Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Episode # 481 - January 16th, 2018

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Anonymous said...

....Aww...now Rich, you go TEAR up that Juicy Jamaican!! ha-HAA!! : )

FIRST: Price (hopefully) is gonna get a SERIOUS moral wake-up call with that PETTY- ass frame-up a while ago; only shows that Krist was ALWAYS the better MAN....yet, I still like to LOOK at Price's ACTUAL petty ASS! ha-HAAA!!

SECOND: even though Rich is getting 'lucky' now, he still may have a broken heart; Kyle mentally knows what could be in store for Krist, and I believe Krist knows, too. But, if something happens to him, will Rich handle the pain of a Real Love that could've blossomed, perishing in a homophobic, violent country like Uganda?

Rich is a sensitive soul, so, for now, I just want him to 'enjoy' this moment...especially when Krist's buns look ripe for the stuffin' in Panel 8! ha-HAA!! (I'm so filthy...) ; )

THIRD: and, I didn't miss this Greg; One of the main reasons (aside from the Handsome Chaps) I love this page is that Greg brings up topical and Philanthropically rewarding companies that STILL work hard for Gay rights that WE take for granted these days (and maybe didn't know about). A LOT of countries are dangerously regressing in terms of Gay Acceptance now, and Greg, in form of entertainment, brings awareness of Gay Rights firms that still do Fight the Good Fight.

I, Thank You Greg, in this strip, for showing the plight of African / Black Gay Rights, For perceived 'effeminate' Men to find Love (the Panel 9 kiss warms me up),& and to STILL have a web page where Gay Men can openly view entertainment where they can be not judged, and THINK, HOPE and PRAY for acceptance and change for others, like US, around the world.

....just show more of Prices' Ass next time, O-K?!? ha-HAAAAA!! : )


MelliePh said...

Awesome. Thanks for a great strip. Richard deserves some happiness.

Unknown said...

Everyone deserves to be happy...in the end. I still think Sergei needs to learn a few lessons in courting/pursuing/stalking someone in order to get them in the end.
Even Price deserves his own happiness. Maybe as punishment for his shenanigans, he could be spanked over Rudy's lap - in front of the whole bed and breakfast. lol (Don't kinkshame me!) I mean, it's a more lighthearted alternative instead of going into the complicated world of law enforcement (unless there's a message there that may be explored...)
I believe in Richard and Kristian.

Unknown said...

I don't really buying it. It's the same nonsensical stuff like in soap operas. Most human beings would say something to explain ones behaviour- you just dont ignore everything that happened and been said between you and Rich in not so distant past and go to share bed with other guy right in front of Rich who lives under the same roof. I think anyone would be rightfully as insecure and angry as Rich or even more in similar situation. And the reason I am leaving dunno when for country where being gay is illegal so the best way how to deal with our feeling is to basically ignore each other is something that would fit maybe teenager not someone supposedly so mature and reasonable adult. I deffo wouldn't buy it cos if that's how he deals with inconvenient situations then any sort of relationship with him would be doomed anyway.

Unknown said...

SO glad Richard and Kristian cut to the chase and talked things out. And that Kyle talked some sense into (out of?) Richard. J+R should enjoy the time they have together.

Also, the kind of work Kristian is doing is incredibly important and impressive. Thanks for highlighting it in your strip, Greg.

I agree that Price should now be doubly ashamed of himself for the terrible (and illegal) "prank" he played on Kristian. Oh, Price -- I have a feeling things aren't going to end up very well for you.

-- Thom H.

Unknown said...

Quick correction: that should obviously be K+R above. Whoops!

-- Thom H.

CQA said...

Well, in cases like these, traditionally the bride married the soldier before he was sent to war.


Jack said...
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Ardenwolfe said...

Storywise, everytime I see something like this, I think there's a tragedy coming for the young lovers. . . .

Mark said...

Kristian never seems to stick around too long. He's Richard's Jeff Olsen. But, like Ardenwolfe, I sense tragedy ahead. I hope not, though. It would be a shame to kill off one of the strip's few men of color to underscore the real-life dangers facing LGBT folk; I'm all for messaging, but if this is indeed the intended direction, it feels a bit cheap.

BTW, congratulations to Nick and Dave! I understand that they've been officially certified by the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest engagement in history! Way to go, boys! ;)

Anonymous said...

....Oh, Mark, the Nick & Dave shade....OOP!

..s'true, though! ha-HAA!! : )

Bandana Jack said...

kyle, best advice ever,richard NICE follow through.

greg, once again you have me addressing your comic creations as if they were living human beings. well done my man.

DAK said...

very enjoyable

Karmakat said...

Honestly...I would like to join the group too. I have already been fighting up for friends being bullied, basher attacking me or friends in conventions. people trying to bash us with a camera and words that honestly were more than offending and I couldn't stand watching younger guys crying because of them.
I am Bisexual, married to a woman, having my best friends fully gay...and I will ALWAYS STAND UP FOR THEM!