Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Episode # 433 - March 15th, 2016

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Angelo Ventura said...

Who's Jeremy? And isn't that brief dalliance between Eduardo and Lance more than ten years ago? They talk of it as if it was yesterday! No need to explain how Eduardo knew of the escort incident....

Angelo Ventura said...

As for Eduardo...it doesn't look he had much of a sex life, if the best sex he's had was a brief trick with Lance sixteen years ago!

Sean said...

Angelo, like most comic strips and comic books, time doesn't move as quickly in Kyle's B&B as it does in the "real world". Same reason that Archie is still in high school, and Superman and Batman have been around since the 1930s but are still relatively young guys. And everybody at the B&B knows about the escort incident with Lance. There were a few episodes I recall that Lance was discussing it with Brad, and with Kyle, and of course Richard would spread that gossip around like he does so well!

Anonymous said...

In Lance's defense, he's HAD to put up this wall. He has never had an exclusive relationship with anyone outside of Drew. For one: the fact that he took Drew on a business trip with him shows love and two the fact that he told Drew that he loves him does as well. What more does Drew want? BEWARE of people that need constant reassurance because they are usually controlling in nature....Now: We've never seen Lance in any racial or even gay racial situation. I'd lke to see more interaction with black gay society as opposed to only white and the occasional latin/Asian men in the equation!

P.S. Eduardo has had a sex life! Brad hit it, Jake hit it, Lance hit it. If there's anyone who CONSISTENTLY is seen as "easy", it's him


DG said...

Eduardo's dick looks like it's about to bust out of those briefs at any second. Not that I'm complaining. ;)

Anonymous said...

God, Lance is annoying. Maybe Drew should move on.

Its interesting that while the other characters have layers, Lance and Richard have ended up becoming tokens. One is cold and neurotic, and the other is a sexless queeny stereotype. And it really bums me out.

Ryan said...

"In Lance's defense, he's HAD to put up this wall. He has never had an exclusive relationship with anyone outside of Drew. For one: the fact that he took Drew on a business trip with him shows love and two the fact that he told Drew that he loves him does as well. What more does Drew want?"
-Throwing money at something won't make it love you, Jack. Drew was a tag-along; a second thought in this business trip. Lance, I believe did it out of convenience, regardless of how busy his work may or may not be.
In the October 28, 2014 issue - Lance stated he was happy being with him (Drew).
July 7, 2015 - He was talking with Morgan, making the relationship sound more like a contract (exact and to the point with little to no room for error) instead of an organic thing that changes with circumstance and growth. Lance already made his backup plan if things fall through, being monogamous, at the moment.
January 5, 2016 - Lance shows how histrionic and obsessed with animosity towards Jeremy he is. Doesn't take Drew's criticism well when told he lacks warmth/tenderness. Keep in mind that the only thing more Drew wants is basically sexual aftercare or maybe more sensuality while they have sex, instead of 'getting the job done,' per se.

"BEWARE of people that need constant reassurance[...]"
-Is Drew really like that? He doesn't seem the type who needs constant reaffirmation, because of how he was raised (July 7, 2015 issue)?

"[...][B]ecause they are usually controlling in nature...."
- You sure Drew is the controlling one? The person who seems insecure and needs assurance about how well he is in bed? The one we've seen who has an obsession around a one-night stand living under the same roof?

Now: We've never seen Lance in any racial or even gay racial situation. I'd lke to see more interaction with black gay society as opposed to only white and the occasional latin/Asian men in the equation!
-Racial diversity may be fine and dandy, but you're asking one person to create more characters in a biweekly/bimonthly comic when there are a lot more stories happening with other characters that haven't been seen in a while. Supply and demand here...

Anonymous said...

Ryan: Although this is a comic strip, let me respond to you in REALITY based connotations: First of all, Lance is in a business that is ultra competitive. To date of any member of the house, he has the most difficult job. In the business world, you have to be cold and even detached. It spilled over into his life. No one is saying that it's right but again, that's the reality of it. In that particular world you are expected to produce or be replaced. Now add to that face that he is a black male and believe me, he is feeling the pressure a lot more than the others who can be mediocre simply based on color within his workplace and interpersonal relationships....

Throwing money doesn't money doesn't make you happy but the fact that he even took Drew on the trip states that he is thinking of him. If he didn't take him at all you all would be crying foul. Right?

