Friday, April 04, 2008

Poll Results: "Who is your B&B Dream Date?"

Here are the final results of the first poll here at the Kyle's B&B website, (the question was, "Who is your B&B Dream Date?"). 341 respondents came up with the following results:

20 (5%)
96 (28%)
148 (43%)
6 (1%)
71 (20%)

Poor Richard! And Lance, too. Well, I suppose it's nice that they got some votes, at least. Of course, I heard from a number of readers whose "dream date" wouldn't be any of those guys, but would be one of the supporting characters. So, in the interest of fair play, I'm posting a new poll, to cover the supporting characters in the strip. This should be interesting!


Anonymous said...

:( we can only vote once. I wanted to vote for Lance too. And I want to vote for Nick, Breyer, and Matthias.

Anonymous said...

PHYSICALLY? Lance. Emotionally? Matt. Richard is a twink and Brad is just braindead!

Anonymous said...

Where's Eduardo been lately? I love him!