Friday, February 08, 2008

Readers' Forum Friday

Jean-Pierre and Breyer?

Strangely enough, these two guys have a lot of things in common. They’re both tall, dark-haired, well-built, handsome guys. They both have brown eyes. They both have hairy chests. They both are not originally from the USA. In fact, they both come from countries where French is spoken widely. They both used to live at the B&B, and they don’t anymore. However, they both live nearby, and they both visit the B&B quite frequently. Wow, all these things in common! Yet… what’s the one thing that they definitely don’t have in common? (Hang on, I’ll get to that in a minute! First, though, some comments & questions from you, the readers!).

Jim from Florida, (the Sunshine State!), is curious how Dave is doing at his computer tech job at Lance’s firm. Well, looks like he’s hanging in there so far, Jim… as we saw in the recent Christmas episode, he’s still there and appears to be holding his own. I hope to get back to that soon, actually… there is a storyline coming up which will feature Dave in a prominent role.

Speaking of the Christmas episode, there have been multiple requests to show more of Steve, the Angel, who seems to arrive around Christmas time each year. And also, Jeanne from Pittsburgh, PA, would like to know the status of Steve’s own comic strip, An Angel’s Story. I’m afraid that’s still up in the air, Jeanne. The truth is, Kyle’s B&B is tremendously involving for me. Especially now with the strip going full color, (starting this coming Tuesday!). I’d love to be able to do An Angel’s Story, too, but practically speaking, it doesn’t seem possible at the present time. If I’m going to do it, I want to do it right, and give it the time it deserves to present a quality strip. Otherwise, there’s just no point. Am I saying it’s over for good? No. I would really like to get back to it at some time in the future. Just not right now. But I hope to, someday soon. I’ll keep you posted!

I enjoyed Stevie G’s recent comments on the blog about the various “ice skating moments” throughout the history of Kyle’s B&B episodes. Yes, I suppose I am a fan of the sport, (does that make me an “ice queen”?). Then, of course… as I’ve detailed on some other blog posts, I’m a big fan of several winter sports. And I’ve done a lot of skiing and skating throughout my life, (as well as watching on TV!). So, yes, I suppose you can expect to see more ice skating moments in episodes to come!

Lonnie from Ohio, (the Buckeye state. Ha! I think I’m going to do this with every state!), wants to know how I felt about last weekend’s Super Bowl win by the Giants. OK, well… this is a little complicated. First of all, despite my being from New York, I am a major fan of the New England Patriots. And not just because I travel to Vermont all the time. My friends Glenn & Pete, who live here on Long Island, are season ticket-holders for the Patriots, and travel up to Foxboro, MA, for many of the home games. Through the years, they’ve had some spectacular Super Bowl parties, and I’ve come to be a fan of Brady & co. as they’ve racked up their number of victories. But then…. I am from New York. I love how the Giants rose up from their underdog status this year. I was absolutely enthralled by their win against Green Bay, played in –3 degree weather! So, coming into this Super Bowl, I was a fan of both teams, and would’ve been happy with either of them winning. Although, I have to say, I was leaning more towards the Giants, improbable as their winning seemed. I guess I love the underdog! In any case, it was an amazing game, and I was thrilled with the results, (as well as a bit saddened for Brady & the boys. They’d come so far this year, in their quest for an undefeated season!). But then… there’a always next year to look forward to!

Jess from Washington asks a question which caught me completely off guard. He would like to know which guys at the B&B, (including the surrounding neighborhood guys), are cut, and which are uncut? (i.e., circumcised and uncircumcised). Oh, Jess… you really want me to do this, huh? I have to be honest… it’s not something I have actually considered for most of the characters in the comic strip In fact, there are only two characters I can say for sure what their… circumcision status is. And that would be, (drumroll, please!)…. Jean-Pierre and Breyer! Yes, yes… that’s the thing those two guys don’t have in common. It was established in a recent episode that Breyer is, indeed, circumcised. And Jean-Pierre? He is not, although, the reason why I know that is a bit more complicated. Suffice to say, it was written into the script for a strip that ended up not being used. But it is established, as far as I’m concerned. As for the rest of the guys? Well, I suppose you’ll just have to stay tuned. Perhaps that info will “pop up” at some point. (Ouch!). However, I wouldn’t hold your breath for an episode where the guys are standing around in the shower discussing their various circumcisions, or lack thereof. One more thought… I suppose it would be safe to assume that Richard is circumcised, too, as he is of the Jewish faith, and that’s pretty standard practice.

