Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Episode # 524 - September 24th, 2019

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RBS7079 said...

.....atta boy, Kyle, not only Breyer stiffs you on the "Joker" viewing, you make him useful for the B&B, and my LIBIDO, in those briefs!😜 ...ha-HAAA!!

....VERY welcome respite posting with MOST of the Gang (where IS Eduardo!?); I've always missed Breyer, and believes he should be included more in the main storylines; he's got a 'tuff-love'-like demeanor, yet affectionate and caring...and, damned SEXY!😍

BUT....here, he seems a little gaunt and aloof; I hope he's not gonna spring the "we need to see other people" talk on Kyle.....or, maybe it would be better; Greg doesn't seem to include him anymore in the strip, and, maybe this could be a setup to 'set him off'!? Time will tell....🙄

I do hope he's actually 'back' at the B&B, though; until Jaime arrives again, I need a 'hot ass in spandex shorts' fix...panel 4 will do!! ha-HAAA!!🤤

P.S. ...dig Prices' dirty looks at Brad, in panel 3...ha-HAAA! ....p.p.s, why is HIS ass covered by the bubble, Greg!? NO FAIR!

...ha-HAA, CHOW! 😘

Unknown said...

Ah, relationships. Funny stuff. I'm the one in the relationship who will watch a movie and then pretend I didn't so we can watch it together. I'm impatient, I guess? Or maybe my husband is just slow. :)

More interesting to me are Price's (more or less) subtle attempts to get some quality time with Brad. I notice they're eating breakfast together. I also notice that Price is not exactly looking at Brad's face in that panel. Fondly remembering their first date, maybe?

I'm a true Brad/Price shipper, so I hope this means we're going to see more of their ongoing saga in the near future.

Unknown said...

Sorry, that last "Unknown" is me. Not sure why it doesn't show up with my name. In any case:

-- Thom H.

RBS7079 said...

@Thom H. :

....Price was hungry for MORE than breakfast, wasn't he, eh!? >slurp< 🍌



Jack said...

Wow: Breyer is...seriously challenged in the front area..I mean he's not packing at all. Maybe he should try lingerie


Mark said...

I was a little caught of guard by this: I assumed Kyle's objection would be due to the way some are reading the movie as a sort of Incel apologist treatise, which would no doubt rub Kyle the wrong way. But as a comics fan, it's not surprising he'd want to see the film and judge for himself. I'm not too enthusiastic about it myself; I'm not really interested in seeing the Joker portrayed in a tragic light...I prefer him as the soulless monster he's supposed to be. But I'm sure I'll see it, if only for the sake of cultural literacy.

magickmagus said...

Sorry, Greg, but I saw your story line coming a mile away.

Keep trying!

Unknown said...

nice Breyer is in just a tanga and to be honest why is he wearing anything else... in fact the B&B should be Kyle's clothing optional B&B, the guys should be naked 4/7

Hkevyn29 said...

Isn’t Drew cold? Somebody tell him it’s finally fall already

Unknown said...

ROTFLMAO!!! Poor Breyer😏

Bennett said...

To Jack (regarding Breyer's package). Breyer had wanted to break up with Kyle because of his penis length (see episode #143, January 5, 2005; yes, 14 years ago when the strip was in black-and-white). Kyle tells Breyer it's a non-issue. Breyer's last line is great: "it may be short but it's thick."

In #144 January 18, 2005, Richard, of course, has to have his say with Kyle. And the story arc continue in #145 (prelude to sex) and #146 (the morning after).

RBS7079 said...

@ Bennett:

....here comes Bennie with the RECEIPTS! ...ha-HAA!!📂 It's nice to see others who follow(s) the strip religiously, and can give dates, times, etc.. I WOULD do that (I'm even looking at the books on my bookshelf now), but Greg's webpage links are visible enough for any new viewers to seek out the 'backstories' of any of the characters...or, the 'frontstories' of Breyers' package!🔎🍆

All in all, I have no idea why that would be a issue with anyone; my Ex of 11 years was low-mid average (at best) down 'there', but, he looked EXACTLY liked Christopher Meloni, and was Irish / Italian...a VERY good ethnic mixture, for HOT LUVIN'!!🔥🐇😈

...He fretted about it, too, but I was too busy playin' with the 'exterior's!!😜...ha-HAAA!! ...I MISS that wretch!!😭


Jack said...

Bennet: Yes...but...there's just nothing there. It doesn't even look "thick." That thing has to be about 3 or 4 inches at best. That's not a penis, it's a pee-pee. I'm sure that he is a great bottom though. I gather that the guys that in Breyer's situation are total bottoms for obvious reasons. It may be cool for a while but it's either feast or famine....But I think that it would be embarrassing for the guy with a to small pee-pee to know that his lover told other people that he's well below average size..


Mark said...

Greg, I'm curious what your impressions of Joker are, now that you've (presumably) seen it?