Kyle's B&B PERSON of the YEAR

In December, 2012, a new tradition began with the end-of-the-year election of the
Kyle's B&B Man of the Year, (which, in 2020, was changed to "Person of the Year"). 
From the beginning, it was stated that this was not supposed to be a "popularity contest"
or a selection of which Kyle's B&B character was the "hottest guy". It's really about 
choosing which Kyle's B&B character was considered the "star player" in that year's storylines. 

Interestingly, that first year of the election, Drew Danvers won handily. Kind of 
amazing, considering he'd only made his first appearance in the comic strip that
October! (His first few months in the strip were very eventful, it would appear!).
Didn't hurt that he's a charming, hunky, southern muscle-bear, we're sure. 

Drew would go on to win the crown for three consecutive years! But as you can
see below, his streak was eventually broken, (didn't stop him from coming back the
following year, though!). In fact, Drew holds the record for most wins, (four), followed
by Mannis, the only other multi-year winner, (three). 

In any case, we present to you here the crown winners, (in order of most recent
crown winner first). And as you scroll through this Hall of Fame, think about
who you feel deserves to win the crown this year!


morris levitt said...

thanks for the memories... of past person of the year. it is fun to note what my fellow readers think. Have a great and healthy year.

Unknown said...

I identify with Eduardo--an absent family, making his way, paying his way, single. said...

For 2022 there's one clear choice...Darren. A pleasant, slow burn and happy, hopeful developments made, Darren, the "it" guy. IMHO