Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Episode # 478 - December 5th, 2017

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D said...

Tell me again...why do you all want to see Price and Brad together?

Anonymous said...

...PRICE!! even though you look VERY fetching in those lil' black short-shorts, THAT was just.....WRONG.

I'm a mite miffed at this particular storyline twist; Price was proving himself in the B&B as someone who can now be trusted and accepted for who he is, flaws & all, but to not only stereotype Jamaican-bred Kristian, but to FRAME him for drug selling?!

Not Cool, boy.

Even though Krist proved himself innocent and got the cops on his side (preferably the male cop...GRRROWL!), I hope he DOES tell Brad about this encounter, and maybe Price has to deal with MORE fallout from Brad, who would NOT like this at ALL!! >: (

....and, I am profoundly ashamed that I still find him lickable in those little black short-shorts!! DAMN, ME!! ha-HAAA!!


Ardenwolfe said...

Wow, that's a new low even for Price.

Rip said...

Ah, Price, when you will became mature? The only reason because I still want you with Brad is because he can be your redemption.

Unknown said...

Price, you butthole! Snap out of it!

This controlled burn turned out to be a scorched Earth policy! Seriously, what will it take to get Price to learn that being vindictive is unappealing to anyone? How low must he go? Now I'm curious what redemption would look like for him.
Loss of inheritance? Banished from the bed and breakfast? Heartbreak? Maybe all three! I think that would be an interesting story arc to explore.
The only time I can recall Price showing any vulnerability was when he was drunk and Brad showed up... Maybe on his road to redemption we can see that.
What am I talking about??? We aren't there yet!
In all seriousness, I'd like to see more guys openly cry. No machismo, no 'toxic masculinity' - just a genuine response to something sad or frustrating.

Anonymous said...

....Hey Yren Yren, you're on to something about a story arc.....

Since Sergei's been VERY controversial (29 comments in the last episode alone!), this COULD be a way to 'turn the tide' for particular characters...


Have Brad find out about Price's frame-up on Krist, & have Kyle think that was REAL low ('cause it was), Brad gets SUPA- pissed, & talks to Kyle to have Price thrown out of the B&B.

Price loses inheritance from the illegal ramifications of Krist's framing (also gives us a glimpse of his parents), now Price loses Money, Brad, the stay at the B&B...and Price is BUMMED OUT.

THEN, Have Sergei start to show some villainous traits after Jake has 'fallen' a bit, and have Price start to see the sneaky traits; Price snoops (with Rich's help of course), and finds out SOMETHING....dun dun DUNNN!! : )

..I'll leave it to Greg to finish it, 'cause I may want residuals! ha-HAA!!


ethan2chris said...

I don't think Price is being vindictive as much as manipulative. He sees a rival and wants him out of the way, and he's so unscrupulous that he tries to frame him for a crime.

That really is very, very serious. Trying to seize control of the house was atrocious, but this involves potentially jailing someone.

I'd hate to lose Price, because he does so dress the stage, so to say. But this would appear to be beyond forgiveness. If nobody knew how the police were called, Price might have gotten away with this stunt. But now Richard knows, and at the very least Richard can use this to control Price at some future time.

It's a tangled web they weave. But at least we had a week without that visokomyernoye razdrazheniye Syergyey.

Unknown said...

Hate to say I told you so, but I told you so! 3 episodes ago, Price threatened Kristian and Kristian laughed off the threat. He said he'd faced down mobs in Jamaica, and wasn't afraid of a "spoiled, preppy Kentucky boy". At that time, my comment was that Kristian was playing with fire, and that you do not want to get on Price's bad side. And now look what has happened.

I'm in no way condoning Price's behavior. But Kristian was "poking the bear" as they say. This episode is an excellent demonstration of why you do not want to mess with Price!

Anonymous said...