Lance stated that he was happy with Drew and in his conversation, that you left out, with Morgan ( a VERY VERY underused character) he ascertained that he was monogamous. In nowhere ever in the strip was he monogamous with anyone. That was a very big step. Those "business arrangements" in that particular conversation was more about protecting himself which is what someone does when he is unsure of himself and or relationships. When Brian from Queer As Folk did the same thing to Justin, everyone thought that Brian was hot. But Lance gets a bad rap. Why? I think that the answer is obvious....Lance has had to dash his dreams of being a dancer for really unknown reasons and obviously it's a sore subject with him and so he built this cold exterior to keep from getting hurt. He's H-U-M-A-N!!!!!!!

With regards to Jeremy: I don't blame him for not trusting Jeremy. He's up to something. I don't think that he's there for Drew or Lance, I think that he has a thing for either Kyle or Brad in which case it would piss Price off (I would LOVE to see that) Speaking of Price: He tried to take over Kyle's place, BUY(!) Brad's friendship, tried to sleep with both Drew and Lance and yet and still he's given a second chance: I wonder why.....

Drew may want sexual aftercare but that is something to be worked on. It doesn't come as naturally for some people. Especially given the lack of relationships that Lance has been in. Is that a crime or deal breaker? No

Yes Drew needs constant reassurance because he knows of Lance' conquests and he feels as if he's just another one. Again, this is something to which can be worked on. Is that a crime or deal breaker? No...You can't expect someone to be perfect all of the time. This is a struggle that many gay black men feel. We have to be perfect while the others get to be mediocre at best........Again: REALITY.

Racial diversity is something that can be created but because a lot of it is white washed, it will likely not happen. Personally? I'd like to see Lance with either Matt or Eduardo (THE biggest tramp in the strip) but hey....Now try to face or deal with the reality of some things and look at the other side of the equation which are: Lance: A flawed individual trying to navigate within the confines of a relationship and Drew: a narcissist who is trying to fight for legitimacy within the relationship. To be honest. This relationship is more realistic that the one with Kyle and Breyer and I do think that Drew and Lance belong together (UGH) because they are OPPOSITES


Ryan said...

Jack, you do have some valid points.
Taking Drew on a business trip is circumstantial at best: Lance could have been all business, leaving Drew to explore by himself; maybe Lance had enough time between work to actually do things with Drew. Who knows?
Is it a theme in this comic that new characters aside from the house have ulterior motives?
You have to give Price the benefit of the doubt. The only people he's ever socialized with are privileged not to know much of hardship. Being at the house, it's a new setting where he has had to learn a few lessons the hard way. Brad gave him friendship, what do you think Price had to offer that he can freely give? Don't forget Price tried assisting Brad with building whatever and having no clue what a 2×4 was. As I recall, Price was messing with Lance in order to get back at him for some slight using Drew. Drew only allowed him to sleep off his drunkenness after being taken to a square-dancing place(?). Which led to Lance making an asinine assumption that Drew and Price were sleeping together (fed by Price to get at Lance) after what possibly was an argument between Lance and Drew. Remember when Lance accused Drew of being a hustler because someone from Lance's work remembers the tattoo from a poetry book ( wasn't Lance getting a promotion?). I think Drew was the one giving second chances.
All in all I think Lance needs to work on his interpersonal relationships instead of being self-centered and stuck up.

I'm still unsure how Drew is the needy one in all this. Care to enlighten me specific examples as to why Drew is the narcissists?

Anonymous said...


Are you ok? You actually stated that I have valid points. Let me answer some of your questions: You say that Lance could've been all business but guess what? Drew could've been insecure during that trip. We will never know because we weren't privy to that. Instead Greg focused on some other clichéd story.

The new characters that have been introduced have had ulterior motives. Are you actually telling me that you wouldn't be suspicious of Jeremy or Price? Don't make me laugh.

