Saturday, November 24, 2012

Book 1 Is Officially Back In Print Again!!!

Just in time for the holidays, it's here! The all-new, Sugar Maple Press edition of the first Kyle's B&B book collection is now available! It's everything that was in the first edition, however, the graphics are far superior.... the episodes are larger, and the graphics are sharper and clearer. (In fact, many of the episodes were re-scanned just for this volume).

If you're confused about which edition is which when ordering at Amazon, here's how to tell the old and new edition apart. The author name, [Greg Fox] is in black letters on the old edition, and in white letters on the new edition. Also, the old edition is listed as only available through used booksellers, while the new edition is in stock and available to order from Amazon. Finally, the old edition's publisher is Kensington Books, and the new edition is published by Sugar Maple Press. Link is below, to make it easy to go directly to the Sugar Maple Press edition at Amazon:

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Jake said...

YEAH! That's three Christmas gifts taken care of for me! THANK YOU!