Tuesday, March 20, 2018

"Work That Flight Ring" - Episode # 2

If you're at all familiar with my work, then you know I'm a huge Legion of Super-Heroes fan.
This is a second chapter in my little ongoing tribute/fan fiction/love letter to the Legion...the
 best super-hero group that ever was, (or will be, since they're from the future!). And if you
missed Episode # 1, you can view it by clicking here

And, again.... if you  missed Episode # 1, you can view it by clicking here


magickmagus said...

Hey Greg, no fair! Isn't it bad enough we have to be on pins and needles between episodes of the B & B that we now have double torture with your super heroes as well? Not to mention the super costumes as well, heh, heh! Aauugh, I must lie down for a while--I keep seeing hunks in spandex spinning around my head!

Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

'70s future fashion is the best. I can't wait to see which other characters/costumes you end up using!

-- Thom H.

Anonymous said...

....GREG, you gotta keep a boy up on these surprising posts; I almost thought there was another B&B costume party a-happening! ha-HAA!!

AND, I still keep thinking the brunette guys are the same person; today they look like Price, and the gay porn legend Tom Chase (panel 4)!!

...s'all good, the Gay Superhero is still extinct, and I'd rather YOU revive it!

(especially in them buxom-revealing, booty revealing tights....on the GUYS!)
ha-HAA!! ; )


ForPrice said...

Cool, but I'm wondering if Brad and Price are currently the two main characters to cross-over from the B&B to this series?

Greg Fox said...

ForPrice, no crossovers as of yet between Kyle's B&B and the Legion, (but wouldn't that be interesting!). Maybe someday.... I suppose stranger things have happened!

Mark said...

Artistic license, Greg? Cosmic Boy's costume didn't have a bare back. But I like your thinking!

Matter-Eater Lad is a safe finalist for dumbest super-hero ever created, but his place in Legion history cannot be denied! Looking forward to the next chapter!

Mark said...

Oops, I stand corrected! Just checked a few old issues, and Cos' costume does indeed have the bare back you depicted! Should have known you wouldn't get that wrong! Sorry for doubting you!

Behrmark said...

Greg - I am stoked that you're delivering a Legion take...one of my all time favorite comics from my childhood. I am thrilled to see the 70s costume versions too! Thank you for delivering yet another outstanding comic!

Eric Burns-White said...

Rokk Krinn, exemplar of the Dry Look hair. Another awesome strip!

Vik-Thor Harrison said...

:chuckles: and :chortles: and :giggles:

Love your artwork on these extra LSH pages (though I think it is more of a tribute / fan-fic rather than a parody.... though maybe that's what it has to legally be called since you don't have permission to draw the characters?)

The last two lines..... LOL