Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Episode # 155 - June 17th, 2008

You may have noticed the new episode is not actually a "new" episode. Because of my mother's recent passing, things are still in the process of getting back to normal, and I needed some time to regroup. Hence, for the first time in Kyle's B&B history, I am running a re-run. Actually, a kind of sweet episode from several years ago, that, even if you've seen it before, you may enjoy it again. And yes, next time it will be back to new episodes!

Just CLICK on the episode image, at left, to view it at FULL SIZE.

(Don't try reading it at this size, or you'll miss out on all the detail!). Click on the pic!

I also wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who wrote me such sweet comments in regards to my Mother's passing. It really, really helped and I'm so deeply touched by the very kind words and thoughts. (In fact, I plan on making a separate post about this in a few days, but I wanted to say something here, too). Thank you so much, my friends.


Starr said...

Hummm. Now that gays and lesbians can legally get married in California (and California does not have a residency requirement), would Kyle and Breyer make a trip out west and tie the knot?

And I'm sure Richard would be a fabulous bridesmaid :)

Anonymous said...

A Kyle and Breyer wedding would be awesome.-Tevans

Greg said...

It's summertime--we have no problems with the occasional re-run. Take the time you need to focus on yourself--we'll still be here waiting for the next new episode...and enjoying a look back in the meantime.

Great episode!

Dan Smith, Vancouver, BC said...

Hey Greg - this is ep. 155? The last one was 232. Shouldn't this be 233?

Free2MarryInCalif said...

Thanks for the rerun. I loved the Canadian maple syrup ritual line.

Hope you are doing all right and we'll be ready for another episode when you are.

free2marryincalif said...

Starr - what a great idea... I'll add that it could be a "Summer Road Trip Series". Can you imagine the gang road tripping across the USA en route to the wedding?

Some day I am hoping there will be a Kyles BB Movie too. Sort of like Sex N The City - only with gay men.

Anonymous said...

If Greg has a wedding planned, why go all the way to California when MA and VT are a short drive away?

Starr said...

Re. annon's comment. Massachusetts requires that the couple be legal residents of Massachusetts. Since Kyle & Bryer live in New York, they cannot (legally) marry in Massachusetts.

In Vermont, the law created civil unions for gay and lesbian couples, and that those aren't exactly the same as marriages.

But in California, there is no residency requirement, so anyone can legally get married. And there are many, many couples from around the United States coming into California for that very reason.

So yes, Kyle & Bryer could go to Vermont (Greg's favorite), but it'd be a "civil union license," not a marriage. And I suspect that the boys would want "the full package."

Anonymous said...

Greg--take your time. We'll wait. No matter how long it takes--take the time you need. Get yourself together and smile.