Why should ANYONE give Price the benefit of the doubt? Did he not try to STEAL the bed and breakfast from Kyle? Are you kidding me? No, you want to give him the benefit of the doubt because he looks good in a pair of underwear, which is all that it seems that gay men like. Right? ANswer that one, I dare you....!.....Now Price had a lot to offer Brad but it could've started with a friendly hello and worked it's way from there. You are making excuses for Price' bad behavior and this only a comic strip, you might want to ask yourself why you can't call a spade a spade....This isn't including the time that he tried to piss off Lance by pretending to sleep with Drew. Drew, said basically NOTHING about that but yet and still he wants Lance to be perfect. BTW, Yes, Price did try to sleep with Lance in earlier episodes....And he got shot down

Please tell me that if you saw the guy that you were sleeping with in his underwear and your arch enemy in the same room together and both in their underwear, you wouldn't think the same thing? Please!!!!!! Again: REALITY

Are you telling me that when another individual has NAKED pictures of Drew and Drew himself didn't disclose the pictures that you wouldn't have been suspicious? It's called being: H-U-M-A-N. But no, Lance was raked over the coals for it. But you need to finish the story because Lance did indeed apologize. Doesn't it take a bigger person to admit that he's wrong? Again: REALITY......Answer that one

No, you all make excuses based on the way that Drew looks naked. Why?....A narcissist is a personality disorder usually derived from ego and it is preoccupied with ADEQUACY and POWER. Because Drew is constantly questioning himself when he's with Lance, he fits the bill perfectly......Lance is OCD and it is also a personality disorder but it's different from Drew's. This is why I feel that they are perfect together (UGH!!!!!)

Lance needs to work on his interpersonal relationships but don't they all? A QUICK run down: Brad: STILL in the closet!!!!! Richard: A TRUE troublemaker and gossip queen!!!!! Price: Conniving everyone that he encounters!!!!! Eduardo: Slut of the decade and sleeps with people for acceptance!!!!! Rudy: Out of his depth and not in touch with his physicality!!!! Kyle: The perennial dream, head in the clouds!!!!! Breyer: Beefy exterior belies insecurity about his *ahem* body parts!!!!!


Ryan said...

Hi, Jack.
So, you're saying that you and I can't agree on some things? Right.
Don't you think it's kind of rude to call the creator of the comic, who put his time and effort into making this for his fans, clichéd? Talk about not appreciating art (ahyuck!).
Why would I want to make you laugh? I'm serious when I ask if new characters always have ulterior motives; is that the case since the beginning of the comic?
"No, you want to give him the benefit of the doubt because he looks good in a pair of underwear, which is all that it seems that gay men like. Right? ANswer that one, I dare you"
-Umm, sure? (You got some issues if you have to dare me to answer a question) I'm not the sex crazed flaky flirt you perceive me to be. To answer your question, everyone in the house will look good in underwear. Price looks good, so would Rudy in a speedo, but that's not relevant, right?
Price COULD have started with a hello, but remember he was pampered in luxury, probably buying his friends, until he came to the BnB.
Personally, if I saw my boyfriend and enemy in the same bed, I'd probably be seething inside, BUT have immediate conversation with him, instead of storming off to avoid misunderstanding.
I'd probably be irked at the lack of disclosure of circulating nude pictures, but I wouldn't be phased. (You're talking to a nudist who you're accusing of gallivanting with other people at a pool party) Your infatuation with Lance is clouding your own judgement, protecting him like he's virtuous. It does take a bigger person to admit they're wrong. So does learning from their mistakes, and letting sleeping dogs lie (ex. Lance becoming paranoid about a one-night stand living in the house and having a hissy fit over a comment made about his performance in bed).
Hun, who are you talking to? "We" (who's this "you all" you're referring to?) are distracted by Drew being naked to see he's a narcissist? Might it be possible that, I don't know, Drew feels inferior to someone so successful as Lance? Could it possibly be that he fears he's sub par in some unnamed standards Lance seems to have of his first LTR? I mean, should I change myself in order to fit into YOUR mold, or am I my own person - full of existential questions and doubt? No one should be changing themselves in order to please others; some do it anyways, but Drew doesn't seem the type with a fragile ego.
Jackie, you sure you're not typing this with a clear and calm head? Maybe you need two snickers candy bars.
It's not really an interpersonal relationship thing with what you list:
-Lance still needs to work on his communication (serious conversation where he and Drew stand)
-Brad still fears coming out gay (His relationship is fine at the moment, he doesn't have the confidence to come out to his teammates or relate to them that he's still the same person; not to be seen as 'gay')
-Richard - sure he gossips, but he still looks out for his friends (I have hope he settles down a bit. Lol)
-Price (He hasn't done anything malicious in a while, so I wouldn't label him as an antagonist. He became friends with Brad, so he's still learning)
-Eddy sleeping around still? I thought he was in a relationship with an older person? (Slut-shame much? Seriously, he's not on trial for having sex; we're talking about his relationship with other people)
-Rudy is older than the others (You've stated his possible flaws, not his interactions with the other mates, which is quite positive)
-Kyle a perennial dream? (Maybe? Last I checked, he was running a BnB with guys full of drama that any telenovela would envy.
-Breyer has body issues? (Not really interpersonal relationship, but I guess a serious conversation, not masturbation, with his penis could alleviate his anxiety about it)
I counted six ellipses used (incorrectly) and 28 unnecessary exclamation marks.
Kisses and Hugs,