Price has crossed a serious line. Sure he's upset about being "double-crossed" by Kristian and Richard before and now worries Kristian and Brad are becoming close - but a false police report is unacceptable and illegal. It's disappointing, it seemed Price was moving towards being a better person but is reverting to his true nature. Richard, despite being appalled, is now complicit as he didn't reveal Price's actions - at least not yet. I'm curious why the never shy Richard wouldn't simply talk to Kristian.
I wonder if Greg is trying to spark deeper conversation about contemporary issues - giving the national conversation regarding incarceration of black men - many of whom are innocent as would be the case had Price succeeded. Brad and Kristian seem to only be friends, but what if they are an item? It would be cruelly ironic to see Kristian jailed and worse (in the U.S.) for loving a man after leaving homophobic Jamaica where the same treatment occurs.
In the real world - and especially Long Island where I went to college - a drug accusation doesn't usually go away (for someone like Kristian) - he would be on the police departments radar and a suspect to watch. The actual Northport NY doesn't reflect the diversity we see in the BnB.
As drawn, Price - to me - is the most handsome of the men in the BnB (sorry Drew), but this latest behavior makes him most reprehensible, and pretty dumb. Thoughts?
Kudos to Greg for his fantastic and sexy art, and stories which are engaging, spark intense discourse and keep us wanting more!

Anonymous said...

.......a-aaaand, I agree with the previous poster.

Normally I don't like to leave several or more comments, but this story arc has such intricate layers to it, I am checking in for more views from other commenters...DON'T LEAVE ME HANGIN', ALL! ha-HAAA!!

I know that Krist has been known to have a rough time of it in Jamaica (they are WELL known for their homophobia), but he came here for a better life for himself, and to help his own family out (even scheming with Price, to hurt Richard, which was how we were introduced to him.)

...And, even though I LUV ya, Wildcat, even though Kristian 'played with fire', it would be more acceptable as a story twist if, say, Price framed him in the B&B to look bad in Brad's eyes, and he swoops in to 'save the day'(..even though it would backfire - it ALWAYS does for Price.) BUT, to have him wrongfully JAILED? for selling WEED?


So, how would everyone take it if Krist WAS jailed on a false drug claim? Rich would be devastated (AND, complicit, as the above poster noted) Kyle's business would be under scrutiny, Brad would be hurt to know his trusting instincts weren't working, and Price would just be EVIL, not 'hot' evil, as in Joan Collins- "Dynasty" soap-like evil.

I do hope Greg IS opening up an underlying conversation; The 'was Brad raped by Price' story-line DID have particular views on Gay Male Rape (even with BIG THICK guys like Brad, who can defend themselves), so, I am becoming intrigued...I think Price has been a VERY welcome addition to the B&B characters; sometimes the 'Bad Guys' DO make for interesting situations...

....especially if they got great T&A like Price! ha-HAAA! : )


Mike said...

Oh, Price, you still haven't learned your lessons. Glad that Price didn't succeed in his nefarious plan, glad Richard was so forceful in his rejection of the plan when he heard about it. Glad Kristian didn't get sent to jail!

Honestly, I now hope that the Brad/Price thing doesn't happen, because clearly Price hasn't changed enough to deserve that. I know we need drama to keep stories interesting, but I was also hoping that Price had grown a *little* bit more than this!

If Price sticks around as a character, I have to admit I still have this weird vision of Richard and Price as a couple at some point.

Jack said...
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Unknown said...

Whoa. Hopefully, this is the low point for Price because that is Not Cool. I like him, and I want to see him become a better person (at least somewhat) so that he and Brad can be together. But he is going in the wrong direction fast.

Also, he should wear tank tops more often.

Thom H.

Unknown said...

You think any of the housemates wear thongs? Or g-strings?
Asking for a friend.

Ardenwolfe said...

Price is a classic case of someone denied positive attention. Of all the housemates, Brad remains the only person who gave Price a chance with friendship. And now, with Christian again in the picture, it terrifies Price that it will disappear for good.

So he acts out.

It's like returning to a place where you're shown the door and removed. Repeatedly. But you keep returning because your life lacks something. It's pathetic, yet it's also telling.

The saying goes, "Bad attention is better than no attention."

And, again in this case, both situations apply.