Booty)!! ha-HAA!!

CHOW!! : )

Ardenwolfe said...

Loved it.

MelliePh said...

I'm glad that Kristian is back. I also like seeing Price losing his mind. Wasn't Kristian in a relationship the last time that we saw him.

The Dowdydiva a.k.a. Cecile said...

Why doesn't he stay in Richard's room?

Unknown said...

Yay! More Brad/Price drama! They're my favorite (non-)couple.

And thanks for the Kristian backstory, RBS7079. I haven't been reading as long as you, so that helps. For the record, I think Sergei is hilarious, so you're not alone.

-- Thom H.

ethan2chris said...

Not that I wish to influence the artist, who must follow his inclinations regardless of what anyone else says, but I would love to see more interaction between Price and Brad.

Because: Price is a very problematic character, always interesting yet never wonderful. He's into himself. He's into being loved. He's into being Price.

While Brad is a sweetheart with issues. Price is probably the worst person he could become involved with (and Kyle was the best), but Brad needs (I think) to get more out there, see what's in the world.
A liaison with Price would help mature him, give him scope.

Anonymous said...

...Hey, @ethan2chris, Thanks for verbalizing what I cannot write (soberly, anyway...ha-HAAA!!)

I TOTALLY agree that Brad would get a crash course in Gay Couples 101, if he gets involved with Price. Price is a interesting and flawed character; that's what I hope to see (and, missed), in these upcoming installments featuring Kristian.

He'll show how he can be fast-reacting, conniving & cold, but never malicious or focused; He reminds me of a hybrid of Alexandra from "Josie & The Pussycats", and Brenda Walsh from "90210" (other interesting 'flawed' Brunettes in past Pop Culture.)

And, as I stated prior, he's made Brad MUCH more interesting; I still believe the "Blow-Off" with Brad, garnered the most interest in the strip I have EVER seen, so there IS something between the two that makes them THE couple, that 'just can't seem to make it work'.

Plus, they both have a great set of rumps, so that's all the 'scope' I need! ha- HAAA!!


D said...

I think it would be great if Brad and Kristian become lovers. Brad seems eager to make Kristian comfortable. I just don't get why people want to see Brad and Price together. For what??