Tuesday, July 30, 2013

WORLD PREMIERE of the Cover of the Upcoming Kyle's B&B BOOK 3 !!!!!!

And here it is.... a first-look preview of the cover of the upcoming Book 3 of Kyle's B&B!!!! Featuring 4 years worth of comic strip episodes... in color!
Publication is scheduled for late September, (not too far away!).
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Ardenwolfe said...

Love it! When will it be ready to preorder? Can we preorder it directly from you or must we wait on Amazon?

Karmakat said...


Unknown said...

Just finished book 1 + 2. Fantastic reading! Looking forward to No. 3!!! Great cover!

Greg Fox said...

Thanks, guys.... and Ardenwolfe, the book is scheduled for publication in late September, (not too far away!). The first place it will be available is Amazon. I'm also going to have signed editions available through Book Revue, (like I have with the first 2 books). I'll post all the details as they happen.... but you can contact Book Revue at 631-271-1442 or go to www.bookrevue.com

And thank you again, guys, for your interest!

Anonymous said...

Getting it!


Ardenwolfe said...

Thank you. I'll try to get a signed copy first from that second source when available. ;)