Here's the place where I get the chance to 
thank  some very important people: those
Kyle's B&B readers who have become 
Supporting Members on my Patreon Page
at the Mercury Level and above. 

Your support is crucial in sustaining my 
comics work, and I am deeply grateful to 
the very kind readers who have chosen to 
get involved here.

So, please, let's hear a big round of applause 
for the wonderful Supporting Members 
who are listed below. Their contributions 
are vital and greatly, greatly appreciated.

♥   Arshad Ahsanuddin
♥   Gary L. Beck Dallaghan
♥   Shane Bunn
♥   Don Clark
♥   Marco Creemers
♥   Paul Crowley
♥   Agustin Damers
♥   Dawson
♥   Bennett Dear
♥   Neal Debreceni
♥   Rodney Deuel 
♥   Andrew Dolan
♥   Raven's Eden
♥   Ernest Edwards
♥   Malcolm Eller
♥   Quentin Collin Faust
♥   John S. Foltz
♥   Dale & Tony Gattis
♥   Tim Harris
♥   Steven Hennessee
♥   David A. Hicks
♥   Damien Hirsch
♥   Bob Jackson
♥   Brian Joaquin
♥   Craig Joule Johnson
♥   Bert Jones
♥   Brian Jones
♥   Ben Keyser
♥   Kevin King
♥   Ian Kirby
♥   Ted Loucks
♥   Rod MacNeil
♥   James Mango
♥   Joseph Marchesani
♥   LP Ott
♥   Stephen Owen
♥   Paulie Patterson
♥   Jeff Peetermans
♥   Vince J. Pianalto
   Otis Rice, Jr.
   Martin Ross
♥   Mark Chin Sang
♥   Wilfredo Luis Santos-Lopez
♥   Rick Schoen
♥   Darieck Scott
♥   Andrew Sullivan
♥   Richard Sullivan
♥   Canyon Tiger
♥   Charles W. Walz
♥   Christopher Webster
♥   Chance Whitmire
♥   D. Winter
♥   Kevin Wong
♥   Cecil L. Young

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