Wednesday, December 14, 2016

VOTE BELOW for the Kyle's B&B Man of the Year 2016!!!

It's that time of the year again.... time to pick your favorite B&B guy of 2016... the guy who you believe

should be the Man of the Year. Have a look at the guys below... then SCROLL DOWN a little past their handsome

pics to find the ballot and make your pick. You can only vote once... so think carefully about this! Winner

will be announced and crowning ceremony will take place on Friday, December 30th at 7:00 pm EST.  

(Please note.... if you don't see your vote tallied after you place your vote, don't worry.... you just
need to refresh your browser's page after your vote has been placed to see it reflected in the totals).

Who is your pick for the Kyle's B&B Man of the Year for 2016?


Mark said...

Was tempted to vote for Price, as I thought he had a decent shot at winning this year (and, really, he WAS the Man of the Year, story-wise), but after the heartbreak of the presidential election, I couldn't bear to vote for anyone but the one I truly WANT to darling, ditzy Brad! I love you, my tow-headed, tighty-whitie-wearing hunk o' beef...even when you're being an ass! I know goddamned Drew will probably regain his crown this year, but you'll always be the Man of My Heart, Bradley! Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

....We love who we Love, Mark...s'all Good! : )

I did a Bid for Rudy; he( ME) had the most Thrilling storyline, and dealing with Gay Elder Abuse, the most unspoken of, in the World Of Gay. and, the Death of Terrence / Robert at the B&B is STILL surprising to Me!!

But, this early in, Drew is already Knockin''em OUT.....

OH, and speaking of "Knockin' em out", judging from the NON-votes, let's remove the existence of that JEREMY from our minds, O-KAAY!!
: (

...I may do one last comment if Steve shows, but if not, HAPPY XMAS & New Year, ALL...CHOW!! : )

Iclabon72 said...

I wish I could have given Kyle, Lance, and Richard votes, because I think I'm a good combination of those 3, as I'm sure most people who like this strip would see themselves in more than one of these guys, and I would give myself MoY dammit!

But instead, I had to give it to everyone's dream man, and mine as well: Drew.

Perhaps if Price grew a beard and defrosted a bit, I could see this vote changing in the fyootch. Because as physical types go, the Colin O'Donoghues, the Henry Cavills, the Matthew Daddarios are my biggest weakness.

Which begs another question: Where's Breyer anymore?
We haven't seen half these characters in ages.

Ardenwolfe said...

Honestly, it should be Price. He's generated more comments and controversy than any character this year. Sadly, I can see the crowd is still entralled with that muscle bear Drew.

ethan2chris said...

If one thinks of Brad, Price, and Drew as the best-looking guys in the house (let's just say; others may disagree), that might make them good boyfriend material.

But Price is difficult, and Brad hasn't sorted everything out yet. Drew is by far the easiest of the trio to get along with. I'm not surprised to see him winning.

Iclabon72 said...

Yes, I think the point is that Drew is the most a total package of all of the guys.

Funnily enough though, it never even occurred to me to consider Brad among the top best looking. That's how little of an impression he makes.

To whichever of these guys killed and buried Jeremy under the B&B, I'd like to give my vote to them instead.

Bud Morries said...

I'd pick Lance. I don't like the fact that we never get to see him outside of dressy suits and things of that nature but at least he is authentic. Brad is a lost cause and Price is just plain diabolical but hey, they look good in speedos. Drew will win...again...yawn...


Ardenwolfe said...

That's the thing. It's not Boyfriend of the Year. And it's not Best Looking. And it's definitely not Total Package of the Year.

It's Man of the Year. To me, much like Time Magazine's Person of the Year, it should be the person who's had the most influence in the B & B world. Good or bad . . . again, most influence.

And it's Price. Hands-down. Rudy should earn second place. Again, his storyline and influence made the most difference behind Price.

Anonymous said...

..Hmmm...I agree (to an extent) with Ardie...

Price SHOULD be Man Of The Year, due to fact that he shook that House UP this Year, making the strip "Must Read" material for Me Bi-Weekly again. EVERYONE at the B&B got sumpthin' to say about him...and, his, erm...'skills'...with Brad also made for VERY loud water cooler conversation, dinn'it?! ; )

I, instinctively, was going to vote for him.

BUT, Rudy actually had the LONGEST storyline this year,& (to ME), the most topical, in regards to what Gay Men can go through at a particular age. It was also nice that an Elder Gay character can have a central story arc within this strip among the other younger characters (kudos, Greg). So, my vote is yours, Rudy.

