Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Episode # 452 - December 6th, 2016

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Ardenwolfe said...

Somehow . . . Price and Richard seem more right for each other. More than Brad and Richard. Definitely. But I'm curious how this plays out.

Anonymous said...

...Well, since we have a new moderator(HEY, Wildcat), I'll keep my CAPS to a minimum (lol)...

First off, Price...Parisian Breakfast from Babettes, and you're wearing $3 Tube Socks to eat it in?! Ha-HAAA!

But seriously, this is lovely extension branch from Richard...I agree with him; Price(to me) has that....Something(..NICE tits aside).

Outwardly, he exudes 'In Control' and 'High Life', but there's a insecure boy who seems to want (& NEED) a level of 'intimate relations' from someone / others that can see his TRUE inner self that He can't see now; whether Love / Sex from Brad, or the Family at the B&B ...He reminds me of Rebecca from 'Cheers' (Boy, am I dating myself...yeesh...)(lol).

I do believe Rich & Price will concoct something that'll get Price in the good graces of Brad again; I hope so,'cause Price is lookin' REEEEL Good in those sexy,silky Burgundy Boxers (LOVE panel Six, Greg)&, I WOULDN'T be able to my hands off his 'Strawberries'....) ha-HAAA!! ;)

OH! and YOU, Richard...this puts you in a VERY good light again...everytime I write him off a an aging 'Queen' who won't grasp adulthood, he shows us why he is so beloved by Kyle (hmmm, maybe not the others, but hopefully, give him time...s'been only 18 years! ha-HAAA!!

OK, time for him to grow up; Richard uses his gossip-seeking skills to get a Job as a Celebrity Tabloid News informant! Makes sense..he can work at home on his Laptop, gossip ALL day about others and get PAID for it,& (finally) give some RENT to Kyle!!

BUT, his first gig is to sniff out a closeted Beloved Male celebrity, and then...falls in LOVE with him! What to do; Out his First mega-juicy gossip scoop, or have his FIRST meaningful relationship that he can't share with the WORLD?! wouldn't THAT be be a juicy storyline for Rich?! Get on it Greg....(lol)

Thanks Greg, love ALL the(hard)work you bring to us; THIS reader sees the GOOD in the B&B, and YOU! (Oh, and Price would've looked sexier without the Tubes; give 'em to Drew!) ha-HAAA!

..Chow, ALL!

Derek Mayo said...

I love the Joan Collins mention! Great as usual.

Yren Czenoxyga said...

Awww.. these two are actually talking to each other in a non-confrontational way. I hope they can come to a point in their life where each others company doesn't lead to an altercation.

Bud Morries said...

Ardenwolfe: I must be ill or something. I actually totally agree with you about this one. Richard and Price seem to mesh really well together and they keep each other on their toes. They have much more honest conversations with each other than Brad/Price ever did as well
To be honest, I felt more chemistry between these two much moreso than Brad and Price...UGH! The world must be coming to an end or something if I'm agreeing with you. THat does it, I'm going to a shrink! LOL...INNER VOICE: "don't give into the dark side jack...."


whiskers65 said...

Tell me again why Richard or Price are still permitted to live in the BNB after all the bad they've done.

Iclabon72 said...

Now that everyone's brought it up, I can't unsee it! Or even deny it.
And I don't think I'd mind Price and Richard, actually. They seem to get each other nicely here. I was feeling it. They're similar in that slutty-but-actually-kinda-desperate, socially-inept-because-really-insecure-and-just-generally-sarcastic-as-fuck way, lol.

Oh Greg, now I'm seeing them fall for each other as this scheme to win Brad back plays out. And could Richard stop sabotaging his own romantic prospects and debut an actually flattering hair color for once? Pretty, pretty, pretty please?

Bud Morries said...

No argument there


KateKintail said...

I like the idea of Price falling for Brad; I feel like that could help him dial down his drama a bit, though I'm not sure it would be the best for Brad. I definitely agree the chemistry in their dialogue and interaction make me want to see Richard and Price make a go of it!

Slightly OT, but is Brad just a traditionalist/romantic or might he actually be demisexual (or on the spectrum close to it?). He seems to get the most out of relationships only when he's intensely emotionally connected to his partner.

Anonymous said...

...Hey, all, I normally don't make second posts (I write too much nonsense already), but, I left this tab open on my computer to look at Price-I Mean, to read the comments...yeah, that sounds about right.(LOL) : )

And, I noticed that some were commenting about Price / Rich getting together. I noticed too, when I was compiling my messy thoughts on my first post, but....don't throw the tomatoes...I don't see it.

lcl72's post proves why; they are SO similar to each other thought-process-wise, that they don't (or can't) get to the level of romantic desire. They're always looking to 'one-up' each other and figure out when the next 'checkmate' is going to be. Either one or the other has to WIN, and there needs to be a mutual level of respect not to 'dick over' your potential lover (unleesssssss...) (LOL)

And, Rich clearly believes that Price has SOMETHING to offer Brad for him to stem the tide. Rich / Price here has quietly moved to Friendship status, but they won't let each other know it. s'nice.

Oh, and Kim, I believe that Greg probably designed Brad to be a 'traditionalist' and by what Brad perceives to be TRUELOVE, but it's doesn't ring true to me. So many think that Gay Men who look like Brad should be Doin' It UP!!(like Me) but, there ARE Attractive Hot Gay Men who Date, take time to get to know each other, stay Monogamous, and Marry.

But, Brad best get outta that Ivory Tower; thing's tend to get VERY dry up there...ha-HAAA!!

SO sorry for the LONG bla-bla; Me Italian Love doesn't come back until the 16th, and I'm listening to too much "Se A Vida E"!

ha-HAAAA, Chow ALL!! : )

Iclabon72 said...

Idk, I see the good qualities in Richard. He tries to be a good friend/housemate and doesn't like seeing people in pain or making mistakes, which keeps him likeable despite a lot, despite A LOT, lol.

What I really got here from Richard and Price was that they're similar enough to be reflections of one another. And when you reflect and look at yourself, personal growth is possible. I think they could help each other grow. Ive liked both of them more than I can remember just with this issue. I want it to continue.

Yeah, Brad is hot, but most of the characters in this strip are drawn hard bodied, Richard included. And I also want to see a non-masc, alt-stylish guy find love too. We're out here, lol.
Richard and Price may be similar, but Price and Brad are TOO different. I don't ultimately see them working well.
All I think Price even likes about Brad is he's a hot blond jock anyway, so let him mature enough to see what's right in front of him now.

Bud Morries said...

To me, it's as I have stated before: just because two individuals are built, it doesn't mean that they are meant to be together. I don't think that Brad is a "traditionalist" at all. I think that he is confused and for so long, he's gotten away with him being a blond jock but that shtick is getting old. He was involved with Matt and Matt dumped him because of his lack of depth. Price is not that kind of guy and I just think that Richard can pull things out of Price that Brad never could. This is not a good coupling between Brad and Price but it is a much better one between Price and Richard. I don't see the big turn on with Brad though.


ethan2chris said...

Is there really a Babette's? Do they really offer a Parisian platter? And what's the green stuff in Price's scrambled eggs? Des petits pois?