Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Episode # 465 - June 6th, 2017

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Anonymous said...

....AWWW...so, does this mean we won't see Max again until 2030?
ha-HAA! : )

Well, this was MIGHTY quick storyline; We all knew that Drew would have a 'lil talk with Max, where Lance may have to open up about his Love for Drew...BUT (s'always a BUT with me), it would've been nice to see a little....passion....between Lance & Drew.

The 'Pal Pal / Buddy Buddy' way they are holding each other in Panels 4 & 9, shows (to me) that Lance is still skittish about OPENLY embracing the Lover who purportedly CHANGED him. All four Men on the roof are Openly Gay, so why not a major PDA for THE ONE YOU LOVE?!

Oh, maybe I'm just reading too into it...the way I'm reading into Lance's ass in Panel 9...I KNEW his butt was bigger! ..ha -HAA!! ; )

Regardless of my Dirty Mind, Positivity all around; LOVE the clipped rectangular paneling, Lance's Panel 4 speech, & Max's Big Up to Richard...P.S., why doesn't Max bring on Rich as a Hair & Makeup consultant?! It can bring Max back into the fold occasionally, AND give Rich a REAL Job...and, maybe, a New Lover!?...hmmm... ha-HA! : )

...Chow, everyone, let's hope Price comes back in the Next episode....I keep seeing him on the right side of the screen with the (VERY open)Pink shirt, and then I remember WHY I miss him! ha-HAA!!


Ardenwolfe said...

Told you.

DAK said...

Nice and to the point. Drew and the other guy should get married!

Anthony said...

I for one, was thinking that the debacle between Lance, Drew and Max would have been more drama filled. I am just glad that it didn't turn out that way. It seems as though this relationship is scrutinized from every angle there is. I like to see that Lance has finally found happiness. I just hope Drew will eventually say "I love you" to Lance....I know wishful thinking, but hey, I am a romantic.

WranglerMan said...

Thank you, Greg! You've made my day. I have been rooting for Drew and Lance. You have created a character in Lance who comes to realize that he is flawed and he wants to be a better man because of the love of another man.


Unknown said...

I guess the rooftop could substitute for the coffee shop. Hehehe!
I'm glad they were all able to get past their differences in order to do their job.

In other news, I bought my first leather harness! It was a birthday gift from my hubby!

Ridor said...

That's all?

Mike said...

Happy belated birthday, Yren, and have fun with the harness! ;-)

Unknown said...

I'm sure my hubby will have me wear it in the bedroom more often! Hehehe!