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Thanks for your interest in becoming a supporting member
 of my comics work! The best way for you to find out what
this is all about is to head on over to my Patreon Page, (just 
click here),  and watch the short video, and see the cool rewards available for you as a supporting member. However, if you still have questions about it, below are a bunch of Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQs), about how it all works:

Q: What is Patreon?

It's a way for people to support artists that they like. With 
Patreon, artists can receive funding directly from their fans,
or patrons, on a recurring basis. It's kind of like public 
television or NPR, (national public radio)... you, as the fan,
can select an amount you'd like to pledge per month. Your 
monthly pledge goes to help the artist have a sustainable 
income, and, depending on the level you choose to donate at, you get some very cool 
thank you rewards. You can also stop, start again, or change the amount of your monthly 
pledge at any time. You can see the reasons why I personally got involved with Patreon 
over on my Patreon page, (click here and watch the video there), but in a nutshell, doing 
my comics full-time does not bring in a sustainable income, and this is a way of helping 
with that and enabling me to continue producing my comics work on a timely basis while 
also paying rent and buying groceries!

Q: What are some of the thank you rewards I'll get for becoming a patron?

They are all listed, in detail, along the right-hand column on my Patreon page, (or, if
you're viewing it on a mobile device or tablet, the rewards may appear towards the
bottom of the page, when you click on a "become a patron" button). One very cool
thing that all Patrons get, no matter how much you choose to donate each month, is 
access to my Patreon Activity Stream. This is like a private blog for my patrons only, 
where you'll get to see my comics artwork in progress and other behind-the-scenes info, 
you'll get to vote in important polls that will affect future projects, and you'll also get early 
access to new episodes of Kyle's B&B, before the general public gets them! And yes, you'll 
get immediate access to my Patreon Activity Stream once you join, whatever amount 
you join at. 

Q: What's with the "planetary designations", (Pluto, Mercury, etc), for the various pledge levels?

I wanted to give each pledge level a designation, and... since there are 9 pledge levels, (and 
also 9 planets, if you count Pluto, which I do!).... and since I've also always been a 
big astronomy/space fan, (similar to Kyle, and Njord, in Kyle's B&B).... it seemed like an 
appropriate and fun way to do it!

Q: How and when will I be charged?

Patreon accepts all major credit cards, and it also accepts PayPal.  When you join my community on 
Patreon, you will be charged on the 1st of the month, (say, if you join on June 18th, you will be charged
on July 1st), and then you will be charged on the first of the month each month thereafter, (unless, of course, 
you choose to stop... which you can do at anytime). 

Q: When will I receive my awards?

You will have immediate access to my Patreon Activity Stream when you join, and the other 
digital rewards, (all those available at the $3.00 per month and $5.00 per month level), will 
be available to you within the first week of joining. The rewards at the higher levels, (those that 
need to be mailed to you), will arrive after 2 of your pledge payments have been processed and
cleared, (about 6 to 10 weeks from the day you join, depending on what day of the month that you join). 

Q: What if I quit Patreon before my rewards arrive?

If you quit before 2 pledge payments have been made and cleared, then you will still get all of 
the digital rewards. However, any physical rewards, (rewards that need to be mailed, like books 
and artwork and t-shirts), will not be available until you rejoin as a supporting member and 2 
pledge payments have been made and cleared.

Q: Are you planning to relaunch the Angel Story comic strip, as you mentioned on the Patreon Page?

I'm looking to do some new episodes... I don't know if I'd describe it as a full-scale "relaunch",
at this point. Simply because Kyle's B&B keeps me VERY busy, and I'm not looking to change
that, or do anything that would keep that from being my main focus. But I do love the Steve
character, and a lot of readers have been asking to see him outside of his occasional appearances
in Kyle's B&B. One thing this Patreon Page will hopefully finance is the long-awaited book
collection of all the Angel Story episodes, (from when it appeared in Creations magazine from 
1994 - 2003). That is definitely long overdue!

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