Sunday, August 24, 2008

Matt Mitcham Wins the Gold!!!

Wow, what a spectacular way to close out the Olympics! Out & proud, gay Australian diver Matt Mitcham won the gold medal in the 10-meter platform event! An amazing moment in diving, (as well as gay), history!

Diving has always been my favorite sport in the Summer Olympics. I still remember clearly Greg Louganis's dramatic gold medal win in the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics. And the 10-meter platform event is certainly the high-point of it all... the divers diving from a height of over 3 stories, twisting and turning so gorgeously in the air.

I'd heard about Matt before the Olympics began this year, (the Advocate did a cover story on him last month, telling about his coming out and his refreshingly non-chalant attitude about being openly gay in the sports world). I was very eager to see him dive in Beijing, and was hoping he'd do well.

Earlier in the week, he hadn't done well in the 3-meter springboard competition, but that event was not his specialty. I was hoping he could come back strongly in the 10-meter platform, and did he ever! In Friday night's semifinals, he was in third place, behind 2 heavily favored to win Chinese divers. But in the finals, he had some stellar dives which, in the end, pulled him into the lead. I realize I was probably supposed to be rooting for the two American divers, David Boudia and Thomas Finchum, (they finished in 10th & 12th place). They were actually quite good, too, and I look forward to seeing more of them. But Matt Mitcham felt like family, and I couldn't help but be in his corner from the start. When he clinched the gold medal with that final dive, wow... it felt like an historical moment. Electrifying. So cool!

Way to go, Matt!


Griffin said...

It's celebration day all over the gay world! Those Olympic rings are Rainbow rings today! You go, Matt!


chris veirgo said...

I saw this on tv Saturday and didn't even know he was an out gay diver. He definitely deserved to win. this is a happy good thing. are the divers wearing more revealing lower cut swimsuits now? I don't remember them ever showing that much flesh. I am not complaining.

Anonymous said...

So? Gay athletes win medals and awards all of the time. You guys are the same people who think that Lance Bass is a role model for gay people. Are you all that desperate for a role model?

Anonymous said...

A better story that you could have aposted was: Samia Omar. A small 5'4" 110+ girl who came in last from Somalia. She lives in the same area where her father was MURDERED. Her mother sold vegetables and fruits to feed the family. She came in last place and received a standing ovation!!!!!!! She came from NOTHING!!!!! Her will to compete and be a role model stood out WAY MORE THAN this athlete! Yet you people here celebrate a white, gay athlete who came from priveledge! As usual, I am reminded of how the world sees you, if your not white!

Phil said...

Calm down BM... the world's big enough for all sorts of role models.

Publius said...

I agree with Greg.
While I'm sure there are many gay athletes competing in China, it's nice to see someone who is open about his sexual orientation. If it were a woman or a person of color I'd be equally proud.
And his teammates deserve some credit for accepting him and not making it an issue.
Let's hope the London games see DOZENS of openly gay and lesbian athletes.
Does anyone know Mr. Mitcham's relationship status?

Anonymous said...


Matt's partner, Lachlan (I may have the name wrong) was in the stands watching. There's been some controversy in the states because NBC, the tv station filming and commenting on the Olympics, didn't mention or show Lachlan at all. Yet gave plenty of coverage of the other divers friends and family. There is some nice footage on youtube of Matt, Lachlan and his mother though. Doing an interview after he won the medal.

Anonymous said...

out and gay is the way to go