Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Episode # 359 - May 14th, 2013

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Anonymous said...

Really Greg? A straight bigot coming to terms story, where have I seen this before, oh yeah - in Texas after the police raided a gay bar and roughed people up so they all had to take sensitivity training and elect a GLBT liason to the community as if that would make up for their hatred, insecurity and ignorance.

The sheer and utter b/s of those cops and this fictional comedian to be told they need to do this when in reality it's simply to cover their ass to save their jobs etc. They don't give a shit , those cops planned the raid and this fictional comedian basically did the same in planning his act. They dont give a shit - they have to be ordered to do so and will not be any better for it.

behrmark said...

The beginning of this story arc caught me off guard....I thought maybe it was Kyle's brother or something. I say GOOD FOR YOU Greg, for this storyline. If at least one person reads this story arc and changes his/her attitude toward the GLBT community then you've done your job.

Michelle said...

Our misguided comic looks like one of Price's former hookups. I'm actually a fan of sensitivity training, should be interesting to see how this plays out.

Blue Lightning said...

Nice thought about changing even one person's attitude, except why would someone who needs their mind changed toward the GLBT community be reading Kyle's B&B in the first place?

Anyway, sensitivity training can work. Just because it usually doesn't, doesn't make it make worse than most other things. Jail usually doesn't rehabilitate criminals but we still do that.

If the comic hates being in the B&B, that may stop him from doing the thing that landed him there, even if not change his mind so it might work on the punishment level.

Caddy said...

I hate to do a Star Trek quote here but here goes: disclaimer to "non Trekkies: This is from Star Trek Next Generation "You will be assimilated or you will die"

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of this storyline. It's also nice to see Eduardo again.


Michael Anand said...

Love the episode, especially the shout-out to Billy Sipple, the man who saved the life of the President of the United States, only to be disowned by his family after the media outed him for being gay. No invitation to the White House either, just an afterthought of a belated scribbled thank you note. What a great reminder of how far our society has come since the 70s, though we are still a long way from achieving equality.

Anonymous said...

Hey what a cool turn in the storyline, Greg :)

And I LOVE that picture of the dog in the hallway.

Peter said...

Anon 1: Not everything in the world is smelling like roses. It's an interesting start of a new story.

Keep an open mind!

Troy Haliwell said...

Just please don't let this be a "closeted gay man who hates himself comes out of the closet and makes friends with everyone" kind of story.

Let him show instead the faults and the just-filled criticism of the gay world. We often shout down justified critiques and criticism instead of taking it as feedback and a correct reflection of us.

If we can give it to others, we should be willing to accept it. Bring it on!

Michelle said...

I didn't even notice the picture of Frosty in the hallway! That's awesome.