Anonymous said...


Yes, I'm shocked to see that you agreed that I made some valid points. Let's get to it then: The stories were clichéd and predictable and it got in the way of quality storywriting. It takes more than just drawing pictures in order to write a compelling storyline. Look at what happened to Chelsea Boys! That was a snooze fest!

I don't know about Rudy looking good in a speedo....I'll pass on seeing that one personally.

You're saying that because Price grew up in "luxury" that he was sequestered. There are many people that grew up in wealth that don't act like that. Right?

You just admitted that seeing your boyfriend coming out of a room where he shared a bed with your arch enemy would bother you as well as compromising pictures. But no, these general consensus is that Lance should just "overlook" or "get over it" Quite frankly when Lance stormed out the way that he did, he was showing that he really did care because it's what any one of us would've done. It's called a HUMAN reaction. Stop pretending.

Don't try to correct me on English grammar. Save that for your "lover" Now: you made some INTERESTING points that will never be explored throughout the confines of Lance/Drew relationship. Such as: Drew feeling inadequate due to his hickish upbringing and therefore, feeling out of place in Lances' high powered profession. Or that Drew feeling that he is Lances' first relationship and he's feeling the pressure much more deeply. The whole "changing for someone" is FAR MORE INTERESTING but again, we will likely never see that type of dynamic. We haven't thus far but the two have been together in a NEW relationship so testing the waters and such is something to which will take some getting used to. Show me a perfect man and I'll show you a liar!

Lance needs to work on his CONNECTION to actual emotion. Deal breaker? No but the cause of angst? Yes...

Brad is useless to me. He's a white typical blond guy. Nothing more and nothing less. Brad is NOT in a relationship...

Richard is another lost cause. Looks out for his friends? Is trying to sleep with his best friend's boyfriend while Kyle was away tending to his sick mother looking out for his friends? What about what he just did to Rudy and getting jealous because no "hot guy wants him?" Warped reality..

Price has done enough malicious stuff to cause everyone to not trust him. Still learning or trying to work a different angle? You decided is a leopard can change spots...

Eduardo HAS used sex as a means of dealing with isolation. Almost everyone in the house has gotten a piece of him but surprisingly, he remembers the "hot sex" that he and Lance had...

Rudy is WISER than the rest of the guys combined but he's in the nesting stage of his life as opposed to the companionship searching stage.

Kyle is a perennial dreamer but there is something fishy about Jeremy and him showing up the way that he did and he targeted Kyle for some reason. Kyle is running the bed and breakfast but he allowed Price (who tried to STEAL his business and Richard who tried to STEAL his man back in) Hmmmmm....

Breyer isn't packing, let's face it and it's by his own admission and it's for this reason that he feels insecure.

So it's like I said: keep your English lessons along with any geritol for your lover and don't direct it at me....

That being said and as much as I hate this couple: they belong together because at least we get to see dynamics. With Kyle and Breyer, it's the most BORING relationship within the strip....


Ryan said...

Snickers, I don't know if you're trying to compliment me or what, because in some instances you talk like a civil person, the next you belittle them. You must be real fun at social gatherings (science forbid, you aren't invited!).

I'm sorry that you can't believe in people that have a different reaction to the same situation. It must be so assuring that you're always right in your head. I find your remark offensive in the extreme, but I will ignore it because of your traditional status as an outcast from society, the stress of which has caused you to develop your own, entirely valid, worldview.

