Thursday, May 22, 2014

YouTube Review of Kyle's Bed and Breakfast #385 - RedTime Comic Review

Another fabulous video review of the latest Kyle's B&B episode by Rob on
 YouTube! Watch & enjoy his many video reviews of various comics; he's so
much fun! Thank you, Rob!


Anonymous said...

Alright rob, let's get this started: 1. Lance will get even with Price and so well Drew. Lance is a behind the scenes guy and is very dangerous... 2. Richard and Price? No. They are two nelly Queens and it won't work... 3. Delilah? Hhmmm, maybe another story. But she's not interesting enough...I agree though about Lance and drew working things out as a couple. But my thoughts are that Greg stop treating him like a 2nd string character when he is by far the most interesting... Brad is a waste... Kyle and Breyer are boring, is like to see some drama of this magnitude between them. That skating story line was a disaster!...Lastly, he's got to find a way to branch out and incorporate more themes such as gay racism, losing jobs, financial stress, and familial angst into the strip. ..

Unknown said...

Hey Mr. B – thanks for watching and commenting. I’ve love talking about the B&B with you! ;-)

1. You are probably right and it’ll be awesome!

2. Exactly!!! That’s why I think it’d be hilarious to see happen.

3. Delilah may not be able to support her own story, but she’s a good support to the lead characters in my opinion. I like seeing her pop up every now and then. Especially since she is staying at the B&B anyway.

4. I think Lance has definitely come into his own this past year in the strip, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing much more of him. I’m glad you also want to see him and Drew face their next big challenge together as a couple. I think it’ll really cement their relationship.

5. I like Brad as comic relief.

6. I like Kyle and Breyer, but they haven’t gotten too much panel time the past two years or so.

7. I reviewed the skating story a while back (it may have been my first video, I can’t recall). It was a bit anticlimactic, but I respect that Greg felt the need to comment of the Olympic scandal and he wrapped it up well enough.

8. All of those ideas sound like they’d make for riveting and insightful drama for our boys. I’d definitely read it!

Now I have a question for you, buddy: I read the post where you mentioned Paul Beaubier and Kyle Jinadu also being a good couple. I haven’t read any X-Men comics for a few years and have wanted to pick back up at least one. The problem is that there are so many X-men-related comics out now that I couldn’t decide which one to pick up. I definitely want to read one that features the Paul/Kyle relationship. If you don’t mind tell me, which one have you been reading that highlights the relationship or at least features the characters prominently? I’ll thank you tons for telling me! ;-)


Anonymous said...


It's good talking to you too. I'm going to start with where to find Kyle Jinadu and Jean Paul Beaubier: In Astonishing X-Men volume 3 from issues 44-68, Atonishing X Men ANNUAL show's their honeymoon and Alpha FLight volume 4...THe way that they have written their relationships made me jealous of Kyle everyone wants a guy that will fight for them like that....

1. The thing about a "bad boy" is that they can dish it out but they can't take it and Drew will go off on him when he finds out that he called him "redneck trash" Lance on the other hand will ruin him financially because of his connections. All in all Price is in big trouble because Lance isn't one to be messed with like that...

2. Price and RIchard hooking up will be more of a "one up" kind of thing. But I think that Price is obsessed with Lance moreso than Richard.

3. Delilah needs to fall for an overweight woman or something because her character just isn't interesting enough. Sad but true.

4. Lance has come into his own recently and I like that fact that Drew forces him out of his comfort zone completely. I'd like to hear more about how the two grew up and for him to meet drew's family because we all know that more southerners are bigoted and a lot of blacks are against anything gay let alone white gay men...

5. Brad. UGH!

6. Kyle and Breyer are sooooo boring that their relationship is something to which I don't look forward to reading. It's like they have zero issues at all and that's not reality at all. We never get to see them disagreeing with each other or having any issues at all and it makes for dull interaction...

7. That skating story was a disaster and very unrealistic. A closeted gay skater giving up a chance for millions and a medal to make a statement at the behest of people he just met? And the skater is a minority? Please!!!!!


Unknown said...

Hey, I was actually just wondering about Drew’s family. On one hand, it’s hard to believe that racist people would end up raising such a sensitive guy, but then again maybe Drew is unbiased because he came from a racist background and turned against it.

I’d love to see Drew accompany Lance on one of his business trips or Lance go line dancing with Drew. You know, just taking part in each other hobbies and lives. I’m a romantic at heart.

I do wonder if Kyle and Breyer have drama on the horizon. I really thought that Michael the skater was going to cause tension there, but obviously that has yet to happen. Ah well, I’d settle for being dull if I had a stable relationship like theirs – lol.

I guess I’m kinda lame because I like at least something about most the characters in the strip, but that’s me!  Whatever the future holds for our boys, I’ll definitely enjoy hearing your input. My opinion on it’s own gets lonely – lol.

And thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m so gonna start reading “Astonishing X-Men” and I’m gonna grab the first handful of issues you recommended my next payday. I’m excited!!!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering about Drews family as well but lances upbringing too I want to know what our who hurt him so bad to where he cuts everyone off. Lance and drew are an interracial couple but I'd like to see that angst play out more because Greg may not realize that he had the chance to actually make statements about that.... gay racism also....

I totally agree about Lance going line dancing,is also like to see Lance try out for a dancing part with Drew by his side. I'd like to see Lance support few in his social work. I too am a romantic at heart but to a degree....

Kyle and brewer are drawn perfect and is odd liked to have seen some drama. Obviously Greg sees himself Kyle but again is unrealistic. That skater should have cause drama because that whole skating story was listless and off putting. He had a great chance to show boundaries within a relationship and passed it up. This is why Lance and drew are far more interesting than Kyle and brewer....

The characters are interesting but is like to see matt and his lover come back as well as Jiang. And Jeff as well. I enjoy speaking to you too. ..

Unknown said...

I have a couple questions that I’d love to get your opinions on.

1. Since we’re both Lance supporters, I was wondering if you like Lance and Dave’s friendship? I really liked their last scene together a few months ago, and liked that he is supportive of Lance’s feelings for Drew.

2. I love both Matt, Jeff, and Jiang too, and I liked their individual friendships with Brad – which made me wonder – since you aren’t a Brad fan, what did you think of his friendship with those three characters? Did you think Brad’s interaction with them improved his character, or did you still not like him even then?

3. When you talk of gay racism, I am assuming (and forgive me if I’m wrong) that you are referring to white men who discriminate against black men. That is obviously defensive and wrong, but something that also always struck me as bizarre is that both the two black men that I had serious relationships with and a few other black men that I’ve either dated casually or been friends with say that they are only attracted to white guys and wouldn’t date another black man. Have you ever heard of this (black men who won’t date other black men)? It always seemed odd to me, but it also seemed fairly common amongst the black men that I know personally. I’d really like your thoughts because I know that the subject in general seems close to your heart.