Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Episode # 487 - April 10th, 2018

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RBS7079 said...

Oh, Dear God(so to speak)...

FIRST- Jaime's (LUV that spelling!)praying can mean a LOT of of things, so I'm not going to say (yet) it has to do with sexuality; everybody has a different approach to religion, so I will reserve my religious judgment for now.....

BUT, my lusty GAY side can't get over that boy's juicy ass (and jockstrap panty-line)in panel 7!! hooo-HAAA! :^)

Also, peep Brad noticing his smile; whoo-HAAA, between Brad, Jaime, and Price (..who's clearly gonna blow a GASKET), this is gonna be a SPICY B&B this Spring!!

PS, Thanks for the shout-out Greg, can't WAIT for the Book release; give us a release date soon,y'hear?! and get Jaime outta that uniform, I get a good LOOK at him! ha-HAAA!!

...take me out to the Ballllll(s)-Gammmme...ha-HAAA!


Michelle said...

Since when do minor league ball players dress like Super Heroes? LOL...

Synnerman said...

No Brad no! Look away from the hypno dental work!

whiskers65 said...

Does anybody in this strip besides Rudy have a normal body?. Seems like a bunch of Tom Of Finland clones.

Mark said...

Perhaps I spoke too soon about the Brad/Price episode just being a desk-clearing bit of filler. It will be interesting to see where you go with this, Greg.

Bud Morries said...

Whiskers: I agree with you on this one. By the way, where is Rudy? Why is it that the interesting ones are the ones to disappear? At first, it was funny to read Brad as a dumb blond but it's not funny anymore. This storyline with Price has got to end and it's dragging out way too long. The same goes for Price not wearing any clothes. It's getting redundant and tired.


Yren Czenoxyga said...

Wow, some people just can't be happy with what they have. Always whine, whine, whine, whine, whiiiine. It's getting redundant and tired.
Like, you could seriously start a business with the amount of sour grapes squeezed out every other week. Maybe it should be called "Salty Raisins."

Who am I to judge? Haha!

I mean, Benjamin Franklin said himself,

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain - and most fools do."

Hmm, I wonder how religion is going to play in all this storyline...
Frankly, I'm not a fan of it, but I won't go out of my way to shame them for their beliefs.

Just saying, Minor Leagues don't have the same amount of funding as they used to, so to keep down costs, they get spandex and Lycra for uniforms, with moisture wicking, of course.

RBS7079 said...

Yren-Yren: >gasp< can your shade game be ANY more SUCCINCT?!
hoo-HAAA! : )

Also, nice to see you back, bubby; tan-lines ready for the upcoming Summer!? ; )

I normally don't like to adhere to negative / constant critiquing posters, because, others may actually have valid points, views & visions that they want to verbalize within a comment, and maybe, to start interesting dialogue; it could turn to stimulating topic talk that I may want to read, and respond to.

But, if it isn't new, topical, or thought-provoking... why you here?

I know why I'M here; I, as a Gay Man, was never allowed freely to look and lust after Big, Thick Juicy Built Men (who seem to be kindhearted, too) when I was young once.

NOW, here is an Artist who gets to offer this OPENLY, and FREE, in this day and age, for others to enjoy, not be shamed of, belittled, and have to hide in seclusion to view (..like Sergei's Homeland, Russia, or the like). I can't speak for him (Greg), but he probably had a similar shame, that he DID something about.

AND, it can be purchased, viewed, AND help others in Coming Out, or, have BEEN Out, that can enjoyed...after 19-soon 20- Years, and FIVE BOOKS.

....You don't dig it? Well, let's see your strips; OK, then, your Books... What's That? you have None?!... well, flick ON, boo-boo, I'll stick with Greg.

Any-hoo, this Reader has NO TYME for the pull of 'struggle'...
A 28YO Personal Trainer who looks like Chris Evans' Older Brother, hit on me this week (in a STRAIGHT Gym, no less), and wants to work out with me on Saturday! and, I'm 53!! and, THERE for IT!

....and, THAT, is 'remaining unbothered'. Ben's a wise Man, right, Yren- Yren? ha-HAAA!!

TOODLES, wish me LUCK! : )

Unknown said...

I want to vote in favor of lots of beefy, hairy men in this strip.

Also, I love the Brad/Price dynamic and I'm hoping for more of that.

Kyle's B&B is the soap opera my inner child wishes he could have watched on summer break. Why ruin it with "realism" or LESS drama? Doesn't make sense to me.

In any case, good luck with your new workout partner, RBS7079. I expect we'll get an update?

-- Thom H.

Luca said...

I hope hope hope it won't be another of those contrite stories that fly around when there's a handsome religious lad in a gay story but that the guy is surprisingly accepting and so on

whiskers65 said...

So youre basically saying its not ok to criticize anything?. that everyone who does is a whiner. typical fanboy. its a free country, the strip caters to only the ultra fit muscular man ,whenever the artist does introduce a person who doesnt fit that stereotype ,its usually a much older person or a one shot appearance. And the whole walking around in your underwear perfect body thing is what gets tired as well as the fanboys getting upset.