Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Episode # 523 - September 10th, 2019

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RBS7079 said...

>gasp< ...what is this!? ..WHAT is THIS!? ..are we seeing Rich, setting up plans for.....NICK & DAVES'S WEDDING!!??? ...hurr-RAHHH!!

It's wonderful to FINALLY see a pipeline storyline for Nick & Daves' wedding...and I find it incredulous that they're just now setting up a theme...it's only BEEN 8 years! >:( ...ha-HAAA!

FINALLY, a storyline for Dave (who's lookin' spiffy with the 'new' cropped cut look, Greg); I personally feel this 'gay medieval' wedding can set a precedent for MORE gay wedding 'themes' in real life, bring Dave into the spotlight as a handicapped person, living an Out life, with his partner / Husband (much like Brad's coming out to his teammates) and, have an ACTUAL featured Gay Married cartoon couple for the record books....aside, from Batman & Robin! ...ha-HAAAA!

ANNNND, we all know what's gonna happen; everyone will dress up in period medieval costuming, look REAL good, and get us all hot n' BOTHERED! I can-not WAIT to see Price (juicy ass and ALL),in period costume...and, Maybe, a 'surprise' appearance from Jaime, or SERGEI & JAKE!? ...make it happen, Greg!? ..ha-HAA!

...ANYHOO, Thank You Gregory, for FINALLY making this happen; I hope it brings more attention to your strip that shows ALL facets of the Gay community, and how they LIVE, and I'd rather see YOUR name in the record books, next to 'first featured Gay married couple ever in comics'....you, and ONLY YOU, deserve it.... ; )


swimboy said...

One word: CODPIECES!

RBS7079 said...


....Oh, I'm QUITE sure Greg will 'cover' that!! ha-HAAA!!

elecktrum said...

That 'Not really' slayed me.

Karmakat said...


but on the 5th panel...GEEZ LOUISE! WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS CHIN!

Scandia said...

Another married couple... Will they share the same fate as Breyer? Never seen again.. ?

RBS7079 said...


.....>gasp< ......how DARE you.....be so RIGHT! ha-HAAAA! ; )

Ridor said...

Medieval theme wedding? Will we see the wooden wheels for the dude in a wheelchair.

Unknown said...

Richard as a wedding planner?!? This could get veerrryyyy interesting! I just hope the guys will be able to put down foot and wheel when he starts going overboard (and we all know he will).