Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Episode # 270 - December 1st, 2009

Just CLICK on the episode image, at left, to view it at FULL SIZE.(Don't try reading it at this size, or you'll miss out on all the detail!). Click on the pic! And don't worry... if you prefer the black & white version of the strip, that's here too. Just scroll down a bit, and you can click on the black & white version if that's your preference.

I also want to acknowledge the fact that this episode's scheduled post date, (December 1st), happens to be World Aids Day. I want to send thoughts of love, healing and hope to everyone who has been touched by this destructive plague. This year's theme for World Aids Day is Universal Access and Human Rights. Which, considering some recent horrfying headlines about Uganda, is scarily appropriate.

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Anonymous said...

Why are both episodes in black and white? Am I missing something? Where is the color episode?

Anonymous said...

I love the honesty between these two. They have there moments, but they always find a way through. Givs you hope for the rest us ;-)

Anonymous said...

Recycling an entire strip and changing the dialogue? That's laziness on an Olympic level. :(

Anonymous said...

I thought this was great strip. It's funny how the people who get on here and bitch constantly are always "Anonymous" I bet that it's the same few. Dont read the damn strip if you have such a problem with it. Seriously dude. Keep up the good work Greg I for one love this installment.- David Kincaid

Garth said...

I don't mind the recycling of a panel once or twice, but nearly the entire strip? The previous poster is right, that is laziness. At least Greg could have had Bryer seem less stiff -- have him on his side, like Kyle was or with his hands under his head as if he were really deep in thought -- I mean he seemed so-o-o uncomfortable. Could his discomfort have come from the word-balloon covering his genitals? I know that many outlets for this strip don't allow full-frontal nudity, but making it obvious that Bryer sleeps in the nude only to have his manhood covered felt somehow disappoinitng. Maybe Greg could have had an artfully-place sheet draping the "offending" member. And it would have been nice to see Kyle also naked in bed. I mean the two of them are lovers, right? Would it have been too much of a stretch to pretend that these two hot guys actually have sex from time to time? Don't get me wrong, I really like this strip, but lately it seems as if Greg has had other things on his mind and isn't really that into doing this anymore.

Anonymous said...

great episode

Anonymous said...

I think it was a good solution to being busy during the holiday season. I imagine that Greg does have a life outside this comic strip and I assume a day job as well, since we don't pay for the privilege.

Recycled or not, at least it sounds honest and probable, a great departure from recent story lines.

Also, the top comic IS in color, it's just that they are awash in moonlight which makes everything seem pale blue/

As for kyle note being in the nude: they are a couple and have been for a while. this is simply their sleep mode. Bryer likes to sleep in the nude, Kyle does not.

And while I do give my opinion, which is not always complimentary, it is also not always negative. Besides, the more passionate the criticism, the more emotionally involved is the reader. I would much rather have an involved reader who pays attention and does not like everything I do than someone who kisses my ass on a regular basis. But that's me.

shamston said...

I'm half and half on the strip.
i read it regularly but im not always into the story and think it ridiculous most times. its fictional and superficial with repetitive storylines and sometimes juts plain crap but thats why i read. to be entertained not for any realism

Ben Keyser said...

This is a technical glitch and has nothing to do with the story of the strip or who is naked.
For the past two episodes when I click to enlarge the strip, it enlarges only a little bit. If I go several episodes down the page, they still elarge to a much more readable size. Is Greg aware of this problem?

buff said...

I enjoy Greg's efforts in everything he does.

Kyle's BnB is the most erotic regular gay male strip there is.

I look forward to it, whether in B&W, color, or crayon.

Breyer and Kyle are on the top of Daddy Santa's list this year.
These guys are naughty but nice, just the way Daddy Santa likes his men to behave. WOOOF.

And I won't want to cross Daddy Santa, especially this time of year.

Greg Fox said...

Thank you, Buff! And to Ben, and everyone else who's had this problem enlarging the strip... I am aware of this. And I'm not sure why ir's happening. It doesn't happen for everyone... depending on your browser, it may still come up at the large size. If it doesn't, though... here's how to remedy that:

After you've clicked on the strip to enlarge it, and you get the same small image, wave your mouse pointer over the lower right hand corner of the image. A little square should appear, with 47 arrows on it, as you wave your mouse pointer over that area. Click on the sqyare, and it should enlarge.

If anyone knows of a way to get it back to automatically anlarging for everyone, please let me know!

Greg Fox said...

By the way, I meant 4 arrows... not 47 arrows!


Greg Fox said...

Hey, cancell all of that... the problem appears to have been resolved. It was a problem with Blogger, and they have fixed it. All I had to do was reload the images, and ta-da... they are now showing up full-size when you click on them! Cool! Thank you, Blogger!