Several readers want to know what Kyle has against hockey player names! (as seen in the final panel of Episode # 223, Kyle puts one condition on Breyer’s naming of the Siberian Husky: “No hockey player names!”). OK, I don’t believe this is because Kyle has anything against hockey players, (he is dating one, remember?), or against hockey in general. I think this is about his fear that Breyer might pick an obscure, difficult-to-pronounce hockey player name just to make the Husky “unique”. But truthfully, I’m sure there are plenty of very suitable hockey player names that would satisfy both Breyer and Kyle. I actually like Gretsky as a name, myself! So perhaps the “no hockey player names” edict is not set in stone. Stay tuned!

Speaking of the Siberian Husky, reader-submitted name suggestions for the Siberian Husky continue to pour in! Here are some more from the past week, received by e-mail and in the blog comments:

Skye, from Paul
Blue, also from Paul, as well as Michael, (and several others, as you’ll see below)
Wolf, from DW
Hunter, from Spark, (actually, Spark’s not a bad one, either, Spark!)
Kodi, from ?
Boomer, also from ? (Boomer is my brother’s yellow lab’s name!).
Loopy, from Angelo
White Wang, also from Angelo
Timberwolf, from Sean
Ice Cream, from MN Dave, (Minnesota Dave?)
Winger, from ?
Rusty, from Nelson
Snowballing, from Carles
Turtle, from Paul

Timbo in Arizona, aka Canyonman, suggests Nanook, which is Inuit Eskimo for cute, kind. (and Phatchick96 concurs that it’s a good name!).

Rachel suggests “Smitten”, (she points out it was how Kyle described his feelings towards the Sibe in the first panel of Episode # 223. Good one, Rachel!).

Carlos sent me a whole bunch: Moose, Patch, Vanilla, Wolfgang, Fang, Harry, and the growing-in-popularity Blue.

Kate protests the ban on hockey player names, pointing out that her own dog, Simon, is named after hockey player Chris Simon, (Kate, I hope my explanation above was helpful! And I’m not ruling out Gretsky, or other possible hockey-player name suggestions, too).

Terry from Australia points out that there is an Aussie tradition where they would call a white dog Blackie, but with those Siberian Husky blue eyes, he would be called Red.
He also suggests Wolf or Blue.

An anonymous reader suggests Harvey, in homage to two very famous gay people: deceased political groundbreaker Harvey Milk, and the very much alive Harvey Fierstein.

Jilly makes the very hilarious, and appropriate suggestions of either “Captain” or Tennille”.

Finally, a rather brilliant suggestion from Paul V….. “London”. After Jack London, of course, writer of what may be the most famous wolf/dog story ever, White Fang. (One clarification, though… the Siberian Husky at Kyle’s B&B is NOT a wolf-dog hybrid. He is 100% Siberian Husky. They look a whole lot like wolves, probably more than any other dog, but they are NOT wolves. As much as I love wolves, I don’t think it would be a smart idea to have one as a pet, running around in the B&B!).

Well, that’s all for now. Come back here on Tuesday, for the official debut of Kyle’s B&B in color!

B&B seein’ ya’!


Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't expect to find a discussion of circumsision here. My preference is that all of the guys at the house are uncut. Probably not going to be, though. Most American guys are cut. But I can imagine it.

Wilmington, NC

MN Dave said...

Something else the french guy and Breyer don't have in common. The french guy is a dick. Breyer isn't.

And I like cut guys, if this is some kind of poll.

Sam said...

Thank you for pointing out the difference between siberian huskies and wolf dog hybrids. The two are often confused for each other, and there is a substantial difference. Siberians are bred to be loving, well adjusted family dogs. Wolf dog hybrids can be dangerous and out of control when kept as pets. They have the worst of both worlds: a dog's lack of fear of humans, and a wolf's aggressiveness. The combination can be deadly. When I hear of people keeping them as pets, and professing how wonderful they are, I can only scratch my head and pray they never find out what happens when those dogs snap.