Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Episode # 485 - March 13th, 2018

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Anonymous said...

.....WHAT did'ja say, Brad?!

...last I recalled, he carried ON and ON about how he felt violated, and for Price to 'stay away', and NOW, he wants to concentrate on the Baseball season while wigglin' his juicy booty in front of him? If he stretches this out anymore, he gonna give Price BLU- ball season!!

....Brad has always been 'slow', so I guess his seeing his hand in the 'dealings' late is better than never forgiving....but, I do believe Price'll kill him! ha-HAA!! >: (

First things first; LUV the shorter 'do on Brad (panel 7), glad that we've gone back to the Brad / Price storyline (although I still disagree with shipping off of Sergei), and, I finally get to see more of Price's backside again ('though Bradie-boy is giving him and run for his boo-tay....ha-HAAA!!)

...ah well, I'm aware the T&A is slightly gratuitous, but, so am I!!!
ha-HAAA!!: p

by the by, where's Ardie? you OK, mate?

CHOW! ; )

SALK said...

Hey Greg, nice work, as always. I noticed the censored thing... any chance to see the un...?

whiskers65 said...

snorefest. the ridiculously drawn perfect over muscled pretty boys.

Greg Fox said...

SALK, thank you, and if you're referring to the "censored" panel 5, (the "steamy" silhouettes), the uncut version, (without the steam), of this episode is posted on the Kyle's B&B Patreon page. However, you do need to be a member to view it there. Sounds like a good time to consider becoming a sustaining member! (There are links to access the Patreon page all around on this website).

Douglas Knapp said...

They should become lovers or atleast become fwb. I've always been a romantic + I like Price!

Unknown said...

Hmm -- I appreciate that Brad's owning his behavior from the car "incident," but I hope his baseball season excuse is short lived. I want to see more fireworks between these two. Also, doesn't at least one of them have a furry butt? Or is that part of the uncensored Patreon version, too? ;)

-- Thom H.

Mark said...

Much as I'd love to see Full Monty Brad, I couldn't swing a Patreon membership right now...so I'll just have to content myself with his bulging tighty-whities. I pretty much work out my zoom key on the second to last panel, though, before reluctantly admitting that what I was seeing next to those briefs was just part of his leg.

Anyhoo, this episode feels more like desk-cleaning than a plot line; I don't expect we'll see Brad fall for someone else during the season, or Price sitting at home flicking a lamp on and off. This ep seems mainly designed to put the aggressive BJ in the rear view, and focus on the future. I'm glad to see that Brad came to (in my opinion) the correct conclusion about what went down on their last date, and hope it won't be too long before their next one. I do like their dynamic, even if Brad is PAINFULLY skittish about relationships.

I'd be shocked if Brad would have agreed to go with Price on such a high profile date no matter what season it is...he IS still in the closet, far as I know.

Greg Fox said...

Just a bit of clarification about the Patreon page and censorship, etc. I don't want anyone to think I'm now doing "uncensored" versions you need to pay to see on Patreon, as that isn't the case. It just so happened with this episode that in one panel, (panel 5, where the 2 figures are in silhouette), there was a pretty graphic silhouette of Price's penis. Being that this comic strip is syndicated to a number of publications across the country that don't allow frontal nudity, it was necessary I cover that exposed area with steam. (Also, in the print version, I covered up most of their bare butts with steam clouds, too. In fact, the print version overall is VERY "steamy", in that respect!). For the version on this website, I uncovered their butts, (you're welcome), but I still felt the silhouette of Price's penis could cause problems. You see, this website is not categorized as an "adult" website, and for that reason, people can view it in libraries, public places, etc. I don't want it to become inaccessible to some people who don't have access to a personal computer or cell phone or tablet of their own to view it with. Does that all make things a little clearer? I just didn't want anyone to think I was dangling Price's penis as a carrot to make them join Patreon, (pun intentional). Okay, that's all!

Bud Morries said...

The artwork is really good in this one, even if a little exaggerated. But the issues itself leaves a lot to be desired for. I mean Brad felt that he was sexually assaulted and now he's saying that he wasn't. Which is it? It appears as if this is based on readers' opinion about him "not stopping it" and to be honest, it sends a very powerful but wrong message about gay sexual assault. I agree with you about the episode in general. I have a question: (1) does Price have ANY redeemable qualities outside of his booty? (2) Is Brad always this brain dense? I mean really....


Mark said...

Greg, thanks for the clarification on the Patreon policy. It doesn't disappoint me that there's not an uncensored version of Brad out there that I'm not able to see; I would financially support your work regardless, were I able to. I'm just grateful that you choose to share it with us in this format. I DO buy the collections as they come out, and I would encourage other non-Patreon members like myself to do the same, if they can...it's the least we can do!

Greg Fox said...

Mark, thank you, that's very sweet and greatly appreciated!

ForPrice said...

Thanks for this particular episode Greg. I think this is the first time I've seen Price fully nude and he doesn't disappoint :-)

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