Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Episode # 494 - July 17th, 2018

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RBS7079 said...

...ummm, where as I, when Kristian got the call to Uganda?! ..this was FAST! : (

Oh well, we knew the 'Richard says goodbye to Krist' moment was going to come; I do hope that since this chapter in Rich's life closes, a new character maturity in Rich comes along also....

Richard clearly is in touch with his effeminate, sensitive side, but, I would like to see more work ethic; I previously noted that Rich should work for a Gossip column, and probably can work at home / the B&B...he can provide for himself, and maybe meet some people he can date.

He also can work for that photog Max Edgeington(?); ...didn't Rich think he was the Bee's Knee's once?!

....and, NOW, for the topic of a Price / Rich coupling; I personally, don't see it. I've noted before that they seem to like to top one another (so to speak), but, can NEVER let either's guard down long enough for trust in a relationship...too much, "I don't believe you / Him, so I'm gonna get Him", in there.

....but, Sex drive-by,though, YES!! Price, jealous of Jaime / Brad, gets off his kit on Kentucky Bourbon in the living-room, Rich walks in, Price feels insecure...."There, there, Price, you're not so bad, you're....."

...finish it UP, Greg! ha-HAAA!

OH by the by, Greg, I'm ordering my copy of the New Book at the end of the week, I didn't even see the Book release post until today!

Congrads, Luv, and Thanks for all the twists n' turns at the B&B, soon to be at my grubby lil' fingers!! (...it may not be Jaime's ass, but it'll do!!)

ha, HAAA!! CHOW! >; )

whiskers65 said...

I never liked this Richard / Kristian thing because it was such far fetched nonsense. As for Price, why is he still in this strip? Talk about a boring one note character and you can add Brad to the list too. The same walk around with no pants on, everyone is ripped with a 6 pack look.

WranglerMan said...

That was beautiful! It's like a parting scene between lovers at Waterloo Station in WWII.

Thank you, Greg!

Hkevyn29 said...

Does that mean we’ll be getting another new inn mate?

Mark said...

I feel like you've written yourself into a corner, Greg. At this point, if Kristian DOESN'T die, it'll seem anti-climactic, but if he DOES die, it'll feel a bit exploitative. It's laudable to highlight the bravery of people who work for LGBT folk in violently anti-queer places, but using it as a backdrop for Richard and Kristian's love affair - especially with Kristian practically BEGGING Richard to find someone else to love - seems a bit cheaply melodramatic, which I doubt was your intention.

Don't get me wrong: it's a lovely and touching goodbye scene, and I bought the emotion...I'm just a little worried about what happens when the bad news inevitably comes...or doesn't come. But the artwork was lovely, and I especially liked the men touching heads in panel eight. Bon chance, Kristian!

Yren Czenoxyga said...

Personally, I'd have the serious talk sometime before departing into the unknown. I wouldn't want to be left at the gate with fresh doubts about whether the love of my life will return someday; but I guess that's why they call it bittersweet. I also think it's realistic/mature to believe that under the circumstances, it would be best to not pursue a long distance relationship, especially where Kristian is going into a place that doesn't take kindly to LGBT people.

I'll take this over someone just sucking on a salty lemon any day. Those people figuratively suck the lightheartedness and humor out of anything, jeez. There's enough of that on the news.

haranoe synechism said...

Is Kris off to fight in a war against the homophobes, or on a mission in the land of the homophobic savages?


Bud Morries said...

I agree with Whiskers: (1) why is Price even in this strip when he's done nothing but scheme? They tried to make him a "good guy" and it didn't work. Yes he looks good from behind (he's obviously challenged and lacking in the front). I was not really feeling the whole Richard/Kristian thing because it never got off the ground. Why is it that the characters that are actually interesting leave (Matt, Kristian, etc) and are not really given their storylines and the ones that shouldn't be in the strip do (Jake UGH!, Price).? Kristian not looks better but he represents a more modern gay male but as usual he will either be "voted" off and forgotten or killed....By the way: the whole Price/Brad storyline with the Christian guy is just a stone in the water.....