Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Episode # 462 - April 25th, 2017

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Anonymous said...

...Oh, Lance....uh-OH!!

For those who are wondering, "Max Edgington?!?"...Lance slept with him, (back in 2004!) to land Max for an Ad campaign for his company, only to jilt him for 'that hack' Dominic Abbott's "Hot Liquid" (!) cologne campaign, and Max was NOT feeling it!! >:(

Lance sent a basket of muffins (at Kyle's persistence).....and, that was that.

Hmmmm... don't know what to think of this twist; I know 'Cartoon Life' doesn't necessarily 'date', but this guy was done a WH-IIILLLE ago, so to see him (instead of others who are truly missed, like Morgan St. Cloud, Matthias & Njord, & the Missing Person known as BREYER WATKINS), there better be a HOT plotline to answer why THIS one was brought up again!

Speaking of HOT...Drew's new 'Do IS especially spiffy, in'nit? and Richard still looks like the year 2000...ha-HAA! I Keed, I keed!! : )

Oh Well, I guess we needed a 'breather' plotline, until Greg can fill us in on the Jake Ed / Sergei triangle, Brad / Price keeping a hand's distance ('cause Price might slip it down Brad's shorts) the Nick / Dave nuptials, Rudy's healing after The Fall...make it SO, Greg!

...Oh, speaking of 'making it'...The asses on Max & the Ebony 'handler' are kinda perky, n'est–ce pas? ha-HAAA!! ; )


Ardenwolfe said...

Thanks, RBS. Was wondering, have the graphic novels, but didn't recall the name. And now . . . cue the drama.

Dr. John said...

Is Max a previous character? Do the boys know him?

Dr. John said...

Never mind...

WranglerMan said...

Mr. Georgia Peach will get hit in the crossfire!!!!

ethan2chris said...

The constant change of physical point of view in this strip is very
dynamic. It gives the panels a sense of flow drawing the eye straight on to the dramatic finish as if on an ocean wave.

Barak Torvan said...

Jason (my husband) said "Guess everyone is built up and packing. Certainly not the real world." I said nothing but looking a second time I have to agree. I will leave out his comment on all the "pretty boys"

But I do agree with his comments.

"I like the Rudy stories, I like the Jake ones, I like the real world characters who are regular men and not the "I go to the gym every hour." kind. The ones with Lance and the pretty boy Drew are way 'over the top'. I know others like his character and that is fine, but they are just way too unrealistic."

I would add I would like to see more of the university graduate's mind and less of his body. Drew has become more meat than mind, which is unfortunate.

I know this comment will get removed--most of my critical ones do. But at least it will be read before it is removed, which is okay.

Ardenwolfe said...

Believe it or not, constructive and critical criticism is not removed because of what you suggest. Comments are removed if they are non-constructive, inflammatory, or outright trolling. As far as I can see, your comment has not been any of those issues. That said, let's not go there again.

It's been very peaceful and on topic given the recent turn of events, and I for one would like it to stay that way.

Wildcat said...

As the official moderator of this page, besides Greg, I've never removed any comments by Barak Torvan. I don't know if Greg ever has, but I do know he rarely if ever deleted comments, (one of the reasons he allowed me to start doing it LOL). I would not remove Barak's comment because he's expressing his viewpoint and that's okay. It's not trolling or offensive. I disagree with it, but there's nothing there that would qualify it for removal.

Mark said...

I like where this is going. It appears that Max is going to take out his history with Lance on Drew. Dare I hope that this will involve something...kinky? Perhaps a little light BDSM, which Drew takes in stride (and maybe reluctantly enjoys!) while Lance fumes on the sideline? Probably not. Sigh. Oh, well...if any of the characters deserved a spanking, it would be Price or Brad anyway. Still a boy can dream! (I guess it's too much to hope for a hazing episode for Brad and his oh-so-straight baseball buddies?)

Yren Czenoxyga said...

