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Below are links to episodes dating back over that past several years, (in reverse
chronological order). Clicking on each episode link will open up the episode
in a new tab, so you can keep this tab open to refer back to the list.

If you'd like to go back to the very beginning of the strip, there are now five Kyle's
B&B book collections available to order from Amazon, (see links on the right side margin
of this page, or you can just click on the individual text links within the following paragraph).

Book 1 starts at the very beginning, (when the strip used to be in black & white!). The story
 continues in Book 2, "A Second Bowl of Serial", and the comic strip goes full-color in Book 3,
"Hot Off the Griddle", and in Book 4, "Without Reservations", (which also includes a
never-before-seen, never published anywhere else 7 episode story!). Book 5, "Inn Mates", is
 the newest and features, in addition to a whole bunch of the latest episodes, a pin-up gallery!!!


Scotty said...

What happened to #364...seems like we've missed something??

Anonymous said...

I was getting ready to make the same comment.

b3nc0 said...
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b3nc0 said...

I'd certainly like to read this comic, but don't have the money to buy THREE books before getting to pages still online…
en route to greater comics‼

Metalsmith said...

What happened to 001 - 342?

Unknown said...

I was just wondering how is possible for me to share some story ideas,,,,some DEEP, DEEP,DEEP,,,,,,STORY IDEAS,THANKS?

Dan41 said...

I've been a long-time reader of Kyle's B&B, and I have accumulated episodes 105 through 498 (so far) without missing one. I would some day like to purchase Book 1 to see how it all started, but I'm happy with what I have. Thanks Greg!

Spencer Hamilton Blog said...

I'm glad to see this comic still going strong!