Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Episode # 519 - July 16th, 2019

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NKYArtistGuy said...

Haha. Thanks for the cliff hanger!

RBS7079 said...

...hmmmm, I'm a dirty chap, so I can't even IMAGINE what Mannis told Richard, to shock even HIM! ...ha-HAAA!!😲

My Guesses: ORAL; safe (to an extent) and from what I'm seeing in Mannis' briefs, he's got a bit of a 'Breyer' situation goin' on, so I'm thinking HE'S the 'giver'....🧠 🦴

ABSTINENCE; Richard's 'stiff'-ness probably came from that (possible) revelation, thinking that someone of Mannis' 'roughhouse bloke' demeanor, would NOT 'rut' like a horny gopher....🦔

VIRGINITY; THAT one I'm not believing at ALL; Mannis' body moves and embodies masculinity (especially in panel 5), and exudes the sexual confidence and bravado of someone who knows how to 'wreck a bed', so I do NOT think it's that...👰🏻👎🏻

BONDAGE; ....ain't nutting embarrasin' about THAT, if you're DOING it! ...ha-HAA!!🏏

...oh, well TO BE CONTINUED: ...and might I say, I think this 'new' Richard is very endearing; he cares enough to still be 'nosy', but he's helping someone move their relationship forward, and to start conversation about intimacy....AND, he knows about Stiff Records!

...by the by, that was Tracy Ullmans' record label in '83 when she sang her hit "They Don't Know"!...see, I know some other stuff besides juicy Man-Ass, Greg...MMMMMM, juicy MAN ASS...ha-HAA!!


magickmagus said...

He's probably into muscatel enemas or something.

Here's a joke for you Greg, in case you're watching and it has a variety of of snappy comebacks:

Hey, what are you wearing under that kilt?

Answers (pick one):

My socks and my shoes.

That's a man's business.

Let's just say I'm comfortable.

There's no such thing as the Loch Ness Monster; that was me floating on my back skinny dipping.

One of the legends on Scotland.

Have fun, Greg. And if you choose to wear the kilt, avoid any strong winds.

magickmagus said...

Oh, by the way, Greg, Nice hook.

Mark said...

Hard to imagine ANYTHING sexual shocking Richard. But I'm going to guess golden showers, even if though that would seem to veer a bit outside this strip's comfort zone. I know it's too much to hope that Mannis is into getting spanked. Which is too bad, given the easy access and all.

Sean Martin said...

If it's that embarrassing to a big ol' Scotsman, then my guess would women's underwear.

Karmakat said...

interesting, YET FITTING, t-shirt for Richard.
STIFF record. hehe

Legionaire said...

I think Mannis would like a romp with Richard or maybe a 3-some with Richard involved. This would be something that may shock Richard.