I'm only fixing your grammar because it was atrocious reading through it. It looked like a manic bipolar person, off their meds, got on your keyboard. Maybe a highly excited individual with a - how do you say - histrionic personality. My lover (no parenthesis, because he is in fact, my lover - who you don't believe is my actual husband, I don't know why - it's not like I'm telling you I am an asexual anthropomorphic unicorn with dolphin parents)
The perfect man? My hubby! Unless, you're talking about your own abstract concept of what a perfect man is (thus, making 'perfection' a subjective term defined only by the person that uses it; unless you like to use me as an example of what a habitual liar and pretender I am, because you must be right in all your assumptions based on the details I have given to you so freely and yet go off tangent in order to make yourself the better man in all this with righteousness and indignation as weapons dismembering anything that you have contempt over).
Actually, over time (via evolution) a leopard can change spots, based on its habitat (You've heard of silver foxes, right? Not the guys, silly, the animal - which was bred for domestication)
My, my, Snickers, I bet you'd be glad if all those characters you just threw to the curb actually died in an accident. I think it would be safe saying, "GOOD. Now we can focus on Lance and Drew now that those useless people are out of the way," or something along those lines.
Seven ellipses, mister. Periods are just fine.

Eat, Love, Science,

D said...

Some of you are so jealous of Lance and Drew. And some seem jealous of Lance because he's with Drew. Why? Some of you are jealous of Rudy now. Why. So many of you empathize with Richard but do you really want someone like him as a lover or boyfriend? Really? I doubt it. Some of you try to give a psychoanalysis of comic characters and are all wrong. Just enjoy the script. Not everyone is agreeing with you and your opinion is not having an impact on the story at all. You know who you are. .....

Anonymous said...

Ryan: Get to the point. That drivel was stupidity in motion


Ryan said...

Teehee. Snickers is mad. I didn't see you deny any of what I said, Snickers. So I'll do the same thing (that you like to do to me) and assume I'm right about you.
It seems we both got off on a tangent somewhere. Regardless, I think it's safe to conclude our opinions are as different between us as water, able to change and form - based on many factors, and that of a constipated elephant trying to defecate. I think with some patience and a few pushes, that anal retentive attitude of yours, Snickers could help you lighten up on the unseemly diatribe you have against others with different life experiences. If you can't even talk to me with respect and an open mind then it's your loss, you'll lose every time.
Drivel or not, Snickers, reality isn't some science fiction story titled "The Cold Equations" by Tom Godwin (I suggest you read it. I think it's short enough for your patience).
Reality is more than just "the good old days" and being a negative Nancy. A panacea is in order for you! Exercise! Camping! Cooking ethnic foods! Swimming! Anything to get you active and off the computer.
In conclusion, we have both learned some things about each other. I like to relate my feelings and life experiences to give an informed opinion, you like Lance and Drew - and whoever says otherwise about something you disagree with gets hurled insults after every valid rebuttal.

D - don't mind us, I don't think we're talking about the comic anymore at this point. If it sounded like I'd date Price, that was a misunderstanding. He still has a lot of life experiences to learn before I'd consider him someone of interest besides being physically attractive. I'm just full of compassion. People can still change, right? There are instances where people redeem themselves, yeah? Why can't Price be one of those people? Or is it that it's an unnamed rule in the comic that a person never changes (serious question, haven't bought book yet on the first few years of Kyle's BnB).

Make it a great day, or not. The choice is yours.

Anonymous said...

Well: I'd rather "cook ethnic foods" then to take the advice of a cracker like you! I am MUCH more physically fit than you and your decrepit lover. I think that you should worry about the anal stuff with your physically challenged lover who probably couldn't get it up with Viagra. "Ethnic foods?" This is why a lot of people can't stand white gay people.

I can't stand Lance and Drew together. BELIEVE ME: I want them to break up! In my opinion, he should be with Matt or Eduardo who are minorities and could understand him better and not Drew I have said that before. But keep your needle dicked opinion to yourself and take your old man to the nursing home. Maybe he'll run into Rudy there...

PS: I'm not black for your information. I'm actually multiracial with both white and Asian and Spanish blood in addition to black...Racist moron


Ryan said...