Sure, a good deal of the B&B Boys are Smokin', and we ALL know Drew has that easygoin'-'aw shucks'-Hot Boyfriend Material- thing going for him (hence, the HUGE lead). But, he cried for Lance when he FINALLY expressed monogamous emotions; there for Rudy after 'The Fall', and beforehand; stood up for Price after the 'slut-shaming';
and was mistaken for Politician Brian Sims at The Muscle Bear P-Town convention! (lol)

So, he does have some credentials to be in the running. BUT, Ardie's right 'bout one thing....let's not let our fantasies get the best of us, now...Yeah, they're ALL Fine, but it should be Man Of The YEAR...not HOT Man Of The Year, o-KAYYY!? (lol) : )

...OH, P.S. Iclabon72, that Jeremy 'under the B&B' quip had me ROLLIN'! I'll throw in my vote for that, too...UGH, the most useless character since Jar Jar Binks....ha-HAAAA!

...CHOW, all! : )

ethan2chris said...

The problem with holding a Most Influential Guy contest is that most voters aren't as interested in influence as they are in sheer attractiveness, whether physical, personal, or cultural.

They don't want to vote for the "important" guy. They want to vote for the guy they like.

Then, too, many people see the winner as being honored, and that can be irritating when it's someone you don't want to see flattered. When Time magazine made Adolf Hitler its Man of the Year, it was extremely controversial--not because people didn't think he was influential, but because they resented seeing him honored. And Time can insist that it's not an honor as such, but it still looks like one, at least to some people.

So every time you hold a contest like this, it's going to be repurposed by some of the voters into a popularity raffle. The only solution, I think, is to hold two contests: one for influence and the other for likeability.

Bud Morries said...

It just feels as if too much power is given to the whole voting thing. These people will almost always vote exclusively for Drew, Price or Brad independent on how they may act or interact with people. It feels more like a popularity contest of who is featured the most in speedos. This is why I pick Lance because he represents the cold world that is against people


Mark said...

Ethan, ANY election has "popularity" component to it. There will always be people who vote just for what they like, despite the parameters of the poll. If have two polls, and say one's for most influential, and one's for most popular, a significant number of people are just going to put down the same guy - their favorite - for both. Rudy and Price were obviously the most important characters of the year from a story perspective, but both a losing by massive margins to Drew, who was a minor character all year. If you held two separate polls, I'm guessing the result would still be the same.

Let's all just apply our own criteria to the vote and remember that it's just a silly online poll...nothing to take seriously. Although if Brad doesn't win, I will personally put coal in all of your stockings.

ethan2chris said...

Mark, I wonder if voters would respond more intellectually if the contest were less vague than Man of the Year and more specific, such as Man With the Best Story Arc or Most Influential. I think Man of the Year *sounds* like a popularity contest.

How about this? Two contests. One is Man of the Year. So everyone votes for his favorite hunk. The other is, say, Most Intense Tenant in the House. Now, that's a challenge. Price, with his sneaky programs? Rudy, who almost got killed? (True, it was his nemesis who was being intense; but still.) Lance, always out there judging everyone? Or even Richard, so busy in trying to divine people's motivations?

I think you might easily get two completely different results.

Ardenwolfe said...

Sadly, what Mark said but said well.

Bud Morries said...

ethan2chris: I don't think so. I have to agree with what Mark said. Year after year we rarely see anyone else get the Man of The Year outside of Drew or Brad. Holding a separate poll is not going to help because it's all about who is wearing a jockstrap and who isn't. But to me, I'd vote for Lance but if that doesn't work then I would go with Rudy because this was the first time that someone passed away at the Bed and Breakfast and it also mentioned hustlers and such


The Dowdydiva a.k.a. Cecile said...

Team Rudy all the way!

salinasdew said...

Breyer, come back!!!

Bud Morries said...

He's not hung. He can stay away


Unknown said...

well that was weird I clicked Drew, blue button in Drew circle, click vote and as I do, blue light jumped to Brad (top of list) so I guess I just voted Brad instead..... but I like hairy ;( (sorry Drew, you Jeff and Breyer are the three I'd love to watch have to sneak home across town naked only to be caught by everyone in the B&B with NOTHING to cover your junk with then have a fourgy with you :) )

and now I'll show up as Unknown even when logged in (sigh!!)

Graham Douglas-Meyer said...

Richard get's my vote.

He's the one who is always the bridesmaid, never the bride. If it hadn't been for Richard Rudy would have been a gonner. Without Richard our lovely Angel would not have turned up to bring Rudy out of his depression.

Without Richard, I think the situation between Brad and Price could escalate into something particularly nasty. However, once again, working behind the scenes, he appears to be trying to pour healing oil over troubled waters and It's not kerosene.

That last storyline that Greg has so cleverly devised has the potential to have someone end up in Jail, or to demonstrate a way that human beings CAN move towards both a resolution and healing without either litigation or the legal system which are extremely messy, leaving everyone with unresolved issues.

If I could vote for Greg I would. But, as I've said: Richard gets my vote this year.


May everyone else, who like me, hang on for each new and exciting installment from Greg Fox drawing board, have a great New Year. May it be MUCH Better than 2016.