Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Episode # 471 - August 29th, 2017

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Anonymous said...

...since when did Izod yuppie shirts show THAT much nipple action, Price?! WHEW! ha-HAA!! : )

Either that, or Rich REALLY gave him a fright out in the hallway!

MAN, I love it when Rich & Price scheme together; they seem to have a shrewd sense of each other, and this will be the first time they've concocted something together (the previous time, with Price dressing the clown to apologize to Brad, was a Rich thing).

BUT, both guys better watch out, 'cause Brad & Kristian have soft hearts, and if they feel wronged by people they love, they may cut both of them out of their lives, and that can mess up Drama Queens Rich & Price up something GOOD!!

AND, why didn't I notice that Brad & Kristian could make one DAMN SEXY couple?! I always felt Brad could have 'fever for the flavor', but now I can't wait to see them share a bed, if Panel One is any indication! ; )

PS, luv the shade-throwing by Price & Krist in Panels 3&4; AH,I'm so ELATED my 'Smartmouth from Darthmouth' is BACK!

...and, ON to the shenanigans, CHOW! : )

Mike said...

Now THIS is a storyline I'm much more interested by. And I don't loathe ANY of the characters involved! :-)

I'm rooting for Richard to have a successful relationship. But... I have to admit part of me also secretly hopes all this scheming backfires in some way. Or even leads to a Richard/Price romance, because I think *their* bickering attitude is a lot more natural, and a lot more indicative of possible future sparks.

Unknown said...

Yay! Drama and wacky hijinks are always welcome. I have to say, though, Price and Richard seem to be jumping the gun. Brad is both thoughtful and reserved to a fault, so he probably made the offer to share his bed -- as a friend -- in good faith. And I agree that he probably won't like any silly shenanigans from Price. But that doesn't mean it won't be fun to watch!

Thom H.

Ardenwolfe said...

I dunno about this. . . .

Unknown said...

Well gang, looks like we have another mystery on our hands.

Anonymous said...

Hey-Hey all, I'm back, to add some more of my messy insights to the comments section, while my buddies are away for the Labor Day weekend thing...

I agree with Thom-Thom that 'wacky hijinks' WILL come, if Rich & Price are scheming up a plan; both have BAD track records with their schemes, unless, its on each other.

But one thing we didn't think of is...Kristian can be a schemer, too!

We WAS brought in by Price to run a scheme on Rich for money; who's to say he hasn't come back to hatch another plan? He DOES know Price has cash to spare, and Rich wants him...if he uses "Golden Boy" Brad to 'haywire' the two, he can cause some drama in the B&B to his benefit!

....remember Terrence / Robert!? 🤔

A-nnnndd...even though a LOT of readers think that Rich & Price COULD be a thing, I don't see it...don't throw tomatoes, now! : )

Both have too little trust to 'let go', and wholly trust the other lover in a relationship; they have to 'one up' them, then, jump the gun, & wind up messing things up.

They would sabotage, until 'there is only ONE left'. They are MUCH better, as a "Holmes & Watson" / frenemies hybrid, where it's best they work together, instead of against, each other.

...benefits Rich, too, since the 'Dartmouth Smartmouth's got a GREAT backside...I saw the updated 9/1 Facebook page,Greg....my FAVE Price pic! ACK, I gotta get my mind outta the gutter; it's a Comic Strip, ha-HAA!!

Happy Labor Day, all, CHOW-CHOW : )

Mark said...

I am so jealous of Kristian right now. What I wouldn't give to share a bed with Brad in his briefs...

Anonymous said...
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