Hehehe! My goodness, Snickers! Well that escalated quickly! You just like proving me right. I'm impressed your ego allows you to do that. Such hatefulness emanates from you. What a shame I can't meet you in person. A real life bigot.
Insult me some more, please. It really gives me an erection. *wink*
Nice of you to bring my partner into this as well and show how malicious, vindictive and venomous you really are. Still holding on to the belief that I'm some slut. Oh well. I guess you already plugged all your holes so facts don't get in (scary!).
Tell me, Snickers, how is "ethnic foods" something bad, huh? What, you think I'm talking about soul food? You're not a very bright person, are you? Yesterday, I was actually thinking up: chicken pad Thai, pan fried duck in red curry, gyro meat on a homemade pita bread, katsudon, etc. I'm surprised how limited you are in scope with reading. It's like you don't have a middle ground: reading far into something to the point that it doesn't exist or taking it very obtusely.
Oh my! If you don't like someone's opinion, I suggest ignoring it and be polite, unless you are a civil person and have a discussion about your beliefs, and then appreciate the time you took to consider other people's point of view.
Snickers. Just because you're a person of color doesn't give you the POC privilege to start ejaculating racist and abhorrent things, ESPECIALLY about people with disabilities.
I mean, your penis isn't getting cut off (probably thinking that you want that done to me! See, I got you figured out) so maybe you should be less rigid with yourself. I know, it's hard. Very hard. All this excitement is rubbing you the wrong way. I still believe though that if we stop dicking around we can both come upon an amicable solution.

"Boy, boy, crazy boy,
Get cool, boy!
Got a rocket in your pocket,
Keep coolly cool, boy!
Don't get hot,
'Cause man, you got
Some high times ahead.
Take it slow and Daddy-O,
You can live it up and die in bed!

Boy, boy, crazy boy!
Stay loose, boy!
Breeze it, buzz it, easy does it.
Turn off the juice, boy!
Go man, go,
But not like a yo-yo schoolboy.
Just play it cool, boy,
Real cool!"
Snickers, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Ryan said...

P.S. Snickers, I forgot to mention. I'm not white. Nice try blaming your problems on a white person.
You're just like a republican blaming President Obama on everything.
"Oh, I couldn't get another gun for my collection. Thanks, Obama."

Anonymous said...

Lance and Matthias (remember him anyone?) tried to have a relationship but Matthias was annoyed with how out of touch or oblivious Lance was with issues of racism. They didn't have compatible personalities either. It's implied that Lance's relative wealth and social status have made him less aware of racism than Matthias, the paramedic. However, in episode 285, Matthias asks Lance for advice about going off to live with Njord, the sexy Norwegian astronomer. Matthias took Lance's advice and went to live with Njord. I suggest you read the "Hot Off The Griddle" collection of Kyle's Bed and Breakfast it does offer some insight into Lance's thinking.

Ryan said...

See! That's how someone is supposed to talk to another stranger online, Snickers. Not like a racist bigot or a rube trying to pass as an intellectual. I'm not speaking in tongues, Snickers, nor am I using esoteric references to try and outsmart you. You're just an ignorant misanthrope.
(If you can't even google the show tunes and songs from musicals, you're just a lazy simpleton. Racist? Try again. Those stanzas actually came from the musical "Hairspray," made in 2007, which happens to deal theatrically, though anachronistically, with racism. Since when is "ethnic" no-no word? Tell me where it hurt you, so I can kiss it, to make it feel better) Buh-bye. See you next week.


Hi! Would it be better to start at the beginning and then work my way to the current issue?
Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan
I mentioned Matthias and Lance because at some point in the comments that came up, so I was just writing about it for anyone no one in particular. I don't think you'd have to read all the way from the beginning but that specific collection of episodes in Hot Off the Griddle as well as an early appearance by Matthias in episode 148 (which you can find in Kyle's BNB: A Second Bowl of Serial) where Lance and Matthias first entertain the idea of dating each other and then go on a date several episodes later. It's best to just ignore inflammatory comments made here, it's not worthy of your time or attention. hope you have a great day too.


Ryan said...

Hi, Florian!
Thank you for the suggestion. Once I have enough spending money in a few weeks, I'll most likely but the entire set if I can.
I suppose I should ignore this amalgamation of prejudice, bigotry and racism, but should it be left unchecked? Without getting too preachy and philosophical, I feel like I'm condoning such a reprehensible behavior, especially coming from someone who uses their supposed sexual orientation and status as a person of color to feel entitled. In any case, I thought we could learn from each other; to dissipate those delusions of grandeur and me empathize with whatever things I might not have understood. I was met with a wall of denial, unfortunately.
Oh, well.
Have a great Sunday!

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