Friday, March 30, 2007

Sheer Embarrassment !!!

Why are Breyer's cheeks turning red? Oh, because he is mortified at the grammatical atrocity that is spewing out of his mouth! (This from the latest episode of Kyle's B&B, #201). And it's not him who should be embarrassed... it's me!

Just to set the record straight, yes, I know he should be saying "parents" (plural), instead of "parent's" (possessive).

Sadly, it took e-mail from readers of the strip to notify me of my error! I still cannot believe I let this one slip by.

In my defense, (if there is any), I did go back and check my original notebook script and, thankfully, I wrote it correctly when I was originally composing the script for this episode. So, it was an error in transcription, (still no excuse, but it does make me feel a little better!). I can assure you, when the next Kyle's B&B book is published with this episode in it, it will be fixed!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to point this out to me. As someone who is a child of two schoolteachers, and who also minored in English in college, I do take this seriously, (almost as seriously as Brad's puca shells. Maybe even more so!).

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Yes, those are Puca Shells!

In response to a number of inquiries I’ve received about the latest Kyle’s B&B episode, (the #200 bicentennial / “1970’s dream” episode), yes… that is a puca shell necklace that Brad is wearing around his neck! Hey, I take this stuff seriously! If I’m gonna do an episode set in the 1970s, you can bet I have researched it to make sure it’s authentic!

Back in the mid-to-late 70s, (was I even born then? Well, maybe, but I must have been very young! LOL), there was somewhat of a fashion rage of white puca shell necklaces, (I’m not quite sure what a “puca” is, as I’ve never heard it referred to anywhere besides this). On men, they seemed to be favored by those sort of pretty boy/hoodlum types, ( think Chachi on “Happy Days”), the kind with the hair parted in the middle, blown dry to layered perfection, usually in conjunction with Frye Boots and tight jeans on the verge of fraying from so many washings to get them to that perfect shade of ultra-light sky blue. They looked particularly good on someone with a dark sun-tan, as those bright-white shells made a nice contrast.

I suppose Eduardo or Richard or Lance or even Kyle might be the type to wear them, too, if they lived in the 1970’s, that is. Being that this is a “dream episode”, we’ll probably never know. Unless we have a return to the “alternate 1970’s Kyle’s B&B universe?”. Oh, and maybe start a whole parallel comic strip going? (”That 70’s Kyle’s B&B“?). Hey, why stop there? How about an 80’s version, too? (”What Has Your B&B Done For Me Lately“?). Can you just imagine the shoulder pads and big hair?. How about a 60’s version? ( “Born to B&B Wild“?). Oh, now, if only I had the time to pursue all of these avenues. Well, for now, I’m glad to present you with the 00’s version of “Kyle’s B&B“, (will this decade ever get a name? The “zeroes”?). Whatever it’s called, thanks for stopping by!

WE'RE HERE !!! Let's Celebrate!

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