Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hot Off the Presses Today!!!

It's HERE!  The new Kyle's B&B book "Inn Mates" is officially PUBLISHED!!!

And yes, easily available at Amazon ... just click on the link below!!!


Unknown said...

Congratulations! That's awesome news! One question: What strips/dates does it reprint?

-- Thom H.

Greg Fox said...

Hey, Thom, thank you for the comment! This volume contains roughly 3 years worth of strips, (plus some additional, previously unpublished material). Episodes #395 - 469, (Fall, 2014 thru late-Summer 2017).

RBS7079 said...

Hola Greg, congrads! FIVE Books, and we still have the 20th Anniversary in October!

I'm proud of you, Bubelah.. who would've know Five shady Queens in a B&B would help many around the world to come out to their parents / loved ones, show domesticated Gays in a Positive light, and tackle heady subject matters, all with Warm Pancakes and Maple Syrup?!?

...oh, and a couple of jockstraps thrown in, too?!
...I'm not complainin'!! CELEBRATE, you've earned IT!! : )

...My copy is in my watch list at Amazon; I gotta take care of the rent thing this weekend, then my Book is ORDERED!

Thanks, Luv, and to Kyle, Breyer, Jeremy, Andrew, Morgan, Eduardo, Lance, Drew, Richard, Brad, PRICE, Sergei, Jake, Nick, Dave, Kristian, Jaime, Steve, Jeff, Matthias, Njord, Delia, Rudy,Frosty & the MANY others who made the 'stay', WARM and WELCOME!


Greg Fox said...

Thanks so much, RBS7079 ..... always love your insightful commentary!!! So glad you are along for the ride!