Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Episode # 520 - July 30th, 2019

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Unknown said...

I didn't know you'd be taking this into kinky fetish land! LOL Two weeks is a long time to wait to find out.

RBS7079 said...

...ummm, am I the only one who was looking on the paper that Richard was holding, to see what this 'fetish' IS!? ...ha-HAAA!!🧐

WELL, I wasn't all that interested in Mannis as a character, but, THIS has piqued my interest! I do hope that it can be a topical 'fetish', and not go down any 'debauched' roads, of sorts; which I doubt, 'cause Greg can push the boundaries, but, he wouldn't go down anything that the strip couldn't handle....😨

...although, I must admit, the Brad / Price 'BJ' in the Jeep was, probably, (for lack of a better word) the MOST sexually 'stimulating' storyline the 'B&B' ever PRODUCED! I wanted MORE of that type of sexy / humourous / kinky kind of storylines, for those two (...Jaime can be included, TOO!)😜😈

Oh, WELL...TO BE CONTINUED - AGAIN: Let's hope Greg makes Mannis' 'fetish' HOT (...I'm trying not to judge...YET...) ...ha-HAAA!!🤢


Unknown said...

I love this storyline mostly because it approaches gay men's sexual preferences in a refreshingly casual way.

Also, I think Mannis might be having some fun with the B&B's resident gossip. He seems like a man who doesn't suffer meddlers lightly. Just a guess.

Finally, I don't know if I mentioned this last time, but the last strip had some serious '70s romance comic vibes. Beautiful work.

-- Thom H.

Alast said...

First-time commenter here: just to put down my bets that it's scat/manure or something of the sort. (At least, those are some of the few fetishes that would genuinely shock me and make me run the other way) Looking at Richard's last comment, other forms of human/animal rejects are not out of the question...... I don't know how the "is this legal" comment fits into all this, though.

magickmagus said...

Stretching out the old plot, are we Greg? Well, I guess we know what you're into.

Michelle said...

I'm guessing he likes being urinated on, based on the "he might like that" comment.

Goochy said...

Going out on a limb and saying that bet Mannis's fetish is something simple and romantic - like monogamy or marriage.

RBS7079 said...

....WOW, I'm so LOVING these new commentators! hay, ALL! 👋

@THOM: ...I thought Mannis may be pullin' Rich's chain, too, but Richard hasn't done anything to warrant trickery from Mannis to 'teach' him anything...but never say never...🤔

@ALAST: ...WELCOME, bubby! ..we normally don't talk like 'this' around these 'ere parts, but with your comment, apparently, you DO! 💩...ha-HAA!! (..jk, jk!)

I think Greg may not want to jeopardize his long-running strip with THAT type of fetish, but it WOULD be a challenging 'topic' to discuss, in the guise of a comic strip...anyhoo, COME BACK,y'hear!?

@MICHELLE: ...YES, ya can't rule THAT one out, either; It IS interesting to see / hear a Woman's POV on Gay Men's sexual fetishes...we Gay Men has been 'doing' them so long, we don't even flinch when brought up...keep in touch here, Miss Michelle, I'm interested....🧐

@GOOCHY: ...your NAME! ..luvin, luvin. LUVING IT!!😍 ...How SWEET are YOU!? I was peggin' Mannis to be a sexual 'jackhammer' (with a thick 'strapper' under his kilt)... I never ONCE thought he would be the monogamous type...those blustery Scottish blokes have certain 'demeanors', y'know; Heaven knows THAT would shock Richard! 😱

...oh well; GREG! this 'fetish' is garnering some interest 'round here...it BETTER be a MIND-BLOWER...I'm still reeling from Brad's sticky 'response' all over Price's face in the Jeep YEARS ago, let's hope Mannis' sexual proclivities are just as JUICY! 💥💦🤦🏻‍♂️👁


whiskers65 said...

well, asking if its legal is not a good sign. and jeremy getting nauseous thinking about it makes me think. is it beastiality or maybe scat. because it has to be something on the gross side based on richards observations.

Unknown said...

@RBS7079: I have a feeling Mannis can smell meddling from a mile away. Richard's snooping wasn't exactly subtle. And his reputation may have preceded him. Again, just a guess, so we'll see...

-- Thom H.

TimP said...

What a cop out to have Richard write it down. Give me a cliche break.

Mark said...

I think the Unknown is probably right; Mannis is having fun with Richard. We'll probably never get to hear what this shocking fetish actually is. But just in case...come and see me, Mannis. I've got an open mind.

Angelo Ventura said...

Sexual asphyxia maybe?

Angelo Ventura said...

Extreme SM?