Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Episode # 453 - December 20th, 2016

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DON'T FORGET to VOTE for the KYLE'S B&B MAN of the YEAR for 2016 !!!  The ballot is in a separate post just BELOW this!!!
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Ardenwolfe said...


Anonymous said...

....Well, we got our Steve again, with his 'Heavenly' presence!

Also nice to see Rudy appearing again (I was worried that he would be depressed and isolated), and, of ALL people...RICHARD, asking for Steve to tie this all together! That Boy! (lol)

AS USUAL....A lovely Xmas gift from Greg...let's just hope Rich comes up with a good plan to help Brad and Price become friendly again!

...a-aaa-anndd...not to sound critical....but can Steve update the 'Look' JUST a little?! sometimes I look at him, and think he's going to break out a verse of "Sweet Child O' Mine"!! ha-HAAA!

Murry Xmas, all...on to 2017! : ) Chow!!

Paul R said...

I agree, perfect! And Steve does not need to "update" his look at all. That's perfect too; I'd have a "hard" time keeping my hands outta his hair.

The Dowdydiva a.k.a. Cecile said...


Paul R said...

And of course, I want the cousin to be gay too...

Mark said...

Greg, I like how you integrated the traditional Steve visit into the storyline this year. I enjoy Steve, but his visits can get a bit saccharine, especially when they don't involve any of the regular cast. And I always did wonder what the "real" Terrence made of this whole business. I think this one set just the right note. Merry Christmas!

whiskers65 said...

Beautiful strip this episode I liked the fact that the real Terrence showed up and maybe there will be a nice little May- September romance for Rudy and Terrence for real this time. It's always good to see Steve too ,it's too bad we don't see more of him.

Luca said...

That's a very nice Christmas strip :)

I agree with everything Mark said!

Jack said...

I hope not. This storyline should end. I like Rudy but i think that this has reached its apex

Unknown said...

I agree with Bud. No offense to Greg, I'm sure he works hard, but these only come out every 2 weeks, so I want to love every episode and storyline to make it worth all the waiting and panel amount. There are more.interesting things to get to than keep focusing on Rudy.