Sunday, December 17, 2017

VOTE BELOW for the Kyle's B&B Man of the Year 2017!!!

It's that time of the year again.... time to pick the Kyle's B&B Man of the Year for 2017!
In years past, there's been some question about what qualifies a particular guy as "Man
of the Year". Is it the guy you think is the "hottest looking guy"? (No, I don't think that should
be the criteria). Is it the guy who is the nicest, most "heroic"? (Okay, that's a little better,  but
I still don't think that nails it). In all seriousness, it should really be the guy that you believe
was the most significant character in this past year's stories. The guy who really made an
impactIt may not necessarily be the most noble or heroic figure... indeed, it could be a
truly villainous character. But if you feel this guy was the real star player in this past years'
stories, then... that should be the guy who gets your vote for Man of the Year. Have a look
at the guys above... think it over, and then SCROLL DOWN on this page to find the ballot
and make your pick.  You can only vote once... so think carefully about this! Polls close at
6:00 pm EST on Saturday, December 30th... and the winner will be announced and crowning 
ceremony will take place an hour later at 7:00 pm EST.  
(Please note.... if you don't see your vote tallied after you place your vote, don't worry.... you just
need to refresh your browser's page after your vote has been placed to see it reflected in the totals).

 (PS.... for some viewers the poll is not showing up on their screen. It seems to not show up on some mobile 
devices. If you can get to a desktop or laptop, that may work for you. And if you don't have access to either of those
devices, you can e-mail me your vote privately and I will add it to the totals). Email me at 

VOTE HERE for the KYLE'S B&B MAN of the YEAR for 2017!!!


Ardenwolfe said...

Hands-down: Price. Biggest plot mover and shaker this year. And, as much as I dislike him, Sergei comes in second.

Javier Rilova said...

As much as I love an eye candy as much as the next gay lad, this year we should honor Rudy, what a year for the poor man...

Anonymous said...

.. "In all seriousness, it should really be the guy that you believe
was the most significant character in this year's stories; The guy who really made an IMPACT. It may not necessarily be the most noble, or heroic figure... indeed, it could be a truly villainous character."

....well, that's PRICE, baby, and he got MY vote.

It's also VERY clear that Sergei should be definitely runner-up (if not the winner); he was in almost EVERY posting this year, and he's been VERY controversial (Mike's probably clenching his fists now!) ha-HAA!! NO SHADE, Mike : )!

And, as for them OTHERS:

- fo-GIT Jeremy (use-LESS)
- Richard's comedic foil
- Brad's Hot but bland (& can't carry his own storyline)
- Nick's 'makeup' storyline with Eduardo was YEARS too late
- Ed's storyline just fell off (looks better than evah, though, with the facial hair)
- Jake is too 'low key' for 'Man Of The Year' (and can't stand up to Sergei)
- Lance's storyline with Max was like Nick's (YEARS too late)
- Drew's still "Imaginary Husband" material to many; will only get voted for 'cause he's likable & Hot
- WHERE'S Rudy again? (probably still resting from that FAB storyline from last year!)
- Breyer was GONE for 3 YEARS!!(& comes back w/ that funky mustache)
- Kristian & Dave....who?! Oh YEAH, Oh YEAH....them.... :(

....BUT, don't get me wrong; I was here for ALL of it, Jan. to Dec.!!

AND will ALWAYS Thank Greg Fox for making a strip where we, as PROUD GAY MEN can come and live vicariously thru Guys that we like to check up on, hang with, and maybe fantasize about...

(Price's bubble butt walking around in them short-shorts got ME comin'....back...ifyaknowwhatimean!)

SO, onward to The Angel Man, and to KYLE'S 20th ANNIVERSARY NEXT YEAR! yaaaaaayyy GREG! : )


Scott Lewis Jr. said...

Dont see the poll? I only see a blank spot where the poll should be

Ardenwolfe said...

You might need to log in, but I'm not sure.

Greg Fox said...

Scott Lewis Jr. - I'm not sure why that's happening. What type of device are you viewing this on? (And is it possible to try viewing it on another device? That would be my best advice to access the poll. Let us know!)

Jason said...

I’m on an iPhone and I get the same thing. Will have to try on desktop

Jason said...

I couldn't see the poll on my iPhone, and I even tried the Google Chrome browser. But once I got to a computer, it was fine. :) Looks like it could be Price v Sergei!

riggolio said...


Ardenwolfe said...

Just to check, I tried on my phone as well. Yes, the poll didn't appear.

Unknown said...

All of them, they all amuse me throughout the year. Each and everyone of them reminds me of someone I have known.

Christopher Burns said...

I think it's time Drew is officially retired from this competition as he wins each year since he appeared.

You can have a story line where Drew is in an accident and horribly disfigured. See how Lance will react. Will he stay with Drew or bolt?

Scott Lewis Jr. said...

Im on a Andriod phone. Will check on my laptop shortly.

ForPrice said...

Oh my, MY!! I didn't expect Price to be in the lead, but I guess he deserves it haha; after all he is still my preferred eye-candy out of the guys at the B&B. And guess who I voted for ;-)

West Michigan Singer said...

Drew hands down. Gentleman, smart, hot. :)

Anonymous said...

... so, no love for Lance? :( ha-HAA!!

Ardenwolfe said...

Wow. Yikes. I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out. Man . . . that's gotta sting.