Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Episode # 495 - July 31st, 2018

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RBS7079 said...

....and here I was, JUST saying to myself, 'Lance has been gone for awhile now; I hope he comes back with a spicy line or two...'

...BAB-BAAAYYYY, WOW! Welcome BACK, Lance!! hoooo-HAAA! (8^0

...now THIS, right here, is a plot twist!! Jaim-Jaim is gonna have to confront Brad about his psuedo-sexuality, Brad FINALLY has a 'closet-springing' coming up, & Price(somewhere in the distance) is gonna come back,see Jaim, and throw Brad into an already spinnin' TAILSPIN! Bradie Boy is gonna have a FIT! (8^0

...NOW, I can't WAIT for the next installment; don't keep me hangin' Greg, just get to the THICK of it!! ha-HAA!

OH! and speaking of 'Thick of It', did you catch Jaime's VERY thick 'It' in panel 1?! Hellooo, HONEY!! ....and Lance talkin' about 'squeezin' a load' in there!! RUDE boy, RUDE!! ha-HAAA!! >: )

..not too crazy about the shorter 'do on Jaime though (thick n' curly DOES it for me), BUTT, panel One makes up for it!! >slurp< ha-HAA!!

WOWIE, Great post Greg, (soon) to be CONTINUED! can't WAIT!


Angelo Ventura said...

The cat is out of the bag,now, Lance!

Unknown said...

Oh my, this is getting good.

Mark said...

Poor Lance. He doesn't usually put his foot it in, but his flirty instincts have screwed him (and Brad) over this time.

We'll see what Jamie does with this information (hope it's not what I think it'll be).

Hkevyn29 said...

Greg - that first line was so dirty! I love it.

Hkevyn29 said...

Greg - that first line was so dirty! I love it.

RBS7079 said...


....by FAR and away, the FILTHIEST line ever uttered, by any B&B patron....and I'm HERE for it! I see you, Greg! >; )

...and Jaime sure was, um,'propped up' for it, too! ha-HAAA! : p


Unknown said...

The big reveal was worth the wait. Multiple band-aids ripped off at once: Jaime's not gay! Jamie knows Brad is gay! Brad's well-curated career in the closet is over! So much drama packed into one strip. And the look on poor Lance's face. I'm not a huge Lance fan, but I've got to feel for the guy. He's in *trouble*.

-- Thom H.

Troy said...

"Assumption, my dear, is the mother of all fuck-ups."

First think that came to mind.

ethan2chris said...

Not that it matters, but they do an awful lot of laundry in this hostel.

magickmagus said...

Aha, I predicted this would happen weeks ago!

Unknown said...

Lmao, but somehow, Jaimie's big confrontation with Brad will end up with them kissing. I am amused, and therefore entertained.

Dan41 said...

OMG what an opening line! "Any way I could squeeze a load in there?" I would have dropped my lycra shorts and said, "Well, OK, handsome!"