Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Brad is on Outsports!

You may have seen this already, but if not.... I was delighted to write an article for Outsports
recently, talking all about why it is that Brad from Kyle's B&B is still in the closet, and also
about the development of the character, and my background in sports comics. I promise, it's
a fun read, (with nice pictures!). Just click here to read it! (And be sure to leave some comments
there, at the Outsports website!).


Anonymous said...

I agree with your reasoning.


Anonymous said...

I think that for the sake is character growth, Brad needs to have some angst. Whether it be from him not making the major leagues or coming out. He comes across as someone who escapes the inner trappings of having real issues. Having read the strip, he's never had to deal with anything major. Maybe coming out well make him more interesting but this whole "early 20's" thing since 1998 is getting a bit redundant. He's never had to deal with racism, homophobia, loss and it's stunted his character greatly. I think that people don't like him because they can't relate to him because he's been under the radar for so long. But this whole "waiting for an out baseball player" thing is wrong because this character doesn't reflect reality. The whole "not really a gay community guy" comment reflects just how detached he is.....