Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Episode # 488 - April 24th, 2018

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RBS7079 said...

....Well, I KNEW Brad was going to 'bite the wafer' (no offense)!!
: )

And, as I expected, there's a little "Religion + Gay = ???" thing happening in Brad's new storyline, and, as I also expected, this Jaime Boy is SUPA-CUTE!! : P

Always LUVED that bushy, curly-haired thing he's got going on; sorta like that Country Singer Billy Currington...hmmm, got one of those 'Bubble-Yum' booty's too....grrrrowwlll!! ha-HAAA!!

BUT, Jaime-Jaime also looks a WEE bit young for Brad,too... I hope this will be a storyline that doesn't get heavy-handed; as I stated before, Religion can get a bit tricky (especially when mixed with Sports & Gay topics), but, I entrust Greg to keep it light n' FUN....and, to add Price flipping OUT in the process (He's always funny when he goes off the bend! ha-HAAA!!)

Also, can these Sport 'bros' be any more DENSE in 2018?! not everything has to involve Strippers....now move outta the way, I can't see Jamie taking his clothes OFF!!

Mmmmm, Jamie in Panel 7....Yeah, Yeah.....and I PROUD of it!!


Yren Czenoxyga said...

I'm a bit wary about Jaime. In my own experience, religion has never interested me. Plus the fact that these past few years has bred a lot more extremism in people. It just feels like the beginnings of indoctrination into a cult when someone just comes up to you and asks if you are a Christian. Twice...at work with strangers to me. Sooooo uncomfortable; they were trying to get me to pray with them or talk about "the word" when I'm eating lunch.

I just get this foreboding (maybe not so ominous) feeling that Jaime will try to get Brad to join his church/group/cult or whatever.
Could be wrong and he may be a gay person in denial with his sexuality. Struggling to figure out where being true to himself and dedicating his life to religion can balance out.

Unknown said...

My bet is that Jaime is religious *and* gay. That combo would make him interesting as a character on his own, but also challenge Brad's reluctance to come out to his team.

Just a guess, but I've got my fingers crossed. Basically, I just want Brad to loosen up so he can end up with Price. If it takes a little fling with Jamie first, then so be it. ;)

-- Thom H.

Mark said...

Still not sure where you're going with this, Greg. I'm not quite sure what kind of Christian Jamie is, exactly (Evangelicals' version of "respect for women" usually translates to subjugation) but I tend to think that deeply religious people who are also gay friendly are largely a myth...though of course, there are no shortage of Christian closet cases, usually self-loathing. I don't know whether you're setting it up that Jamie is gay himself, or just that Brad's going to fall for an over-the-top religious guy, but this militant atheist is very intrigued.

whiskers65 said...

To have Jaime be gay would be too predictable. Just as the other guys wanting to get drunk and go to stripper bars is such a typical stereotype of straight jocks. if this is one of those arcs that involves straight camps to christianize gay men into renouncing their evil ways i wont be surprised

Ohiojbear said...

Contrary to some opinions, there are openly, sexually active gay men who are also Christian, as in followers of Christ's example. Not all Christians are radical, evangelical, fundamentalists. I am eager to see how this new line unfolds. Very cool.

Halorous said...

Jaime could be Christian and Gay and OK with being both.

Price could fall for Jaime and vice versa. Seeing how he's not making much headway with Brad.

That would be interesting.

Mark said...

Ohiojbear...there are gay Republicans, too.

Unknown said...

Just to blow everyone's minds...my husband is a gay Christian Republican.

And I know what everyone thinks when they hear that. He's actually the best version of that combination you can imagine: a socially liberal, fiscally conservative Episcopalian who contributes to charity and dresses in drag for the pride parade.

So they exist, and they're not all closeted or crazy or homophobic (although I've met those people, too). I hope Jaime is a good example of someone who can be self-accepting and religious.

Or a total nutjob who tries to cure Brad with prayer -- I'd have no problem with that drama! :)

-- Thom H.

haranoe synechism said...

Wow. I'm "so Christian".


Bud Morries said...

But... why does he have to be gay to be relevant...?