OH my goodness! (Thanks for the explanation RBS7079!)
I don't know if this is karma, serendipity or schadenfreude. No doubt Brad will be caught in the middle if things gets petty.
I wouldn't mind a little kinky action! Although it's for underwear advertisement, I don't think they'd really be in a real scene (BDSM wise) just to take photographs. Depending on what some of the underwear looks like, maybe some rope bondage or leather boots and leather vest wouldn't hurt... but then the fact that it might create a controversy over the risque pictures...and yet that would then turn into a minority of people complaining about free underwear for the homeless. It all depends on where these pictures will be published.

Now, I don't know about Max, but if he decides later on to use Lance for a revenge kind of plot (or anyone else) for a fetish gear photo-shoot for a different client, that would be a win-win in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

...What's going on here?! I disappear for a minute, and now it's become Kyle's Slap N' Tickle Room!? ha-HAA!! ; )

I usually let a couple of days go by before I read (constructive) comments, but Barak's post made me want to try to respond; I do not know Greg Fox personally, but I think I get the gist of what he wants for the B&B and it's Characters....Yes, it'll be long...

YES, We as a Gay Community, know ALL too well about the Gym Bunnies / WE-HO / Clique-y Circuit crowd, but, Greg clearly loves drawing
Super Heroes, and, obviously...Beefy, Beautiful, Hairy Muscular Men (..slurp! ha-HAA!)

But at the B&B, he tries to add a level of Human, Decent Moralistic characters that have Sensitive sides; ones who feel, and talk things out...to emotionally CONNECT.

Yes, they look SUPERHUMAN, but at the B&B, they are HUMAN. So, here, Greg can connect the Two.

Barak (I believe) connects to THAT aspect more in certain characters; That's why he seems to favor Jake, Dave, Rudy...REAL fleshed out HUMAN Gay Men, as opposed to the Unrealistically Oblivious About Their Hotness Guys like Brad or Drew...believe ME, in Real Life, these cats would KNOW they are HOT!

..BUT they are just THAT; Characters. They do fit a Gym-rat Gay Stereotype, but they are just Aquaman, Superman, Cyclops, & Green Lantern...Out of Costume!

Do we ever SEE Wolverine say, "MAN, I'm losin' My 6-pack, The White Party's comin'; gotta hit the Gym tomorrow, and ease up on the carbs." We don't hold that to the Superheroes, why should we hold that to Brad, Price, Drew, etc..?

AND, ya gotta admit; This strip does have one of the most diverse group of Gay characters ANYWHERE...almost ALL are, or have been, represented....even Transitional Genders! where ELSE can you see THAT in a COMIC STRIP?

I too, love to see the Human Storylines of the characters, but, we all know, The T&A brings 'em IN!! : )

So, don't worry, Barak, your Opinion's All Good...so is Price's Ass!!
(..which I'm missing these days..c'mon Greg!) ha-HAA!!


Unknown said...

This looks very interesting. I like seeing Drew and Lance dealing with obstacles, and growing closer as they overcome them. Bring on more of this.

Unknown said...

Random comments:

-- Love the panel of Drew's new hair.

-- Have to agree that the mix of closeups, midshots, and longshots at different angles is really dynamic and eye-catching.

-- This strip is a pleasure to read because it's obvious that Greg's really pushing himself into new territory as both a writer and an artist on a regular basis.

-- I like the beefcake characters because they're (at the very least) fun to look at. I read somewhere that as gay boys we were ashamed to look at the bodies that we were attracted to, which is why we tend to want to look at them so much as gay men. Makes sense to me, and I enjoy it in my entertainment.

-- It's obvious that Greg is including other body types in the strip, too, so it could definitely be worse (see almost any gay web series for an example). Your mileage may vary, of course.

-- I like this storyline, but I'm longing to get back to Brad and Price. I feel like that story has a lot of juice left in it.

Thanks for the consistently great comics!

Douglas Knapp said...

On a google search kyles Bed & Breakfast comes up just after Kyle Jenner. How fab!

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