Friday, January 25, 2008

Readers' Forum Friday

TGIF, and another edition of Readers' Forum Friday! I’m happy to say that the latest episode, featuring the Siberian Husky guest star, has inspired a flood of e-mail. Many of which are offering name suggestions. Which is sweet & thoughtful, but…hey, folks, let’s wait and see if he’s actually going to be staying around first! (Uh-oh, I think that might inspire another flood….).

Randy S. of California implores me to increase the episodes to weekly, as opposed to every 2 weeks. This is something I’ve been asked quite a bit from readers over the past few years. Hey, I would love to, but schedule-wise, I don’t know if it would work. Most of the papers that print the strip are on a biweekly schedule, (some print even less frequently, monthly, or even bimonthly). It would make it harder for those publications to keep up with the storylines. And then, there’s the matter of my own schedule, and production time. Which has gotten more full now, with the strip going color starting in episode # 224. But, ultimately, weekly episodes are something I would like to do if possible at some point, so…. I’m not ruling it out. As always, stay tuned!

In regards to the growing number of residents at the B&B, I’ve gotten some mixed comments, largely positive. Most folks seem to like that Jeff Olsen is back, and T.N. of Baltimore, MD, urges me to have Nick move back in to the B&B full time. (T.N., he’s not too far away… the garage is only a 10 minute drive from the B&B!). But Peter of Phoenix, AZ thinks the supporting cast is too distracting, and would like everyone to move out, save for the “five stars”. (Even Dave, Peter? You can’t mean that!). And then there’s Rory of Fort Lauderdale, FL, who would like to see a reunion episode featuring EVERY guest who’s ever stayed at the B&B! (I don’t know if they’d all fit into one episode, Rory, but it would be interesting!).

Sam P. of Michigan and James of unknown origins both asked if I could show more of Eduardo’s nude figure drawing class modeling experiences. (It’ll happen, guys… just not sure when. But there’s definitely some storylines in the works). A. R. of Olympia, WA, wants to know if Jean-Pierre is still in Northport, or has he returned to France? (He’s still here, A.R.… living next door to the B&B, at Andrew & William’s house, working at an art gallery on Main Street in Northport, and also being a part-time nanny for Heath. I hope to show him soon).

Fred T. of Kansas City, MO wants to know the zodiac signs of all the B&B residents, and if possible, their exact birthdays, so he can do their charts. (That may take me a while to figure out, Fred, but I appreciate the interest, and the offer to do the charts. That’s really sweet! The only birthday I know of, at this point, is Brad’s, which I think is July 6th. Even that I’m going to have to check on to make sure. Eduardo’s is in December, but I don’t have the day. Everyone else? I think Kyle’s is in November. Sorry if I’m a bit vague on this, but in developing characters for the strip, I focus on their histories, personalities, geographic backgrounds…but for some reason, I haven’t really considered their birthdates. But perhaps I will from now on!).

Well, that’s all for now… thanks to everyone who wrote, and if I didn’t use your comment or question in this week’s edition, don’t worry… it’ll probably show up in an upcoming edition. I appreciate everyone who wrote, and by all means… keep those comments & questions coming. You can e-mail me at

And please let me know how you’d like to be referred to in the column, as well as whether I can print your hometown. Stay tuned for a new episode of the strip, (the final one in black & white!), this coming Tuesday, and until then, enjoy the US Figure Skating Championships this weekend!

B&B seein’ ya’!


Marc said...

I say the more the merrier when it comes to guests at the bed and breakfast. How many guest rooms are there?


stevie g. said...

figure skating championships? I bet the guys in the b&b will be watching. I remember the episode that showed kyle has a collection of all the olympic figure skating competitions on tape. and then the other episode where they all went ice skating together. and still another episode where brad and briar had the fistfight out on the ice rink. Greg, I think this is your ongoing theme at the b&b. maybe kyle should open an ice rink!

stevie g.

stevie g. said...

I remembered another one. the episode where brad and matt had their first date, and went ice skating cause kyle suggested it.

stevie g.

Anonymous said...

About Rory's suggestion, the usual ten-panel episode could be reduced to a single-panel one: that would mean a hell of work regarding composition, as well as finding the appropriate setting (an open-air party in bird's-eye view?), but wasn't it supposed to be an extraordinary episode?
Besides, there would be no definite due for that (well, what about the #300 one), and as long as not many new characters were introduced from now on the task could be kept proportionally reasonable.

Anonymous said...

i'm just curious, is there a reason why the b&b never had any other pets before this? like is someone allergic to them or something?
-thomas P.