Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Episode # 525 - October 8th, 2019

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CQA said...

What, did they really need like half a year to think up the intercrural solution!?! Oh, the world of soap..! ;-)


RBS7079 said...

Rudy: "...are you a Bottom, or a Top, or vesatile!?"
Mannis: "...I'm a Top...I s'pose.."

....THIS,from a Man who has NO undergarments on, and has One Leg propped up in THREE PANELS! ...He is A TOP, 'cause he's got SUMPTHIN' he clearly wants people to SEE!! ...ha-HAAA!!👀🥒

...OK, how do I approach this....I thought we were done with the guessing game of Mannis / Jeremy's Bedroom 'guessing' games; I'm warming to Mannis, but....I still haven't connected with both characters to care whether if they are sexually compatible....

I (personally) wanted the Mannis character to be the rambunctious one of the B&B; He's believable in getting Jeremy into some scraps and more 'dangerous' situations, which would bring on a more sexually desirous allure to his character..; Jeremy was NEVER a fully formed character, and now we have to see if Mannis is 'patient' with his NIA decision!? ...The boy used to just answer the front door!🤷🏽‍♂️

I was hoping we would FINALLY see the LONG overdue Nick / Dave wedding, or maybe Jaime's return to the B&B, to wreak havoc on Brad's nimble mind, or Lance & Drew hunker down, and become engaged....OR, maybe see SERGEI(!!) & Jake come back, and add more of a 'Big Bear' demographic to the B&B....🐻

..I say all this, is to indicate there are SO many other interesting characters at the B&B that we've become interested in, that we want to see MORE of their 'backstories'....although Mannis' 'backstory' outta his kilt interests me more than HIM! ...ha-HAAA!!🍑

Oh well....s'nice to see Sir Rudy tho.... 👨‍🦳 don't hate me, Greg, I didn't have my coffee yet! ....ha-HAA!!👎🏽


Mark said...

Had to look up "intercrural sex" to see if it was what I thought it was. Seems like there'd be a lot of chaffing.

I like the idea of Rudy just wandering around the locker room. You should at least carry towels around to hand out so you look legitimate, Rudy!

MelliePh said...

Not only do I love the strip, I also learned a new word today. Magnus seems much nicer than he did when he first arrived. Andrew is going to have competition for the man of the year award.

Jack said...

I hate to agree with RBS7079 but he is correct. I like the introduction of a new term but not in this context. Neither Jeremy nor Mannis are characters that I care about. Not interesting at all. Case in point: When will we see Lance take Drew home to meet the family and vice versa? What's up with Eduardo? Kristian? Will he ever come back and get with Richard? Sergei is the hottest person that you have ever had in your strip to me so...what's up with him? Where is the transgender lady? I mean any one of those stories are much more interesting that this.

The only good point was in seeing Rudy. However, if Mannis is his "cousin" then why is he dressing and undressing in front of him? That whole scene makes no sense at all. Do us all a favor and get rid of those two dull characters....


DAK said...

also known as the "Princeton rub"

whiskers65 said...

I want to see Rudy hook up with a hot hairy 50ish daddy.

RBS7079 said...


...here I AM! ...ha-HAA!!🥴