Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Episode # 325 - January 24th, 2012

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Johan said...

Even though I can't stand Richard and the guy by all means shouldn't even be living at the B&B let alone have anyone as a BF ,I mean who in his right mind would date this self centered queen,todays gag panel of im waiting for my bf and look at me and dont wait up ,just shutup richard ,and enjoy it until he dumps you which will eventually happen. I have to ask,Where do Lance and Brad get off making judgments about anyone? One guy who doesn't give a shit about anyone and uses people just to make money and the other who is so fucked up and such a hypocrite. Brad talks about messing shit up , how many times has that dip shit fucked shit up , he even made out with Morgan because he quote unquote doesn't know if he liked girls or guys? and Lance who is rude insensitive and treats people like trash - fuck you Lance. Kyle to me at least stays open minded and that's saying a lot considering what Richard did to him and Breyer ,i still didn't like the too convenient make up between him and Richard but oh well that's gay fantasyland in a comic strip.

Anonymous said...

Just like Brad and Price are an ideally perfect match of waspy closet cases, Rick and Kris are an actual couple of wrecked lives made in heaven.
For all the misdeeds in Rick's past, it's stupid to honestly believe that whatever may go wrong in that relationship, it would be exclusively or "mainly" his fault. Lance and Brad, HA! those two sure know something about filing relationships for dysfunctionality.


Troy said...

It is possible, and I know it would not be the first time it has happened, that Kirstian finds something in Richard that we do not see. After all, did you all forget that Kirstian found him Charming, Bright, Good-Natured, Captivating, and Handsome?

Lets also remember that Richard is attempting to become more human than he was in the past since coming back to the B&B, and during their night out at Spartacus had more magic than just two friends going out for the night.

I am more inclined to give Richard some charity here, give him the chance to prove this new leaf he turned and hold off the critical words for now.

I just hope Greg does not use a stereotype to end a relationship and that this one continues to explore that path-show us a Richard being changed by a real relationship.

tamayn said...

I think Troy brings up some great points. Although I do have to admit that Richard at times has been my least favorite character, maybe this is part of his change. I'd like to see where this goes.

Keep in mind though, Kristian hasn't specifically said that Richard is his boyfriend. He merely came downstairs after Richard had said it. I hope Richard isn't making assumptions.

It would be wonderful if this would last for Richard. Sometimes it just takes the right guy to come along at the right time.

LowRainRats said...
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LowRainRats said...

IIW (is it wrong) that I want to see this relationship blow up and Richard be completely at fault?

I miss the Richard-Drama!

SALK said...

hmmm, you bet Richard will be the one who finds out and tell us all those dark & dirty secrets Kristian has... ;-)